Join the ICAB Conference 2022: Lessons from the Pandemic

Registration is now open for the ICAB conference 2022: Lessons from the pandemic. Event description: As the global COVID-19 pandemic forced a sudden transition to emergency online education in early […]

Want to improve teaching support? Join our co-creation session

The Technology-Enhanced Education (TEE)-programme at EDLAB aims to improve UM’s educational support organisation. To achieve this, we collaborate and co-create with the entire UM community. We are hosting a co-creation […]

Interview with EDLAB in “strategie digital” magazine

EDLAB was recently interviewed about our blended learning approach by strategie digital, a German magazine focusing on higher education practices in a digital age.  To put it in a nutshell, […]

My PREMIUM experience: the Mix & Match Event.

One key part of the PREMIUM selection is the Mix & Match event. This event marks the first meeting with the potential clients. It provides the opportunity to ask questions […]

My PREMIUM experience: the Mix & Match Event.

I am Yushan, a Master student who is currently following the one-year programme at the European Law School of Maastricht University. Amongst other reasons, I applied for PREMIUM since it […]

Tell ESAB about your educational experience – fill in our survey!

Give us feedback on your educational experience and help us improve UM for the better! Fill in the brief education monitor survey by the EDLAB Student Advisory Board (ESAB) to […]

PREMIUM: Choosing, meeting, and working with the client.

When I started my master of laws programme at Maastricht University, I had a clear picture of the field I plan to be in. As a children’s rights lawyer in […]

Apply now for the EDLAB Student Advisory Board!

We are looking for three students to join the EDLAB Student Advisory Board (ESAB)! Find out more about what ESAB does, who we’re looking for, and apply before March 6, […]

Just out: EDLAB annual report 2020-2021!

Have a look at our newly released annual report to get an overview of the concrete steps EDLAB has been taking towards realizing its strategic goals and educational vision. Download […]

How can we make the best of hybrid education?

Initially, hybrid education was introduced as a short-term solution to the inconvenience presented by the global Covid-19 pandemic. Yet as another year draws to a close, we are faced with […]

“Five Lessons to Learn from Failure”: Insights from the second Student-Meet this year

This edition of EDLAB’s Student-Meet was a smaller, intimate gathering suitable for exploring the at times personal topic of learning from failure. Guided by UCM student counselor and PhD candidate […]

Announcing the EDLAB education innovation grant winners

12 EDLAB grant winners                   In our very first edition of the EDLAB grants, we received a total of 21 proposals. Following the review and selection made by the EDLAB Advisory […]

MaRBLe experience: a unique addition to the regular curriculum

During MaRBLe 2019-2020, six UM 3rd year bachelor students decided to take their MaRBLe experience to the next level. MaRBLe is a unique addition to the regular curriculum: while the […]

“Learning how to learn is a process”: Reflections from the Student-Meet Vol. 4

The interest in this first back onsite Student-Meet was unprecedented - 80 students from across faculties joined us that night! Whether you were part of the audience or unable to […]

Register for the Learning and Innovation Conference

On 10 November 2021, the Taskforce Learning & Innovation will organise its annual conference. The conference is free of charge for everyone interested in the conference, be it an (educational) […]

Upcoming Student-Meet: Preparing for exam week

Your first papers and exams are actually coming up and you really want to rock them - but really all that's rocking so far is the soundtrack of your favourite […]

EDLAB grants for education innovation available!

Have you ever wanted to try something new within your educational practice? Then this is your chance to do so! EDLAB offers 10 grants of €5.000 to realise innovations within […]

Upcoming Teach-Meet: Research on Education

We are pleased to announce the first teach-meet of the new academic year, a special research edition, taking place on Tuesday 19th of October from 15:30-17:00. The teach-meet is organized […]

Looking Back: UM Teacher Reflection and Recharge Week

The last academic year has been without doubt one of the most challenging yet for students and teachers alike. For classes to continue smoothly despite a devastating pandemic, teachers had […]

The EDLAB Student Advisory Board: a “wonderful and eye-opening experience”

The EDLAB Student Advisory Board started with 13 students from all six UM faculties in January 2021. The meetings contained feedback sessions, discussions on topics that were brought up by […]

ESAB Thoughts – Internships at UM: Where we are and what still needs to be done

This article is part of a series that elaborates on student perspectives and propositions regarding salient issues at Maastricht University from members of the EDLAB Student Advisory Board. This specific […]

ESAB Thoughts – How we can make PBL more creative through mindfulness and gamification

This article is part of a series that elaborates on student perspectives and propositions regarding salient issues at Maastricht University from members of the EDLAB Student Advisory Board. This specific […]

ESAB Thoughts – A call for making student wellbeing resources more visible at UM

This article is part of a series that elaborates on student perspectives and propositions regarding salient issues at Maastricht University from members of the EDLAB Student Advisory Board. This specific […]

