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Consult the Competence Coach and Project Mentor handbooks, download the necessary documents for coaching, or contact Central Management.

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PREMIUM is an honours programme for excellent master’s students. This extracurricular programme provides an extra challenge for talented students and prepares them for the labour market, aiming to effectively bridge the gap between study and career.

PREMIUM students work on a project for an external client under the guidance of a project mentor and participate in master classes and workshops. Another important element of the programme is the competence coaching. All students work and reflect on the development of their competences with their competence coach.

On this website you will find the handbook for Project Mentors and Competence coaches, which provides you with useful information about the programme. You will also find more information about the PREMIUM training programme for coaches and mentors.

We wish you an inspiring PREMIUM experience!

Handbook & Documents

PREMIUM Handbook

Project Mentors & Competence Coaches

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Find everything you need to fulfil your role as PREMIUM Mentor or Coach.

Training Programme Coaches & Mentors

Every year, PREMIUM organizes a special training programme for Coaches and Mentors, aimed at providing everyone with the knowledge and tools required for PREMIUM.

We would like to point out that we highly appreciate everyone’s attendance at these events since it assures a high level of Project Mentorship and Compentence Coaching during the PREMIUM programme. Next to that, these events also bring Coaches and Mentors together to share thoughts and experiences.

We will award an official PREMIUM certificate to all Coaches and Mentors that have attended all parts of the programme (in case they have not received this certificate previously).

These trainings may count towards your CPD, depending on your personal development goals, in discussion with your supervisor or manager.

We believe that the mandatory components are necessary for all new Coaches and Mentors to create an effective and enjoyable PREMIUM experience for Coaches, Mentors and students. For experienced Coaches and Mentors there are no mandatory components to the training programme, but of course we hope to welcome you all at the sessions, since it will provide you with new insights and skills, especially now that working with remotely functioning teams is a new trend with new possibilities and challenges.

*In order to be eligible for the PREMIUM Coach/Mentor certificate, new Coaches and Mentors must have attended at least the Introductory Training Day, the training on Self-Steering Teams, the training on Resistance and two Intervision sessions.

Mandatory introductory meeting

As always, we organize an introductory meeting, prior to the PREMIUM Kick-Off Event (or Mix&Match as we call it), explain all this year’s Coaches and Mentors the exact role of a Coach, Mentor and client and best practices that you may use. We will also further explain the exact to-do’s, the structure of the programme and the content of the handbook.

We also usually highly recommend the attendance of all our Coaches and Mentors during the PREMIUM Kick-Off, to guide students and clients in the process of team formation, and to get to know everyone. Please keep an eye on your UM-email for more information.

When: Thursday, January 6th, 16:30-17:30 hrs.

Where: Online via Zoom (

An invitation via email will be sent to all Coaches and Mentors.

Mandatory introductory training day

All new Coaches and Mentors are requested to attend this day of training during which they will participate in a workshop on introduction to coaching techniques (for new Coaches) as well as a workshop on team dynamics (for new Coaches and new Mentors). New Mentors will receive a training on how to guide students during Project Based Working.

During these workshops, new Coaches and Mentors will be handed the tools they need to perform their tasks within PREMIUM.
Experienced Coaches and Mentors that like to refresh their knowledge are also welcome to attend. For Mentors for example, the Double Diamond method will be incorporated for the very first time.

When: Friday, January 7th, 09:30-16:30 hrs. (Online)

09.30-12.30 hrs: Introduction to coaching (Coaches)
09.30-12.30 hrs: Project Based Working & Double Diamond (Mentors)
12.30-13.30 hrs: Lunchbreak
13.30-16.30 hrs: Team dynamics (for Coaches and Mentors)

Please sign up for these sessions for NEW mentors and coaches.

Project Mentors:

Competence Coaches:

Non-Mandatory Advanced Training for Coaches and Mentors

We kindly invite all PREMIUM Coaches and Mentors to this training where the possibility will be offered to broaden and deepen your knowledge of Coaching or Mentoring.

For this session, we have requested Maris et Al, to give a workshop on a current topic, relevant at this stage of your PREMIUM experience.

Topic: “On the way to self-steering teams
How to lay the ground-rules in your team for effective team functioning, how to track the under-currents in your team, how to guarantee psychological safety and when/how is stepping in needed.

When: Monday 17.01.2022, 13:30-16:30 hrs (Online)

Please sign up for this session, via this link


Non-Mandatory Advanced Training for Coaches and Mentors

We kindly invite all PREMIUM Coaches and Mentors to this training where the possibility will be offered to broaden and deepen your knowledge of Coaching or Mentoring.

For this session, we have requested Barcavela, to give a workshop on a current topic, relevant at this stage of your PREMIUM experience.

Topic: “Dealing with resistance”

Resistance of participants towards learning/developing/opening up may trigger the group, the mentor and/or the coach.
It is particularly useful to recognize resistance and to have a repertoire of responses available, keeping a  positive effect on the final results and on the group dynamics in mind, and the personal growth of the students. We will explore where resistance comes from, how to recognize it and how to response to it.

When: Wednesday, 30.03.2022, 13:30-16:30 hrs (Location: Tapijn Building X)

Please sign up for this session, via this link

Non-Mandatory “PREMIUM Intervision Session”

We kindly invite all PREMIUM Coaches and Mentors to these sessions, which are aimed to exchange experiences, ask questions, discuss team issues and network.

Wednesday February 16th;
Monday April 11th;
Tuesday May 10th.


17.00-17.15 hrs: Welcome
17.15-19.15 hrs: Intervision techniques and session
19.15-19.45 hrs: Informal get-together

We will send you an Outlook invitation in due time.

Questions regarding coaching or mentoring?

As a competence coach or project mentor, you might sometimes be in need of some collegial advice. Are you not sure how to handle a certain issue in your PREMIUM team, suggestions on how to get that student to open up or tips on how to organize your team dynamics meeting.

For those questions, our certified trainers and coaches are more than willing to be your soundingboard and sparring partner. Feel free to contact them.

Susanne Maris

Coach, trainer and owner Maris et al

René Hartman

Trainer and Owner Innovatiewerkplaats

Adina Petre

Coach, trainer and owner MyInsights

Renée Speijcken

Educator, Coach, Senior Policy Advisor, Senior Project manager, Evaluator (MGSoG)

Why being a PREMIUM coach or mentor is awesome!

Besides of the compensation of hours and the appreciation of the students, being a PREMIUM competence coach or project mentor is awesome! Don’t just take our word for it. See what previous coaches and mentors thought of participating in PREMIUM.

Lijsbeth Bruens – Competence Coach

“I enjoyed most that the students dared to open up with me and trusted my coaching”

Dominique Waterval – Competence Coach

“The personal conversation which students appreciated and were used by them as a source of reflection”

Robert Ciuchita – Project Mentor

“I would be happy to take part in PREMIUM again as a mentor.”

Questions for PREMIUM Central Management?

Please feel free to contact PREMIUM

Are you interested in being a PREMIUM Competence coach or Project mentor?

For the coaches: please inform the central programme management for PREMIUM by using the contact button, if you are interested in becoming a coach (in the period January-June). Please also inform us about the number of students you are willing to coach.

For the mentors: please inform your faculty coordinator if you are interested in mentoring a PREMIUM project. And, if you would have a great idea for a PREMIUM project, this is of course also possible. Please contact your faculty coordinator to discuss your ideas.