The MaRBLe experience of: Florian Wimmenauer
The MaRBLe experience of: Mahir Budak

We are nearing the end of our Premium project. Looking back at the past 5 months, the Premium students really grew towards each other. Because we mail, app, Tumblr, doodle, phone, skype and see each other so much, we are improving each other and experiencing a new way of group dynamics.

I have been a volleyball head coach for many years, this is also a group process and it’s also for a whole season each year…. Yet it’s so different. Instead of leading and guiding a group, I am a group member in Premium, just like any other. Each member has their own preferences in approaching subjects and in ways of pursuing goals. All from different countries, different styles, different temperaments, different faculties, so interesting! On the way, we got to know each other better and better, resulting in a smoothly working machine. There was also some involvement in our personal lives. Devastating news about death or diseases in our families, but we were there for each other… Shit happens, and we were there to provide a shoulder or someone to talk to. If someone is nervous about nearing deadlines, we were there. If we needed a back-up for a task, we were there… We know shit happens, in projects and in our own private life… It’s a matter of how to deal with this ‘shit’.

I fell ill 12 years ago while obtaining a PhD in molecular virology… Many -horrible- years later, I am a proud heart transplant recipient. As I said: Shit happens, but I am lucky to be healthy again. I worked very hard for it, it was tough, and most of all: I was lucky…. Talking about luck: Last week, my brother and his girlfriend became parents. A day later, a sweet healthy little girl -my very own niece- was put in my arms. A mighty and wonderful moment! I am so happy and humbled to be able to see this new life, while my life was already ending years ago. The magic suddenly interrupted, when I felt something bubbling near my arm… I took a sniff…. shit happens…

Written by Rogier Veltrop (FHML)

PREMIUM Student 2017-2018

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