PREMIUM offers motivated and high-performing master’s students at Maastricht University the unique opportunity to execute a project for a (local) client, aiming to bridge the gap between study and career and prepare students to enter the labour market upon graduation. Are you a business owner or employee in a public, commercial, or non-governmental organization and do you have a project you would like an interdisciplinary team of excellent PREMIUM students to tackle?

Propose a Project to PREMIUM

The deadline for sending in PREMIUM project proposals for the 2021-2022 academic year, is September 30th 2021.
In case you wish to discuss a PREMIUM project proposal for 2023, please contact

You can put forward your PREMIUM project proposal by filling out the project proposal form and sending it to or directly to your faculty coordinator.

Once your project is selected for PREMIUM, we allow you to have a say in forming your own student team during our festive PREMIUM opening, the Mix&Match.

A True PREMIUM Project Must:

be a challenge, have relevance, and pushes students out of their comfort zone;

allow for students to have enough own input in the project and its deliverable, to foster creativity and innovation.

call for an innovative solution;

allow and facilitate an interdisciplinary approach;

require an investment of 150 hours per student;

be flexible enough to expand or simplify, if necessary.

PREMIUM offers:

Against limited investment a complex assignment is carried out by excellent, well-prepared master’s students under the supervision of a project mentor (a UM employee).

Each student commits to a workload of 250 hours over the course of 5 months, of which at least 150 hours are estimated to be spent on project execution. Depending on the size of the team assigned to your project, PREMIUM offers 600 to 900 hours of effort put towards your project:

  • A team of 4-6 motivated master’s students assigned to your project;
  • A UM employee to act as project mentor to guide students through project execution and your primary PREMIUM contact person.
  • A multidisciplinary analysis of the issue;
  • A blend of knowledge providing you with fresh innovative input and out-of-the-box ideas;
  • The chance to invest in students by offering them a learning environment;
  • The opportunity to experiment with new skills and behaviour;
  • The opportunity to scout talent!

PREMIUM aims to enable students to:

  • Gain valuable insight into their strengths and development areas;
  • Improve their performance and competencies;
  • Learn how to work as part of a multidisciplinary team;
  • Learn how to work to a tight schedule;
  • Learn how to manage Clients’ expectations.

In order to realize these goals and to provide Clients with the best possible outcome for their project, we would like to clearly communicate what PREMIUM has to offer as well as what we would like to receive in return from all Clients.

A PREMIUM client is expected to be involved with PREMIUM.

  • Clients confirm a clear project objective and agree to the collectively set up plan for project execution;
  • Clients adequately provide the student team with the necessary information for project execution;
  • Students, coaches, mentors, and the PREMIUM Central Management Team would highly appreciate your presence at our central events: the Kick-off  on January 6th, the Midterm Presentations in March, and the festive closing seminar on May 25th.
  • Clients are expected to spend approximately 2 hours per week on PREMIUM during project execution.
  • Clients are required to reimburse students for any business trips/transportation fees the students are requested to do by the client.

Please note that PREMIUM is not an internship. Students do not need extensive supervision or a working space at your organization. PREMIUM students are to be seen as consultants.

For more information about PREMIUM and what we expect from an external partner, please send us a message via

The Role of a PREMIUM Client

A client adopts the role of a more formal client or a co-creator. A formal client provides an assignment and perceives the team of students as consultants doing a job for them. A co-creator might join the team for brainstorm sessions, meetings, and preparatory sessions. The co-creator is more actively involved in/during the project execution. The formal client provides guidance and supports the team with feedback, but is not actively involved in project execution.

The international fellowship COMMEET was founded in 2017. It aims to empower communities anywhere in the world to take their future into their own hands. Katja, Friederike, Axelle and Anna were asked to examine the internal organisation of our not-for-profit organisation, and make recommendations for improvements.

A Typical Co-Creator Client

Right at the beginning, these young ladies asked us whether they could call themselves the ‘four COMMEETeers’, and this aptly sums up their enthusiastic approach.

It was a real pleasure for me to work with them. Despite Corona they kept working steadily and accurately, always keeping us informed about their progress. They did a super job: their analysis was spot-on and their recommendations extremely useful.

We are forever grateful for what they did for us and we could not have wished for a better team to help move COMMEET forward. We are fortunate that all four COMMEETeers have indicated they wish to stay involved with COMMEET!

Maarten Schrevel

A Typical Formal Client

We prefer to take the role of formal clients and view the PREMIUM team as strategic consultants. This way, we do not influence the team with preconceived notions on how we should do things and are open for new ways.

We especially like how the teams are flexible, can work independently, and do not take any current practices as a given.
They have positively surprised us in the past and we are confident they will do the same in the future.