10 Years of PREMIUM – A decade of Excellence

In honor of 10 years of PREMIUM, we look back on what a decade of PREMIUM has meant for our alumni, coaches, mentors, clients and trainers. 10 years of Excellence […]

10 Years of PREMIUM – A decade of Excellence

In honor of 10 years of PREMIUM, we look back on what a decade of PREMIUM has meant for our alumni, coaches, mentors, clients, and trainers. Sat across from me […]

Teach-Meet: Imagine your classroom was stranded on a deserted island

The past year has brought many challenges and opportunities for educational innovation. Most of us were catapulted into unknown territory, suddenly navigating online education which demanded of us to creatively […]

10 Years of PREMIUM – A decade of Excellence

In honor of 10 years of PREMIUM, we look back on what a decade of PREMIUM has meant for our alumni, coaches, mentors, clients, and trainers. Another important component for […]

Student Engagement during a Pandemic: Best Practices for Impactful Work

In March, EDLAB was honoured to host its third volume of the popular Student-Meet in collaboration with The Student Project Team. Reflective of the times, we chose to lay the […]

Student Engagement during a Pandemic: Foundations for Community Building

In March, EDLAB was honoured to host its third volume of the popular Student-Meet in collaboration with The Student Project Team. Reflective of the times, we chose to lay the […]

Apply now for the EDLAB Student Advisory Board! (21/22)

We are looking for three students to join the EDLAB Student Advisory Board (ESAB)! Find out more about what ESAB does, who we're looking for, and apply before June 21!  […]

Join our next Teach-Meet: Education after COVID – Blended or Bland?

In the context of our recent experiences with emergency remote PBL, discussions about what our education should look like once restrictions are lifted are maybe more divided than ever. How […]

10 Years of PREMIUM – A decade of Excellence

In honor of 10 years of PREMIUM, we look back on what a decade of PREMIUM has meant for our alumni, coaches, mentors, clients, and trainers. How do you ensure […]

Changes and Adaptations: How did students adapt to online learning during the first lockdown?

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, universities across the globe had to shift from face-to-face to online education. Sudden and unprepared, students were forced to study online, with limited access to […]

10 Years of PREMIUM – A decade of Excellence

In honor of 10 years of PREMIUM, we look back on what a decade of PREMIUM has meant for our alumni, coaches, mentors, clients and trainers. Interview with Nina Juschka, […]

10 Years of PREMIUM – A decade of Excellence

In honor of 10 years of PREMIUM, we look back on what a decade of PREMIUM has meant for our alumni, coaches, mentors, clients and trainers. We would like to […]

10 Years of PREMIUM – A decade of Excellence

In honor of 10 years of PREMIUM, we look back on what a decade of PREMIUM has meant for our alumni, coaches, mentors, clients and trainers. Meet the driving force […]

EDLAB Newsletter Spring 2021

It's been a while! We're right back with a brief summary of just some of our most recent innovations and services from Tapijn and our home offices. Jeroen introduces this […]

10 years of PREMIUM – A decade of Excellence

In honor of 10 years of PREMIUM, we look back on what a decade of PREMIUM has meant for our alumni, coaches, mentors, clients and trainers. Ivanna Vinnicsuk was a […]

10 years of PREMIUM – A decade of Excellence

In honor of 10 years of PREMIUM, we look back on what a decade of PREMIUM has meant for our alumni, coaches, mentors, clients and trainers. Ryan was a Msc […]

10 years of PREMIUM – A decade of Excellence

In honor of 10 years of PREMIUM, we look back on what a decade of PREMIUM has meant for our alumni, coaches, mentors, clients and trainers. Marcela was a Msc […]

My first coaching session: Working in a team, but discovering myself

My name is Tania Topa, and I am a master student following the European Law School program at Maastricht University. My assigned project for PREMIUM is Provincie Limburg, and together […]

Teach-Meet: Solutions for Online Lecturing

With education taking place online since March 2020, many lecturers understandably face struggles with suddenly designing and recording engaging online lectures. To support the UM teaching staff during these turbulent […]

10 years of PREMIUM – A decade of Excellence

In honor of 10 years of premium, we look back on what a decade of PREMIUM has meant for our alumni, coaches, mentors, clients and trainers.  Interview with Loubelle Butalid, […]

An honest opinion

Contrarily to others, I am not going to write about a specific event of the program. I prefer to tell you about something that is part of PREMIUM but not […]

An insight into the Competence Coaching Process

Alongside the project-related activities, the PREMIUM experience includes a highly valuable component that I was absolutely thrilled about: the Competence Coaching Process. Based on a Personal Development Plan (PDP), three […]

(Re-)Launch of the EDLAB Student Advisory Board

EDLAB is happy to announce the re-launch of this year's student advisory board (ESAB) after a COVID-19-induced period of dormancy. In early January, the new constellation of ESAB held a […]

Psychologists play chess with behavior

„Psychologists play chess with behavior“ Quote by Workshop Trainer Susanne Maris Wow, what an interesting way of looking at what psychologists do. At first glance, this quote may make psychologists […]

Teaching in Times of Online Education

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many teachers moving their courses online. EDLAB realizes that this can create obstacles but also exciting new possibilities for both students as well as […]

Dear future employer: what you need is the multi-disciplinary toolbox!

