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EDLAB aims to involve others at all levels: teachers, researchers, management, support staff, and last but not least students. The engagement of students and staff will be at the heart of all EDLAB initiatives.

Where to find us

Located at the Tapijn kazerne, EDLAB enables students, teachers, and companies to visit, meet and work in the heart of Maastricht. Besides innovating PBL, EDLAB will also host various elements of UM’s excellence programs at Tapijn.

EDLAB's Core Team

Harm Hospers

Vice Rector Education, EDLAB Director


I studied psychology at the University of Groningen and came to Maastricht University in 1985 to start working at the Department of Health Education of the Faculty of Health Sciences, where I became very passionate about education and teaching. Next, I was Director of Studies and Board member of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (1999-2008), Dean of University College Maastricht (2009-2014), and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences (2011-2014). In February 2015, I was appointed Vice Rector Education of Maastricht University. I hope and expect that EDLAB will soon be the buzzing center of education innovation, excellence education and educational services.
At EDLAB we aim to make innovation everybody's business

Walter Jansen

Innovation Coordinator


The last years have truly stirred up my passion for teaching and the internationalization of higher education. Besides my work experience at the UM campus in Brussels and the UM-office in India, I gained substantial teaching experience as a tutor in the European Studies Bachelor programme at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. I consider learning as a dynamic organism that constantly develops; not only within university but also later in life. The UM’s ground-breaking problem-based approach reflects my idea of learning, and I am determined to uphold its high-quality standards and facilitate further educational innovation at UM.

First and foremost, students need to become managers of insecurity

Valérie Drost

Innovation Coordinator


I have a background in health sciences and health- and social psychology. During my Master’s, a passion grew for implementation science research. My vision is to create a learning environment where students can study, acquire knowledge and develop their academic skills in the best possible way. I try to establish this through the implementation of innovative educational projects and by closely collaborating with experts of different disciplines and academic backgrounds.
The smallest change can make the biggest difference

Stella Wasenitz

Project Manager EDview


When I was still a student at UM, I studied global and local challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective. Economic, political, or development issues – everything linked back to the role of education. An education stays for a lifetime and is fundamental for human development on an individual and a societal level. UM offers high quality and innovative education, especially due to the use of problem-based learning. It’s about time to further improve this educational method to best prepare our students for the(ir) future. At EDLAB, I strive to put these ideals into practice, challenging myself and others to provide the best possible education for all actors at UM.
Who dares to teach, must never cease to learn.

Ellen Bastiaens

Coordinator Excellence


I have a background in educational technology and view myself as a driven and enthusiastic project manager. In this I try to balance between central policy and possibilities in the faculties for new initiatives. I try to bring people and their ideas together in a structured and organized manner. I’m flexible and up for a challenge, or two …

Oscar van den Wijngaard

Project Manager Retention and Student Persistence


I studied history and philosophy in Leiden, and joined University College Maastricht in the Spring of 2003, shortly after it was founded. Previously I had worked as director for a study abroad program of an American liberal arts college, and as a free-lance editor for several publishing houses. At UCM I contributed to curriculum development, taught courses in the humanities as well as skills, and I was coordinator of its academic advising program. To me, the collaborative process of teaching and learning reflects the idea of scholarship as described by Ernest Boyer, in which the discovery and integration of new knowledge go hand in hand with application and teaching. In my current project I look at potential causes and solutions for student drop-out in the first year.

Fabienne Crombach

Coordinator Excellence & Facility Manager


With a background in hospitality and business administration, I see myself as a versatile, enthusiastic all-rounder with a no-nonsense mentality.
Due to a very versatile job history in diverse and international fields of business, I have gained a lot of practical and hands-on experience in running projects.
My goal is to create an inspirational environment that is conducive to a high-quality learning and creating experience. You will find that I am a strategic planner with organization skills, practical good sense, passion for my work and a lot of creativity.

Ivanna Vinnicsuk

Junior Coordinator Excellence


Following my passion towards innovation, I have gone through a number of changes in my life. While being a master student in Media Culture at UM, I took part in PREMIUM Excellence programme and had an amazing learning experience that just deepened my willingness to continue working in the inspiring surrounding of young talents. Thus, after completing my Master’s, I continued my path by pursuing a job of a Community Manager in the startup world. I worked with various stakeholders and got a grasp of the innovation process from 0 to 1 in the startup ecosystem. I returned to EDLAB to contribute to excellence education with my ability to connect stakeholders, to facilitate the development of a learning community and to push innovation forward by giving new ideas a place to flourish.

Marie-Lou Mestrini

Office Manager


I have been affiliated with the University as a managing assistant for more than 15 years. I am originally from the region, where I studied language (French, Spanish) and completed my secretarial training. Over the years I have lived in France, Belgium, Israel (becoming fluent in Hebrew). Before joining the University, I was an entrepreneur running a successful family restaurant. Over the past years, I have assisted the Management Board of FHS with all administrative, organization and operational matters especially the dean and director. Acting as a first point of contact for my managing team, as well as parties from both inside and outside this international organization, is what I enjoy most.

My goal at EDLAB is to support and facilitate others to enable them to do their job the best way possible