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Join our pop-up EDLunch on 30 January 2023!

EDLunch ChatGPT

What might ChatGPT mean for UM education?

In how far is the rise of AI tools like ChatGPT a threat or an opportunity for our education? What might ChatGPT mean for PBL education at Maastricht University? Which questions does it raise about academic ethics and integrity? And what implications may it have for rules and regulations?

EDLAB will organise an EDLunch next Monday 30 January, 12:30-13:30, to informally discuss these and other questions with staff and students. Come and share your thoughts and ideas with the UM teaching and learning community! Sandwiches will be provided.

In the spotlight

CDM CPD activity

31 January 2023: What is behind a test score? Using cognitive diagnostic modelling to better understand students' needs

Test scores often drive learning in a negative, demotivating manner. Furthermore, students with similar scores might have a very different set of strengths and points that need further attention. Cognitive diagnostic modelling (CDM) is an emergent psychometric paradigm that aims to extract more information about students’ misconceptions and knowledge gaps from test results, helping teachers and students prioritise remediation efforts. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to understand this novel approach and learn how to apply CDM to their own educational activities, particularly in terms of formative assessment.
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13 February 2023: Giving Effective Feedback on Writing

How much and what kinds of feedback help students most, and what helps them least? And how much feedback is effective? How can we as tutors give adequate feedback on writing to enhance learning without burning out? This workshop looks at how to give effective personalised feedback that helps students to develop.
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14 February & 7 March 2023: Stimulating effective group dynamics in project groups: A two-part CPD series

In this series of two 2-hour workshops we will discuss how to empower groups to work independently and to stay on task, whilst retaining a clear overview on the process. You will also learn how to tackle difficult situations should they arise. This training session focuses specifically on facilitating effective group dynamics in project teams.
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14 February 2023 (online): Fostering Employability and Wellbeing in Students

Are you responsible for advising, mentoring or supervising individual students regarding their personal and academic development? If so, you know that this can be a rewarding but sometimes challenging role to fill. For example, do you always know the best place for you or your students to turn to for extra support in developing student employability, wellbeing and resilience skills? In this interactive workshop we will introduce you to UM Career Services & UM Psychologists and their services for students.
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2 March 2023: Grade Analysis workshop

As an examiner, what can student results tell you? Are the scores higher than expected, are more students failing than usual, is the distribution of results non-Gaussian, should certain patterns in the data instantly ring alarm bells or can we really read anything into this at all?

In this workshop, we will discuss real cases and go through numerous examples to give you an idea of what you can glean from such data and become better informed about the quality of assessment in your departments.

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The Maastricht University Teaching and Learning Centre EDLAB aims to create an optimal learning experience for students by advancing the field of teaching and learning for both students and staff.

EDLAB develops and organises university-wide projects and pilots, encourages experimentation and facilitates the sustainable implementation of new educational concepts.

We design and offer professional training courses for teaching staff and coordinate excellence programmes for students to enhance the student learning experience.

Located at the Tapijnkazerne (TAPX), EDLAB offers the UM community an inviting setting that stimulates co-creation and collaboration.

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