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PREMIUM is Maastricht University’s Honours programme for high-performing, motivated master’s students. Once selected, students are grouped together in interdisciplinary teams and given a project to complete for a client from the (local) business or government sector under the guidance of a project mentor. Alongside their project, students receive individual coaching focused on personal competence development. Lastly, students attend several workshops to help cultivate valuable skills and knowledge to prepare them for the job market.

Apply for PREMIUM 2020-2021

Want to be part of PREMIUM during 2020-2021? The application deadline is November 16 (noon)!



Executing a challenging project for a real client;


Practical application of your academic knowledge;


Teamwork in an interdisciplinary setting;


Personal and professional development through coaching;


Improving practical professional skills through workshops;


A valuable extracurricular addition to your education.

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PREMIUM Ambassadors

Meet our ambassadors face-to-face

Our enthusiastic team of PREMIUM ambassadors were PREMIUM students in the previous academic year. Learn all about their PREMIUM experience and why they think you should apply to become a PREMIUM student this year!

Meet them during their promotional activities at the faculties, or during the PREMIUM info-sessions. As they speak from personal experience, attending these sessions gives you an exclusive sneak peek of what it’s like to be a PREMIUM student.

PREMIUM alumni about PREMIUM

Julian Reuther

Julian Reuther (SBE)

”Especially the interdisciplinarity of the programme, specifically the teamwork with students from different cultural and study backgrounds was an enlightening experience“
Nina Juschka

Nina Juschka (SBE)

“I am happy that I took the extra mile and joined the PREMIUM program in cooperation with Accenture. It facilitated not only my professional but also my private development and I wouldn’t have missed it!”
Anabel Quineche

Anabel Quineche Valdéz (FASoS)

“Now I understand what they told us at the beginning of the program: PREMIUM is about the process itself and not the end product. I learned a lot from the way we managed every challenge together and took advantage of our differences.”
Jose Francisco

Jose Francisco Martinez Raya (FASoS)

”PREMIUM gave me the opportunity to work in a team with people with very different backgrounds and nationalities… and what is the best… to learn from them!”
Eleni Argyriou

Eleni Argyriou (FPN)

“When I was first accepted in the PREMIUM Excellence Program, I felt this was both an opportunity and a challenge for me. After the past months, I realized that it was not only a huge chance to develop myself professionally and personally, but it was more of a life-time experience. Working for a big company as a member of a GREAT interdisciplinary team, I got to know myself more, my limits, strengths and weaknesses and I feel lucky to be part of a program that promotes learning and fun at the same time.”
Laura Geith

Laura Geith (SBE)

“Are you curious about PREMIUM? So was I and I am glad I was! People of
the premium programme are easy going and we are here because we want to
be here. It is fun to be with motivated and interesting people from different
academic backgrounds and work on a real-life project with an interdisciplinary
team. The entire experience was very enriching, you gain a lot of new insights
about a new industry, and learn more research skills. Don’t miss out on it! “
Celia Dejond

Celia Déjond (FASoS)

“Applying for PREMIUM was a great decision that threw me into an amazing experience. It was really nice to get more practical knowledge next to university, and to work with students from other disciplines. The application procedure is a very interesting process, because it’s quite the same procedure as you would go through when applying for a real job. The knowledge I have gained during this process will definitely come in handy over the next couple of months when I will be applying for jobs. Overall, I would definitely recommend the PREMIUM programme to other students.”
Johanna Hurtz

Johanna Hurtz (SBE)

“For me PREMIUM has been a truly inspiring, worthwhile and most of all fun experience. You not only get support to develop and prepare yourself for a future career, you also meet lots of diverse fellow students. Without the PREMIUM experience I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to meet so many students from different academic backgrounds and from the various UM faculties. PREMIUM is really a great opportunity to make a contribution outside the curriculum and to see yourself grow in the context of an interesting and challenging project.”
Guadalupe Amesquita

Guadalupe Amésquita (FHS)

“Being part of the Premium Honors Programme is an incredible contribution for any student’s professional growth. By taking part in a project with a multicultural team for an external client, Premium helps you enhance and develop the required skills of this century for any job environment, making you face challenges, manage possible conflicts and improving your communication skills.
For people with prior working experience, like it was in my case, Premium helps you gain understanding and increase your respect for diversity in views and cultural backgrounds, an experience that does not always happen when you start working. So my advice to any potential participant is “make the most out of it! It will be a great and valuable experience.”
Elin Borjedal

Elin Börjedal (LAW)

“No matter how your project turns out, you will definitely get to develop your own personal skills. I learned a lot about myself which I would never had discovered if not participating in PREMIUM. During PREMIUM you are put in an environment which you don’t get by only studying. The interaction with real clients, together with workshops and personal coaching is a unique and precious opportunity you should not miss.”
Britt Pelzer

Britt Pelzer (FPN)

“I knew I wanted a project that contained a creative input from the students, so I mainly focused on that. I spoke with the ladies of House of Inspiration during the last 5 minutes of the Mix&Match, and I knew what I wanted. When speaking to the client, I was blown away by their enthusiasm! The way they spoke about their own business was really beautiful to witness. They convinced me this was the project I wanted to do. I must say I am very lucky I can now happily say I was chosen to do the Inspiratiehuis project. Together with 4 other highly motivated students, a great mentor and the two wonderful ladies of House of Inspiration we are working on the project, and PREMIUM has already proven to be worth it for me!”

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