PREMIUM: looking back at the experience
The MaRBLe experience of: Thomas Devine

Deciding to experience the MaRBLe at University of Maastricht was one of the greatest life experiences that I have obtained in many perspectives. To put my conclusion in advance, it was more like a dream come true. First of all, MaRBLe has helped me enormously to advance my writing and research skills. I believed that throughout my bachelor’s degree, the skills that I had been developing were sufficient but only after experiencing MaRBLe I have realized that there was a substantial difference in my writing and research skills. Though I have to admit that it was not an easy challenge for me. I had to constantly do research and on the other hand be able to study for two other courses. On top of that, not living in Maastricht was one of the greatest denominators of my exhaustion. Nevertheless, when I have concluded my project and looked back at my experiences and lessons that I have got, I can easily say that I undertake to do the MaRBLe no matter what.

Having described you my personal perspective on MaRBLe, allow me to tell you why you should do MaRBLe too. First of all, if you really want to improve your research skills and starting to get involved with academia, the MaRBLe project is a no brainer. Secondly, MaRBLe project will enable you to create and develop new relationships with various academia from other countries’ universities. I can promise you in advance that it will be challenging and intense but you will see the growth in your academic skills, which, at the end, I guess is what matters the most.

Also I cannot forget, very much thanks to UM, me and my collegues have been awarded a sum of money as a scholarship for our MaRBLe project. Me, my collegues and my supervisor had to go to London for my supervisor’s to see my supervisor’s and its collegues upcoming project in the second SoLaR workshop. There, we have experienced a conference in Kings College London where I got to meet various academics and experts in their fields. I even got the chance to see and ask a question to Sir Francis Jacobs, a former Advocate General of Court of Justice of the European Union.

Moreover, as this event took place in London, it was a dream come true for me because London, used to be one of my dream cities to visit. I always had a plan to visit but did not get the time and the chance to execute. I do believe that if it would not be for the scholarship that we had been granted from UM, I believe that I still would not be able to travel to London prior finishing my bachelor’s degree. For making my dream come true, I cannot be thankful enough for that scholarship. It has covered all our expenses that we had throughout the time we had spent in London.

Once again, I strongly encourage you, as a prospective MaRBLe student to take this initiative and let this project leave a mark in your student life. I assure you, despite anything, you will be thankful for your experiences that you will gain and you will most likely have a great story to tell about -if applicable- your first academic experience.

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