My dad used to keep a big tool box at home for any time we may needed it. You could find a high number of tools of every size and […]

EDLAB info session ‘Comenius grants 2021’

Do you have any idea to innovate education at UM? Interested to know more about 'Comenius', the national grant scheme for education innovation in higher education? EDLAB's online information session […]

Congrats to UM colleagues who have been granted in OCW/SURF incentive scheme

This year the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has granted 15 projects (of 34 submitted) to start exploring new and challenging ideas in the context of open and online […]

What a pitch during the Honours+ Closing Event can lead to

Who could have known that presenting our challenge of " AI and the job market" at the Honours+ closing event would be the start of something new? Winning the 500€ […]

Study Smart tips for students and teachers

Because of the corona (COVID-19) outbreak, most of us have been confined to our homes for a while now. While the university and especially the teachers attempt to keep education […]

My PREMIUM Experience So Far: We’re Learning how to Tame Sharks

My name is Dora Vrhoci, and I am a student of the research master’s program Cultures of Arts, Science, and Technology (CAST). As a PREMIUM student, I am working on […]

My PREMIUM Experience So Far: Competence Coaching Meeting

Having someone to guide me in reflecting on and improving myself has always been an aspiration of mine. Even though I have already worked in more than three companies, I […]

PREMIUM: the Workshop “Project Based Working” from The Fire Within

Next to the PREMIUM project and your coach for developing yourself on a personal level, there are several workshops and masterclasses which help you develop yourself on a professional level. […]

PREMIUM: the Workshop “Discover your competences” with Career Services

The first workshop I attended for PREMIUM, was a workshop provided by Career Services, named “Discover your competences”. This workshop exceeded every expectation I had. It was a great workshop […]

PREMIUM: Meeting with your client for the first time

So far in my Premium experience, I have particularly enjoyed our first, and for now only, team meeting with our client, Marres House of contemporary culture. After having gone through […]

Is there a magic recipe for groupwork?

On Thursday, January 16, EDLAB organized its first Student-Meet of 2020. EDLAB’s Student-Meets are informal gatherings in which students from all UM faculties come together to chat about their educational […]

MaRBLe experience: dealing with unforeseen circumstances might lead to the best results

Shanice Janssens is a 26-year-old PhD candidate within the Brain Stimulation and Cognition (BSC) group at the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience (Maastricht University). Using a combination of neuroscientific methods (non-invasive […]

EDLAB presents: Student-Meets

In addition to their Teach-Meets, EDLAB now happily presents the Student-Meet: an informal session in which students, from all UM faculties, gather together to chat about their educational experiences at […]

Well-being in education at Maastricht University

November has arrived and this year too that means it is Well-being Week at Maastricht University. EDLAB has participated by organizing, on Thursday 7th, an interactive workshop on student well-being […]

Teach-Meet October 23, 2019: Continuing Professional Development

On Wednesday, October 23, EDLAB organized a Teach-Meet – an informal session in which staff from all UM faculties can come together to share experiences concerning innovative approaches in the […]

Study Smart website launched

Did you know that 75% of the students use ineffective learning strategies when preparing for their exams and tutorial meetings? When entering university, it is not easy to find a […]

New EDLAB guide: Assessing the ‘I’ in groupwork

Groupwork can be a rich learning experience for students in PBL, helping them to develop new skills and improve their group performance through related assessments and feedback. For teaching staff […]

MaRBLe experience: Teamwork at its best

Corinna and Ana are third-year bachelor students at the faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN) who experienced the honours journey at Maastricht University at the bachelor level to the fullest. […]

Combining a semester abroad and research in MaRBLe

A journey in MaRBLe looks differently for every student. Imke Hrycyk, a 3rd-year bachelor’s student from the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, considers herself lucky. When she first received an […]

PREMIUM: Challenge yourself!

Stepping out of your comfort zone and entering a world of continuous, personalized guidance to bring your self-development to a new level. In addition, working with new people with different […]

PREMIUM: There is nothing like „too much networking“

My first boss once told me that the world belongs to the most visible ones. For me, it always meant talking to people, entering the room holding my head high, […]

2018 Wynand Wijnen Education Prize

We are proud and happy to announce that Fabienne Crombach, Coordinator of excellence programmes at EDLAB, won the 2018 Wynand Wijnen Education Prize. During this year’s UM’s Dies Natalis celebration, […]

From Germany to Canada: MaRBLe students on exchange at Brock University

Joana Frieske and Amelie Backes are 2 MaRBLe students at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience. Their mutual interest brought them to Brock University in Canada, where they both decided to […]

Michel Dumontier at EDLAB: How to educate the digital professional?

