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To promote the quality of education, and fulfil an integral part of its educational vision and values, Maastricht University has developed a range of excellence programmes for ambitious, motivated and high-performing students, who are looking for an extra challenge to enrich their learning experience outside the scope of their regular curriculum.

Three of these programmes are developed, implemented and coordinated by EDLAB – Maastricht University Centre for Teaching & Learning, which are Honours+, MaRBLe and PREMIUM.

By offering these programmes, EDLAB facilitates a challenging and interdisciplinary learning environment in which students with demonstrated motivations and talent are offered extra-curricular opportunities. Accordingly, we provide these students with a chance to (further) develop their (latent) talents, increase their knowledge, strengthen their resume, work on their societal engagement, and get prepared for the job market of the future.

EDLAB, located in the Tapijn area, is an education expertise centre dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge, resources, and support for the UM Teaching & Learning community. We aim to foster education innovation, drive professional development, conduct education research and facilitate knowledge exchange to build a strong foundation for quality education. Go to the EDLAB website here.

EDLAB's Excellence for Students

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EDLAB's Excellence for (Teaching) Staff

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EDLAB's Excellence for Externals

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