EDLAB's Team working on Excellence

EDLAB has the benefit of a large and diverse core-team dedicated to a broad variety of core tasks, allowing for a spillover effect of knowledge between its different domains. The Excellence programmes however, are centrally coordinated by a team of two coordinators, supported by taskforces on a faculty level.

If you would like to contact any of our other team members, please visit our UM corporate website for more specific information concerning EDLAB and our activities other than excellence.

Fabienne Crombach

Senior Coordinator Excellence Education


With a background in hospitality and business administration, I see myself as a versatile, enthusiastic all-rounder with a no-nonsense mentality. Due to a very versatile job history in diverse and international fields of business, I have gained a lot of practical and hands-on experience in running projects.

My goal is to create an inspirational environment for our excellence students, that is conducive to a high-quality learning experience. Coordinating these programmes combines my passions for organising and being in close contact with talented students, staff, and companies. I highly enjoy the interaction with students and their drive to learn and excel. Their enthusiasm and motivation are contagious and something to be admired. You will find that I am a strategic planner with organisation skills, practical good sense, passion for my work and a lot of creativity.

Tatiana Topa

Coordinator Excellence Education

Working with students has always been a passion of mine, and their ambition to learn and develop has quickly become my motivation to support them in their educational journey. During my Master in European Law at Maastricht University, I took part in PREMIUM, a stimulating and enriching programme that definitely broadened my area of knowledge and interest, as well as my network. Wishing to share my experience and encourage motivated students to challenge themselves, I became an ambassador of the programme, thus improving my organisational skills and the ability to communicate with students.

Now, I am glad to have the opportunity to continue promoting excellence at Maastricht University and support high-performance students go the extra mile. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about PREMIUM or Honours +.