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Digital classroom activity- social media

19 April 2023: Escape the ordinary: Unleashing the potential of digital classrooms

This event will showcase examples of educational initiatives in which either teachers or students have made use of digital technologies. Think of having students create a video or a podcast instead of attend a lecture or write a paper. Or setting up an escape room where students can apply the knowledge acquired in class, or students creating Wikipedia pages to demonstrate comprehension and practise writing skills.

Join us for an inspiring event for both students and teaching staff to unleash the potential of technology-enhanced education at UM!

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Save the Dates

7-8 June 2023: UM Education Days

“Teaching is learning, and learning is teaching”

UM Education Days will return in June 2023!

The second edition of UM Education Days will take place on 7-8 June 2023.

Registrations will open in April 2023.

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Free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities for teachers!

Coaching skills – website

30 March 2023: Online Workshop Coaching Skills

This online workshop is designed to train mentors, coaches and tutors on coaching and mentoring skills. In this 2 hour online workshop, we will explore the main differences between teaching, mentoring and coaching. We will take stock of the main competencies and skills used in coaching and explore a coaching model. But first and foremost, you will get room to practice your coaching skills with real-life examples of situations that matter to you.
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Team-based quizzing – website

4 April 2023: Workshop Stimulating Learning through Team-Based Assessment

One excellent way of stimulating CCCS learning through formative or summative assessments, is by using Team-Based Quizzes. This method has been found to promote better interaction between the students as well as preparing students well for future assessments.

If you want to learn more about this technique, then please sign up to this workshop where you will experience the 3 steps of this Team-Based Learning format yourselves.

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Nature connectedness with frame

18 April 2023: Workshop Fostering Teacher Wellbeing through Nature Connectedness

Do you sometimes feel you need to stay optimistic for your students, but you are actually becoming increasingly cynical, frustrated, and weary?

In this workshop, we will explore different scientifically established pathways to conscious nature connectedness that will help you to get the best out of being in nature, in order to aid your well-being. After spending this guided break of three hours in the outdoors, you will feel refreshed, energized, and strengthened.

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Sustainable development

20 April & 16 May 2023: Workshop Series Fostering Sustainable Development in Education and Teaching

During the first session the connection between global citizenship education (GCEd) and education for sustainable development (ESD) will become apparent. During the second session, ideas for implementing global citizenship education for sustainability will be presented with examples of how interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teaching and learning activities are embedded in curricula at various faculties (e.g., SBE, FSE, FPN, FASoS) and interdisciplinary programmes (e.g., Minor Sustainability).
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Stress and anxiety among students – website

25 April 2023: Online Workshop Stress & Anxiety among Students

In this workshop, you’ll get tools to deal with stress and to help prevent severe anxiety problems. Academic staff close to the students can have a significant impact on the well-being of students. At the end of this session, you will be able to:
◊ Get insight into the concepts of stress and anxiety, with their underlying processes and causes
◊ Provide a listening ear and have a talk with the student about their struggle with stress or anxiety
◊ Guide the student towards appropriate actions that prevent stress- and anxiety problems from worsening
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Empty frame

11 May 2023: Orchestrating Feedback, online and offline

With Canvas and COVID, we have gained access to more online educational tools for feedback, both from teacher to student and between student peers. Sometimes these tools provide additional features that become valuable to the teaching process; sometimes, they create unforeseen glitches. This session aims to facilitate sharing problems and practices for designing feedback learning activities.
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Global citizenship education – website

24 May and 14 June 2023: Workshop series Grappling with Social Inequalities in the Classroom

In this training, we will examine our role as teachers and educators in a reflexive way. We will reflect on what we do and how we do it. How does our race, class, gender, sexuality and ability status affect our viewpoint on what we teach and how we teach it? How does our positionality, notwithstanding our good intentions, influence what and who we see and do not see in the classroom?
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