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EDLAB upcoming Continuing Professional Development activities for teachers

– 21 & 28 November 2022: CPD Interactive Lectures: Giftedness at UM – Shining a light on bright students

– 2 December 2022: CPD Workshop: Intercultural PhD Supervision

– 6 December 2022: CPD Workshop: Design Thinking and Creativity in Education

– December 2022 to February 2023: CPD Module: Teaching for Global Citizenship: Unleash your potential

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"Making education everybody's business"

As the Maastricht University Institute for Education Innovation, EDLAB promotes an optimal learning experience for students by advancing the field of teaching and learning for both students and staff.

EDLAB develops and organises university-wide projects and pilots, promotes experimentation and facilitates the sustainable implementation of new educational concepts.

We design professional training courses for teaching staff and coordinate excellence programmes for students to enhance the student learning experience.

Located at the Tapijnkazerne (TAPX), EDLAB offers the UM community an inviting setting that stimulates co-creation and collaboration.

EDLAB aims to sustain the momentum in education innovation at Maastricht University.

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