Welcome to EDLAB

EDLAB is the Maastricht University institute for education innovation and promotes an optimal learning experience for students of Maastricht University, by advancing the field of teaching and learning for both students and staff.

"Making education innovation everybody's business"

Through the UM-wide implementation of innovations and teacher-training services, EDLAB aims to increase engagement of both students and staff with the education process. EDLAB has a strong focus on sustainable implementation of successful education innovations in order to improve and support the students’ learning experience.

EDLAB is located at the former military base, Tapijnkazerne (TAPX). We offer the UM community a physical meeting place and facilitates co-creation and collaboration in education innovation.



EDLAB featured in OECD report on the quality of innovation in higher education in the Netherlands


Comenius 2019: proposals discussed at EDLAB


The MaRBLe experience of: Caden Puah and Lennart Salek


ImpactLab: A New Perspective on Social Engagement

Maastricht not only is the home to a 42-year-old University but is also the cradle to many student organisations such as PINE, the Green Office, the Refugee project and student […]

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Share your innovative ideas with EDLAB!

At EDLAB, we would love to hear about your creative and inventive ideas for the improvement of UM education.

We aim to work with and for everyone involved with UM education. Please give us your feedback and input on anything related to our university.