Jacqueline van Beuningen
Statistical Researcher and Innovation Team Member

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has worked with Maastricht University for a number of years now in the PREMIUM program. The collaboration was an initiative from the innovation team within CBS. For us, it is important to get a fresh, outside perspective on important challenges we face. PREMIUM students provide just that.

PREMIUM Client Testimonials

Being a client for PREMIUM has been a game changer for us at Key2advance. Having six outstanding Master-students contribute to our project has accelerated our progress tremendously. The professional and heartfelt organisation from the team at EDLAB has furthermore made the experience easy and enjoyable. We highly recommend any organisation that is looking for a creative way to boost their project to join!

Mona Shair-Wloch
Founding Manager & Director Key2advance

Martin van de Pas
Content Developer & Trainer Key2advance

Being a client for PREMIUM has been a game changer for us at Key2advance.
This was a great experience! Looking forward to start using the evaluation tool the students developed!

For the first time MUMC+ and ING had a joint assignment for the students: to map innovative companies and eco-systems in hospital and elderly care and to develop an assessment tool for these innovations. Despite difficult circumstances (COVID-19), they did a great job. Thanks to the entire team. Good luck with your study and next steps in career.

Raymond Smeets
Relatiemanager Gezondheidszorg en Publieke domein

This was a great experience working together with ING from our health innovation lab. Looking forward to start using the evaluation tool Mika, Daniel, Anna, Clara, Danila and Maureen developed. The best part: our first meeting live at La Barceloneta! Thanks all!

Nicole van Eldik
Kinderarts en programmamanager eHealth

As a company we see many interesting and trending topics passing by, however, we do not always the capacity to investigate them all. For us, the topic of personalized nutrition was an example of this. The student team did a great job on analyzing the latest research insights, documenting recent activities in this market, and performing their own field research. My colleagues appreciated the team’s final presentation at our company site and were excited to read more in their final report.

All in all, joining the PREMIUM program as a client not only resulted in useful outcomes, it was also lots of fun, and we got in contact with many motivated students during the well-organized events. We hope to join again in another edition!


Claudia Daniels
Market Research Specialist
Nunhems Netherlands BV

It was great to work together with the enthusiastic team of students, that were very motivated to dive deep into the project’s topic. As the program is multi-disciplinary, the project’s topic was analyzed from different point of views, which certainly added lots of value.
The PREMIUM project is a great thing and can only recommend it.

The PREMIUM project is a great thing and can only recommend it. With our PREMIUM team “Helping Paws” we had a very motivated team. The collaboration was constructive and brought many new impulses and ideas. I can only recommend it for any business and non-profit organization. Thank you!

Erik Kersting
President of the European Professional Association for I-L-e-Coaches e.V.
Managing Director Dog Center Canis familiaris GmbH
Dog educator and behavioral consultant

UWC Maastricht has worked with a number of different PREMIUM teams over the last 5 years. We were always impressed with the professional approach and high quality of the research and delivered recommendations.

It is always refreshing to bring in a team of highly motivated master students to support us in exploring how to further improve our school.

In 2020 we were fortunate to work with an enthusiastic team that helped us to understand the impact of UWC in the city of Maastricht and how to improve our community service projects.

Iva Horejsi
UWC Maastricht

It is always refreshing to bring in a team of highly motivated master students to support us in exploring how to further improve our school.
The result will assist our organization to achieve our objectives, and we will definitely try and do another project next year!

This was our first experience with a PREMIUM project, and it was very useful for our organization. We appreciated the Client Handbook, the friendly PREMIUM team and mentor, and the enthusiastic meeting to promote our project.

It was easy to work with the students, and the team did well despite the obvious Corona challenges.

The result will assist our organization to achieve our objectives, and we will definitely try and do another project next year!

Wilbert Bannenberg
Stichting Farma ter Verantwoording

PREMIUM Client Handbook

PREMIUM Client Handbook

Find everything you need to know about the programme and your role as client in the PREMIUM client handbook.


Are you not sure if your project is fit for PREMIUM or do you still have other questions, then please contact the PREMIUM Central Management Team or your faculty coordinator.

Fabienne Crombach

PREMIUM Senior Coordinator


Anna Marino

PREMIUM Junior Coordinator

Marie-Lou Mestrini

PREMIUM Administration


Annick van den Eshof

LAW Faculty Coordinator

Teacher Private Law

Jascha de Nooijer

FHML Faculty Coordinator

Professor Interprofessional Teaching and Learning


Ike Kamphof

FASoS Faculty Coordinator

Assistant Professor Philosophy


Arie van der Lugt

FPN Faculty Coordinator

Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor Cognitive Neuroscience


Bas van Diepen

SBE Faculty Coordinator

Lecturer. Organisation and Strategy