PREMIUM Workshop on Time Management

Learning to cope with stress is something that all education institutions should actively incorporate into their curriculums, this, however, is not the case. It was not until I signed up for the Stress Management workshop at Premium that I felt this huge aspect of student life was sufficiently addressed. Before this, stress was an ambiguous sentiment that my peers and I grouched about, but learning the adverse health effects and specific strategies to deal with stress was much needed.

The workshop I attended was led by Mona, her relaxed and confident nature put everyone at ease. She quickly made a personal connection with all the participants by remembering our names and having little chats with us.  The entirety of the 3 hours was well-structured and kicked off by breaking down what stress is. We then learned about the health risks that stress poses. Cortisol is a hormone I always found intriguing, and I learned why I seem to get sick right after exam season.

Beyond this, Mona gave us practical guidance on resilience and how developing our self-awareness is a key stage in good habits that aid us in stressful situations. Lastly, we discussed sources of energy, things that drain us and give us energy. By clearly identifying parts of our lifestyle that we depend on for recharging our energy and improving our well-being, it helps in make better decisions about what we commit our time and mental energy to.

It was so lovely to hear my peers share about their lives, habits, and experiences because we all could contribute something valuable to someone else. The workshop was incredible because it incorporated interactive activities and discussions that left me feeling grateful, empowered, and well-equipped to shift my perspective on stress and build better habits.

During a gratitude exercise, one of my peers shared something that stuck with me, she said, “I am grateful that if I find a song I like, I can listen to it for the rest of my life.” Approaching midway through the Premium journey, I am filled with gratitude that I get to be a part of this program and have access to so many opportunities that train me in both a personal and professional capacity.

Saloni Meghnani, PREMIUM Student, Master – Media Studies: Digital Cultures (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

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