On 10 December, Michel Dumontier, Distinguished Professor of Data Science at Maastricht University and Director of the UM Institute for Data Science (IDS), came to EDLAB for a meeting with […]

EDLAB Fall Newsletter

The fall edition of the EDLAB newsletter is out now. In the newsletter you can catch up on some of the exciting developments from this semester, including The EDview Symposium, […]

Teach-meet: How can we make the most of our International Classroom?

On Thursday 8 November, EDLAB held a teach-meet – an informal meeting with teaching staff from across Maastricht University (UM) – to discuss the opportunities and challenges of UM’s international […]

PREMIUM excellence programme: alumni reunion

On October 11, PREMIUM excellence programme celebrated its 7 years of existence by arranging a reunion for its alumni. The event attended more than 50 alumni from all around the […]

EDLAB featured in OECD report on the quality of innovation in higher education in the Netherlands

The OECD has published a review of the state and quality of innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education in the Netherlands. We’re delighted that EDLAB is featured as a good […]

Comenius 2019: proposals discussed at EDLAB

On 11 September, members of staff from across UM came to EDLAB to share their proposals for the Comenius grant-programme. The Comenius programme stimulates innovation in Dutch higher education and […]

The MaRBLe experience of: Caden Puah and Lennart Salek

The experience of doing a MaRBLe project is undoubtedly one of the more rewarding experiences at Maastricht University (UM)! The project gave us the time and space to really dive […]

ImpactLab: A New Perspective on Social Engagement

Maastricht not only is the home to a 42-year-old University but is also the cradle to many student organisations such as PINE, the Green Office, the Refugee project and student […]

The MaRBLe experience of: Anastasiia Kutakh

So far, the academic experience I had during the MaRBLe programme has been one of the most significant ones throughout my studies. I was lucky to participate in a project […]

The MaRBLe experience of: Thomas Devine

Choosing to do a MaRBLe project last semester has definitely proven to be one of the best choices I have made during my time studying at Maastricht University. This is […]

The MaRBLe experience of: Mahir Budak

Deciding to experience the MaRBLe at University of Maastricht was one of the greatest life experiences that I have obtained in many perspectives. To put my conclusion in advance, it […]

PREMIUM: looking back at the experience

We are nearing the end of our Premium project. Looking back at the past 5 months, the Premium students really grew towards each other. Because we mail, app, Tumblr, doodle, […]

Kick-off Euregional student platform

Fifty years after the 1968 students protests, several euregional universities got together in Hasselt to discuss student participation and the state of higher education. EDLAB brought together a UM delegation […]

CHEPS report: “More time and money needed for innovation in higher education”

The Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) at Twente University has researched the state and quality of knowledge infrastructures and education innovation in the Netherlands. EDLAB was amongst those […]

The UM Assessment Seminar: a Teach-meet special

On Friday 13 April, 2018, EDLAB organized an Assessment Seminar for teachers of Maastricht University. At the same time that the Tapijn area was under construction, teachers were having constructive […]

The MaRBLe experience of: Florian Wimmenauer

Florian Wimmenauer is one of the students who participated in the MaRBLe project during his studies at DKE. He received a scholarship to attend the BNAIC conference in 2017. "This […]

PREMIUM: reflecting on the entire experience

Now that the Premium is coming to an end, looking back and reflecting on the entire experience becomes inevitable. The first few months of the project felt like a sprint. […]

EDLAB: Mission, Vision and Strategic Goals

As the Maastricht University institute for education innovation we promote an optimal learning experience for students of Maastricht University by advancing the field of teaching and learning for both students […]

PREMIUM: my experience with teamwork

When I decided to apply for PREMIUM, I was really interested in what the programme could offer to me, I was expecting to acquire new knowledge and skills. I knew […]

PREMIUM – Midterm presentation in control with Kids in Control

The midterm presentation deadline is approaching. You start wondering about all the things that you and your project group have done in the last 2 months. To some extent, it […]

PREMIUM – Commit and overcome: Mid-term presentations

Already during the first meeting with my PREMIUM Coach, I had identified my main weakness: presentation skills. To set the scene, I am one of those presenters that start stuttering, […]

HEInnovate Hackathon: a student’s perspective on education innovation

Innovating education is dear to EDLAB but also to higher education institutions across Europe. The 2018 Higher Education Innovation (HEInnovate) is a two-day conference in Brussels where professionals from European […]

Global Citizens in the Making: the Symposium

Photos: Copyright © Philip Driessen Fotografie, all rights reserved.

PREMIUM: Networking for beginners

Out of my PREMIUM experience so far, the one event that has stood out most for me is the Mix & Match event, a networking evening which would determine which […]

PREMIUM: my experience with ‘project-based working’ workshop

Day after day, I am increasingly more delighted to have joined the PREMIUM programme notably after having attended one particular workshop. A couple of weeks ago, I attended the workshop […]

PREMIUM: first meeting with the client

The first meeting with the PREMIUM client followed shortly after the Mix & Match event. I was extremely happy to be assigned to the project I was passionate about and […]

Becoming a Global Citizen at Maastricht University

What if UM provided you with the necessary skills to adapt and take action in your everyday life at a local and global level? This theme will be discussed during EDLAB’s Symposium […]

PREMIUM – Discover your own competences, really

PREMIUM provides you with great opportunities to work on your own skills. However, before you start working on them, you should know what they are. This is why the workshop […]

EDview survey now open!

