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EDLAB aims to involve others at all levels: teachers, researchers, management, support staff, and last but not least students. The engagement of students and staff will be at the heart of all EDLAB initiatives.

Where to find us

Located at the Tapijn kazerne, EDLAB enables students, teachers, and companies to visit, meet and work in the heart of Maastricht. Besides innovating PBL, EDLAB will also host various elements of UM’s excellence programs at Tapijn.

EDLAB's Core Team

Jeroen Kooman

EDLAB Director


I studied Medicine at Maastricht University from 1984-1990. After my PhD and residency in Internal Medicine and Nephrology, I became a staff member at Maastricht University Medical Centre at 1998 and was appointed as professor in 2012. Next to my clinical work and research, I have been very interested in education from the start of my professional career and have served in many educational roles such as tutor, planning group member and mentor. Next to this, I was coordinator of the Bachelor program of Medicine from 2007-2013 and chair of the Educational Program Committee from 2016-2020. I am director of EDLAB since September 2020 and am very excited to work with a highly motivated team in a professional and innovative environment. It is my strong belief that EDLAB will flourish further and play a vital role as a center of expertise and innovation for staff and students of our academic community.

Walter Jansen

Coordinator Innovation


Walter Jansen (Maastricht, 1982) is coordinator education innovation at EDLAB. Within Maastricht University’s Problem-based learning (PBL) environment he designs, coordinates and assists in the implementation of university-wide innovation projects. EDLAB also aims to deliver internal and external educational consults in the field of PBL, active and student-centered education. In this capacity Walter has gained particular expertise in themes such as PBL & CCCS (collaborative, constructive, contextual and self-directed learning), international classroom, group work assessment, constructive alignment and research skills in PBL. He is particularly interested in the history, role and conceptualisation of Bildung in higher education. On a process level he is interested in improving ways to achieve sustainable implementation of innovation and develop strategies for institutional education innovation. Before coming to EDLAB in 2015, Walter gained substantial teaching experience in the European Studies BA-programme at the UM faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and worked at the UM India office in Bangalore.

Stella Wasenitz

Project Coordinator Innovation

After graduating from the interdisciplinary Liberal Arts programme at University College Maastricht, with a focus on political, philosophical and economical questions, education had become my centre point of interest. The power of education is at the heart of our societies, and progressive educational theory such as UM’s problem-based learning at the core of democratic practice in educational institutions. With my theoretical and pedagogical expertise from my MA in Philosophy and Education, PBL experience as a student and teacher, and the research of EDview and the project, my work at EDLAB is focussed on supporting staff and students with meaningful innovation at UM. I would love to hear your ideas!

Oscar van den Wijngaard

Project Manager Retention and Student Persistence


I studied history and philosophy in Leiden, and joined University College Maastricht in the Spring of 2003, shortly after it was founded. Previously I had worked as director for a study abroad program of an American liberal arts college, and as a free-lance editor for several publishing houses. At UCM I contributed to curriculum development, taught courses in the humanities as well as skills, and I was coordinator of its academic advising program. To me, the collaborative process of teaching and learning reflects the idea of scholarship as described by Ernest Boyer, in which the discovery and integration of new knowledge go hand in hand with application and teaching. In my current project I look at potential causes and solutions for student drop-out in the first year.

Donna Carroll

Educational Training Developer


I love learning new things in all avenues of my life. It helps me to see things from different perspectives, provides me with fresh ideas, and keeps me motivated to continually challenge myself. I’ve been lucky to have worked in a variety of roles at UK and Dutch universities in innovation, management, educational development and lecturing. I’m delighted that in my role at EDLAB I have the opportunity to provide others with stimulating opportunities for their own development as I’m responsible for the Continual Professional Development training activities for university teaching staff. Get in touch to talk to me further about our offering or your training needs!

Eveline Persoon

EDLAB Programming and Logistics Coordinator


Education has always been a major passion of mine and quickly resulted in a bachelor in education as a primary school teacher. Driven to know more about learning, cognition and development of the mind I decided to study psychology at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN) at Maastricht University. After graduating as a Master in Developmental Psychology, I applied for a teaching position at FPN that quickly resulted in the merging of my major interests: education and psychology. I have been part of the UM teaching community since 2016 and in my current position as Programming and Logistics Coordinator at EDLAB I am mainly involved in organizing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Educational Services’ activities for university teaching staff. Please get in touch in case of any questions or if you have suggestions for a workshop, training or other CPD activity.

Fabienne Crombach

Coordinator Excellence


With a background in hospitality and business administration, I see myself as a versatile, enthusiastic all-rounder with a no-nonsense mentality.
Due to a very versatile job history in diverse and international fields of business, I have gained a lot of practical and hands-on experience in running projects.
My goal is to create an inspirational environment for our excellence students, that is conducive to a high-quality learning experience. Coordinating these programmess combines my passions for organizing and being in close contact with talented students, staff, and companies. I highly enjoy the interaction with students and their drive to learn and excel. Their enthusiasm and motivation are contagious and something to be admired. You will find that I am a strategic planner with organization skills, practical good sense, passion for my work and a lot of creativity.

Dominique Tellier

Junior Coordinator Excellence


Hi, I’m Dominique, an enthusiastic and energetic young professional who is on the rise of her young professional career (at least, that’s what I like to think!). After having worked at the International Relations Office at SBE faculty for 5 years, I decided it was time for a new step in my career plan. Creating online content, organizing events and being in close contact with students is what I love to do most and gives me positive energy! Moreover, I’m always up for brainstorming and developing new ideas for creative (online) marketing campaigns. I have found a new challenge in the Junior Excellence Coordinator position at EDLAB and I cannot wait to embark on this new step in my career plan and meet all of you!

Marie-Lou Mestrini

Office Manager


I have been affiliated with the University as a managing assistant for more than 15 years. I am originally from the region, where I studied language (French, Spanish) and completed my secretarial training. Over the years I have lived in France, Belgium, Israel (becoming fluent in Hebrew). Before joining the University, I was an entrepreneur running a successful family restaurant. Over the past years, I have assisted the Management Board of FHS with all administrative, organization and operational matters especially the dean and director. Acting as a first point of contact for my managing team, as well as parties from both inside and outside this international organization, is what I enjoy most.
My goal at EDLAB is to support and facilitate others to enable them to do their job the best way possible

Rahel Koch

Student Assistant: News Editor / Digital Content Creator

I’m currently pursuing a Liberal Arts & Science degree at the University College of Maastricht with a special interest in the Medical Humanities as well as Science & Technology Studies. The position of the student assistant at EDLAB allows me to gain a more practical understanding of how digital technologies enable us to connect and share meaningful ideas. I’m here to make EDLAB’s work more visible, be it through creating digital posters for our events or publishing blog updates on our latest research findings.
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