Honours+ Supervisors

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Dear Honours+ Supervisor,

Thank you for joining the Honours+ community this year. We are very excited to be organizing Honours+ programme for the 3rd year in a slightly revised design. This has been realized based on the feedback received from students, the coordinators of the faculty honours programmes and EDLAB.

We are looking forward to a successful, educational and fun Honours+ 2017-2018 season together!

Honours+ is the Common Core for all faculty honours programmes.  In Honours+, 2nd year bachelor students (1st year honours students) are challenged to work on an academic and interesting assignment in groups of 8-10 students from five different faculties. Honours+ is organized by EDLAB, the Maastricht Institute for Education Innovation. Besides the assignment, the students will partake in a series of workshops to work on their academic and professional skills.

We wish you an inspiring Honours+ experience!

Warm regards,

The Honours+ Central Management Team

Honours+ Group Assignment & Role of Supervisor

In Honours+, the students will work throughout the course of 6 months (November until Mid-May) on a group assignment with an interdisciplinary team of approximately 8-10 students, under the guidance of the Supervisor.

The assignments can vary greatly in subject, but are linked to the 3 core research themes of UM’s strategic programme 2017-2021:

  1. Europe & a Globalizing world;
  2. Quality of Life;
  3. Learning & Innovation;

A true Honours+ assignment

  • Is a challenging, academic case, question or issue;
  • Pushes students outside their comfort zone;
  • Calls for an innovative solution, exploration or approach;
  • Allows and facilitates an interdisciplinary approach;
  • Requires a time investment of 126 hours per student.

Because of the interdisciplinary character of Honours+, the main role of the Supervisor is to monitor an equal input from the various disciplines (students).

Furthermore, throughout Honours+, the Supervisor will support the team in planning, developing, and completing the assignment. The Supervisor guides the team through the process, based on the phases for Creative Problem Solving.

The Supervisor does not take over the role of the team leader. The students are to appoint a team leader amongst themselves. The Supervisor solely takes the role of steering and guiding the group to the agreed upon assignment.

The Supervisor is also responsible for assessing the group assignment and as such, the team’s performance (see also section on “Assessment”). The final report will be assessed on relevance, creativity, logic, added value or novelty of insight and suggestions, applicability and communication. Students will be assessed by the Supervisor both on their team performance and their individual performance and input, to avoid freeloading within the teams as much as possible.

Because of the supporting role of the Supervisor and the safe learning environment he/she provides within Honours+, we require the Supervisor to be physically present in Maastricht during November-May to regularly attend team meetings and be available for questions the students might have. We also recommend Supervisors to be available during some evenings, to help facilitating team meetings.

Honours+ defines general guidelines for the outcomes of the assignment. The further refinement of these outcomes needs to be defined in close interaction between Supervisor and students. Honours+ requires the following outcome:

An academic report that displays an interdisciplinary understanding of the researched subject, but also contains recommendations for UM’s executive board and management team based on the explored topic and the students’ findings (to further investigate, to further develop, to further communicate/disseminate), and a visual translation of the team’s finding into an infographic.

Handbook & Documents

Honours+ Supervisor Handbook

Find everything you need to fulfill your role as Honours+ Supervisor.

Honours+ Student team Assessment form

Will be available in April 2018.

Questions for Central Management?

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Do you have an interesting idea for an Honours+ assignment and are you interested in being an Honours+ Supervisor?

Please contact us through honoursplus@maastrichtuniversity.nl,  if you are interested in handing in an Honours+ assignment and being a Supervisor.