The survey is now closed. Thank you very much for your interest.  {{ vc_btn: title=Take+the+survey+now%21+&style=outline&shape=square&color=black&size=lg&align=center&css_animation=fadeIn&button_block=true& }} The EDview project has been going on for a while now and a great […]

UM Comenius applicants meet at EDLAB

The NRO Comenius funding programme for education innovation projects has inspired a number of UM educators to send in their innovative proposals. NRO will only communicate the awarded grants in […]

EDLAB discussions: Blockchain in Higher Education

With the bitcoin value being at an all-time high, the discussions about the underlying technology blockchain have become a topic of interest for actors in all parts of society, including […]

EDview Symposium: Save the date!

Dear reader,   We would like to invite you to the EDview symposium on October 23, 2018, 2.00 – 5.00pm. The symposium features a presentation of the results of project […]

Bringing reality into the classroom

At first glance, we are not entirely sure if we have landed in some sort of alien- or sci-fi convention. In the room we are situated in, approximately 20 young […]

UM Teach-Meet: PBL Problem Design

On Thursday 26 October, EDLAB hosted a Teach-Meet on ‘PBL problem design’. The Teach-Meet is an initiative by EDLAB with the aim to create a platform for educators to exchange […]

Maastricht University Book on Research-Based Learning receives international attention in Book Review

Earlier this year, experts from Maastricht University released a book on Research-Based Learning titled Research-Based Learning: Case studies from Maastricht University.  EDLAB’s own Ellen Bastiaens has written and edited the […]

Introducing EDview

Problem-based learning (PBL), the educational method that is part of the signature of Maastricht University (UM) since the university’s establishment in 1976, is an often discussed element of teaching and […]

The story of Think Tanks with Karol Skalski

Karol Skalski is a student at University College Maastricht, and has for the past academic year been involved in organizing and leading the innovative Think Tanks project. According to their […]

International Perspectives on Research-Based Education

During the conference ‘Connecting Higher Education: International Perspectives on Research-Based Education’ at University College London in the last week of June, Ellen Bastiaens and Walter Jansen organised a well-attended mini-lecture […]

PREMIUM – An example of a successful project

On 3 July 2017 the concluding workshop of the UM-Macimide PREMIUM project was held. The project was financed by Macimide, the Maastricht Centre for Citizenship, Migration and Development. The project […]

Engaging Third Edition of UM Teach-Meet!

A big thanks to all who participated in our third Teach-Meet on Thursday the 8th of June! On this early summer afternoon, the EDLAB hosted another successful continuation of the […]

EDLAB’s Newsletter #1 2017

We are happy to announce the release of EDLAB's first newsletter of 2017! In this edition, you can read more about: Constructive Alignment Teach-Meet Self-Regulated Learning skills Publication of book on […]

The MaRBLe experience of: Rieke Sonnenberg

Last year University College Maastricht student Rieke Sonnenberg participated in the MaRBLe programme. With her analysis of the organisation structure of Maastricht University’s Green Office she got her first real […]

The MaRBLe experience of: Helen Verploegen

Helen Verploegen is one of the students who participated in the MaRBLe project in 2016 during her studies at University College Maastricht. In her research project she combined her interdisciplinary […]

The MaRBLe experience of: Claire Wouters

During her Bachelor in Psychology, Claire Wouters embarked on a year long MaRBLe journey focusing on emotional intelligence. During her research she spend a semester in Spain to finish her […]

The MaRBLe experience of: Telja Schmidt

Telja Schmidt started her MaRBLe adventure in 2014 during the third year of her BA in Psychology at Maastricht University. Her project on relationships and attachment helped her to successfully […]

EDLAB launches constructive alignment website

During a symposium last Thursday, EDLAB presented a website and handbook for constructive alignment at UM. Educators from all UM faculties first listened to the keynote speech by Prof. Dr. […]

Maastricht University experts release book on Research-Based Learning

Since 2008, Maastricht University has been providing undergraduate students with the opportunity to conduct academic research in the MaRBLe programme. This initiative has now been described in the just released […]

PREMIUM – The Mix & Match Event

After deciding to join PREMIUM and follow the selection rounds it was finally time to really start PREMIUM: at the Mix&Match Event! The goal of the evening was to meet […]

Anique de Bruin receives Teaching Fellow Grant for EDLAB Project

We are pleased to share with you that Anique de Bruin has received a Comenius Teaching Fellow Grant from Dutch Minister of Education Jet Bussemaker on March 6. A grant of 50,000 euro […]

My PREMIUM experience so far

Till now when I reflect back, I am very proud that I was selected as a member of the PREMIUM programma and to have the opportunity to work on a real-world […]

How I learned my first PREMIUM lesson

For me, the real premium experience began with the Mix- and Match event. After having gone through the application procedure, that can be quite demanding, this is the absolute crown […]

Let’s do something about this waste! And have a chance to win €750 euros!

Do you also get frustrated by the amount of redundant trash that is placed next to the containers at the recycling areas? And do you wish that there was something […]

Be a Leader of Tomorrow at the 47th St. Gallen Symposium

Don’t miss this great opportunity to apply for an all expenses-paid participation in the 47th St. Gallen Symposium. This global conference, where graduate and post-graduate students get a chance to […]

Bestuursjaar Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg

Are you a student or do you know a student who has a large interest in education and would like to be at the forefront of policy and organisation? The Interstedelijk Studenten […]

Healthy living: daily activities will do the trick

Did you know a healthy lifestyle does not ask for you to head to the gym every day? Just moving more in your daily life can already do the job! […]

Successful 2nd edition of the UM Teach-Meet

On December 7, EDLAB hosted the second edition of the UM Teach-meet at the Department of Knowledge Engineering at the Tapijn barracks. Teaching staff from all UM faculties came to […]

A glimpse of the VSNU education festival

Have you ever visited an education festival? And do you know which activities are organised during such a day? Let us provide you with a glimpse of the VSNU (Association […]

The brand new UM medicine Skillslab

For 40 years the Skillslab has been at the core of medical education at Maastricht University, where students can learn and practice the necessary practical skills for their professional development. […]

UM Winner Student Research Conference 2016

On the 30th of November, the 2016 Student Research Conference took place at the Radboud University Nijmegen. UM student Nousjka Vranken was one of the lucky winners of the day, […]

Have a look at the latest EDLAB newsletter!

EDLAB is Maastricht University’s institute for education innovation. We make innovation everybody’s business. To keep up-to-date, please have a look at our newsletter. Download this edition and read about: Professionalising […]

International Honours Conference 2017

On 8 and 9 June 2017 Windesheim University of Applied Sciences hosts the International Honours Conference. Do you want to give your work a second life? Did you do interesting […]

The UM at the Student Research Conference 2016

This year, Maastricht University will be represented at the Student Research Conference again. This event is the annual scientific conference which is all about undergraduate research. This years conference will be organized […]

The PREMIUM mentor experience of Robert Ciuchita

The excellence programme PREMIUM has been around for a number of successful years, and so we thought we would provide you with an inside perspective on what a PREMIUM mentor […]

Data in Education: Hackathon

Big data is everywhere. This new concept has taken the world by storm to change our view on data collection forever. In education, data collection can be extremely valuable in […]

Moved (by) Education

“To see what is right, and not to do it, is want of courage” – Confucius Last Friday the lecture hall of the Minderbroedersberg was filled for the inaugural speech of […]

The troubling facts on teaching certificates

A recent study of university's year-reports by the Dutch ISO (Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg) has shown that 30% of university teachers do not have a teaching certificate. In 2008 all Dutch universities […]

The Quick Facts on our Sitting Habits

EDLAB's Education That Moves You project has shared many research sources showing the disadvantage of sitting and the ways in which you could change your habits for the better. But what exactly […]

PREMIUM 2015-2016: Closing Seminar

Thursday June 9th, 2016, all PREMIUM students were invited to attend the festive closing of PREMIUM and present their project results to the clients, mentors, and coaches of the programme. […]

How to improve your Posture

Are you already taking EDLAB’s Education That Moves You advice and standing more during the day? The ultimate guide to good posture will show you how to sit and stand […]

An hour a day, keeps the doctor away

Long periods of sitting a day has been linked to a higher risk for diseases like diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. However, Norwegian scientists have recently stated that […]

The MaRBLe experience of: Sanne ten Oever

Last month we sat down with MaRBLe alumni Sanne ten Oever to chat about her experience as a MaRBLe student. In 2007 Sanne came to Maastricht to start the Bachelor […]

Our Sitting Habits in Numbers: The Dutch Sit Too Much

At EDLAB we have been paying attention to the consequences of your sitting behaviour a lot with our Education That Moves You project. Now the RIVM -National Institute for Public Health […]

The End of Sitting @ UNS40

A few weeks ago we already wrote about The End of Sitting, an installation designed by architects RAAAF together with visual artist Barbara Visser, as it was introduced at VU Amsterdam. Now […]

UM Teach-Meet Aftermovie

Last month we hosted the first edition of our UM teach-meet at EDLAB! An event aimed to connect teaching staff of all faculties of Maastricht University. Our idea: a marketplace where […]

5 innovative ways to use your classroom’s whiteboard

Whether you are a teacher or a student, you have surely been in front of your classroom's whiteboard once or twice. As a note-taker during a PBL brainstorming session, when drawing your […]

PREMIUM: Mid-term presentations Pecha Kucha style

Mid-term presentationsOn the 14th and 18th of April, the PREMIUM mid-term presentations took place at the Tapijnkazerne Maastricht. During these evenings, all the PREMIUM teams were challenged with the assignment […]

Learning to Move: Wellbeing at University

Universities have been putting more emphasis on wellbeing over the past years, both for their students and employees. Nevertheless, work-pressure is big, hours are long and work is put above […]

Upcoming: Student Research Conference 2016

Make more out of your bachelor thesis: Participate at the Student Research Conference 2016! Do you want to publish your bachelor research in an e-journal, present it at a scientific […]

Education That Moves You – The DIY Edition

At EDLAB we are making Maastricht University move more with our Education That Moves You project. By making you stand up during standing tutorials your work becomes more dynamic, making you […]

Young Researchers’ Day 2016

On June 15th, the Maastricht Graduate School of Law will host its first ever Young Researchers’ Day. During this day the master’s Honours students will defend their thesis and a […]

New must-see at Tapijn: Het Schommelstation

Did you already visit the former military barracks in Maastricht? There is now another reason for you to visit the Tapijn: the new 'Schommelstation'. On the grounds of the former […]

The Educational Stance: Changing Sitting Habits

Last week the VU Amsterdam announced it had opened an innovative installation in their university building to encourage students and employees to stand more. More people are becoming aware of the disastrous effects our […]

Advising towards Employability

On June 2nd, the Council for Academic Advising and Student Counseling of Maastricht University will host the annual UM Advising Seminar which will be focused on the topic: Advising towards […]

The true PREMIUM experience: The Mix & Match Event

Are you curious about PREMIUM? So was I and I am glad I was! The first weeks have passed by now, so let’s travel back in time and take stock […]

The MaRBLe experience of: Isabelle de Coninck

Today we would like to introduce you to Isabelle de Coninck, a former MaRBLe student and alumna of Maastricht University. In 2010 Isabelle moved to Maastricht to start her Bachelor […]

Join the Alumni Honours Conference of 2016

Are you an alumni of Maastricht University who completed an honours program, and do you like to share your experiences and opinions? Then the Honours Conference in Utrecht, taking place […]

Inaugural Summer Honors Faculty Institute

Are you interested in teaching talented honors students in the best way possible? Sign up for the Inaugural Summer Honors Faculty Institute hosted by The National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) […]

Interdisciplinary UM: A conference on fair and just practices in art and heritage

Interdisciplinarity is a key feature of Maastricht University’s innovative nature. The university’s cross-disciplinary approach is not only apparent in the education on offer, but also in the research centers and […]

The Future of Higher Education Conference

With innovation at the core of EDLAB’s vision, we are always pondering how to improve education. Fortunately, we are not alone in this. Upcoming week, on the 9th of March, […]

How UM Staff is Standing More

Recently Luc van Loon, professor at Human Biology and Movement Sciences (FHML) shared his special office in UM’s U-column. In line with the Education That Moves You philosophy, van Loon […]

Urgent call for proposals for the Utrecht Honours Conference 2016

Utrecht University and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht will host the Utrecht Honours Conference 2016 on Thursday 2 June and Friday 3 June 2016. The conference will be set […]

The Educational Way to Twitter

With Twitter being one of the most popular social media platforms today, its functionalities should not be ignored in education. Apart from Twitter being a fun and easy way to […]

The new Tapijn area of Maastricht

Have you already been to the characteristic Tapijnkazerne area in Maastricht? And did you know that this is where the EDLAB offices are located? The former Tapijnkazerne is located next […]

EDLAB’s Think Tank

Twice a year, University College Maastricht hosts a Think Tank project where students are able to develop their skills in policy development, research and analyses. As a team, a Think Tank […]

How to make you stand up: the sit-stand desk

At EDLAB we are encouraging students and staff to work in a more dynamic way. The Education That Moves You project has introduced standing tutorials […]

The University Sports Centre way of Studying

Last month the University Library opened its brand new learning spaces in the University Sports Centre. With the opening of the new sport centre a multifunctional location was introduced that […]

Seize your opportunity at the St. Gallen Symposium 2016

Would you like to qualify as a ‘Leader of Tomorrow’ then you are the right person to participate in the St. Gallen Symposium! During May 2016, the 46th St. Gallen Symposium will take […]

Sedentary time associated with type 2 diabetes

We all spend many hours a day sitting at work, school or simply in front of the TV at home. The health risks of sitting are increasingly exposed and now […]

The dynamics of standing: the latest findings

With a growing body of research on the effectiveness of working while standing up, Fast Company summarized the main findings so far.

The PREMIUM success story of Ashwin David

PREMIUM graduate Ashwin David started his interdisciplinary education at the Hotel Management School Maastricht. He continued his education at Maastricht University at the Master Globalisation and Law, where he specialised […]

The positive mood effects of sitting less

Although we might not realize it we usually sit for more than 8 hours a day. Increasingly light in being shed on the consequences of this habit, showing that long […]

How standing could beat exercise

Without a doubt you have come across messages flashing that sitting is a new health risk. Often the way to solve it seems to be exercise; go to the gym, […]

Two unique ways to score a job interview

Nowadays it has become more and more important for students to build an interesting curriculum and commit to doing extracurricular activities in order to stand out from the crowd. Simply […]

How YOU could win the 2016 JSM Student Travel Award

Are you studying topics in the area of statistics, survey methodology or allied survey research disciplines? Then you have the great opportunity to attend the largest gathering of statisticians held […]

Make IT Happen: Wearables in the Law classroom

The field of Law is constantly changing and developing, but for a long time Law education has had a hard time catching up with these developments, holding onto tradition. Maastricht […]

The UM edition of going hybrid

Until today Maastricht University has engaged in multiple hybrid forms of education. The organization offers its students the possibility to combine different kinds of courses and build a more personal interdisciplinary […]

MaRBLe Series Online

The Maastricht Research Based Learning for Excellence (MaRBLe) programme facilitates the development of research projects for highly motivated and excellent undergraduate students. In 2011 the MaRBLe team launched a journal […]

Guna Schwanen wins first prize at SRC 2015

Remember our article from last week? Where we told you about MaRBLe student Guna Schwanen and her chance to participate in the Student Research Conference (SRC)? Today we can announce […]

Education Awards FHML 2015

On the 4th of November Maastricht University’s Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences hosted their annual Education Awards. One of the biggest prizes of the evening went to one of […]

Student Research Conference 2015: Interview with Guna Schwanen

On Wednesday 11 November 2015, the Student Research Conference (SRC) was organized by the Association of Universities (VSNU), at Tilburg University. This annual conference offers students the opportunity to promote […]

Innovative anatomy learning with TOOL

Studying anatomy usually goes together with big expensive books with too much information. Finding the correct resources sometimes seems impossible and the quality of online sources are often of insufficient […]

Are we employable?

During the last year of your studies you are probably going to think more intensively about what your next step is going to be. What are you going to do […]

Sharing knowledge with ZUYD

Last week a group of education- and IT experts of the ZUYD University of Applied Sciences visited EDLAB to discuss Maastricht University’s approach to education innovation and to discuss the current […]

PREMIUM Spotlight: Sports & Crime “It’s just sports”

UM’s PREMIUM project is the honours programme for high performing and motivated master students. The PREMIUM Sports & Crime team, consisting of four students from the masters in ‘Forensics, Criminology and […]

Clinical experience with kidneyracers

When starting a medicine programme, your first three years are mostly spent in the lecture hall. But some medicine students at Maastricht University are spending their time a little bit […]

Big Data in Maastricht

Higher education institutions like the University of Maastricht are becoming more and more interested in making use of Big Data. Big Data is becoming more and more important, as nowadays people are […]

The changing times of career services

The employment field is changing, the economy is shifting and innovation has never moved so quickly. Although changing times like these can be exciting, they can also bring uncertainty, especially […]

UM MOOC: Introducing the world to Problem-Based Learning

On Monday 5 October, Maastricht University started with its very first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) during which it introduces people from all over the world to our Problem-Based Learning […]

The magic of academic engagement

“Get involved!” is probably not an unfamiliar message to students or those working within education, and it turns out there is a good reason for that. Recent research has shown […]

The 2014-2015 Annual PREMIUM Closing Seminar

On Thursday the 25th of June 2015, the second annual PREMIUM Closing Seminar took place. During this day we celebrated that the PREMIUM students completed the programme. Attending students were […]

How to make education systems sustainable?

SURF collected over 150 exhibits for the Battle of Concepts. Sustainability of the education process is hot topic among students. They have excellent ideas about sustainability with the use of […]

“Grandpa, what’s behind those gates?”

“Grandpa, what’s behind those gates?” A question often asked by me during the weekly walks I took as a little girl with my grandfather through the Maastricht park. I always thought […]

Future of education

Interested in what the future of education could look like? Then visit the Future of Education website with interview series and a discussion community. It’s a place for thoughtful discussion […]


On April 1st EDLAB opened its doors at the Tapijnkazerne, and it was definitely worth the wait! The X-building offers a lot of working spaces, seminar rooms and a common […]

Open Education Week

Just missed out on the Open Education Week which has been held from March 8-13? No worries! Events and workshops have already taken place, but recordings, references to articles and […]

From gamification to crowdsourcing: Improve learning with these interactive elements

Today’s students are a uniquely interactive group. Most of the 80 million Americans who are part of the millennial generation—a group that comprises the lion’s share of today’s student population—can’t […]

Looking back at the first UM e-Assessment event

Are you convinced your exam needs open essay questions but do you struggle with reviewing students’ hand writing? Or are your students out of sight but online assessment seems risky? […]

Sirius Booklet

Maastricht University has participated with two excellence programs in the national Sirius program initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Education and Innovation. The grant has come to an end in […]