Psychologists play chess with behavior

„Psychologists play chess with behavior“ Quote by Workshop Trainer Susanne Maris Wow, what an interesting way of looking at what psychologists do. At first glance, this quote may make psychologists […]

An insight into the Competence Coaching Process

Alongside the project-related activities, the PREMIUM experience includes a highly valuable component that I was absolutely thrilled about: the Competence Coaching Process. Based on a Personal Development Plan (PDP), three […]

An honest opinion

Contrarily to others, I am not going to write about a specific event of the program. I prefer to tell you about something that is part of PREMIUM but not […]

10 years of PREMIUM – A decade of Excellence

In honor of 10 years of premium, we look back on what a decade of PREMIUM has meant for our alumni, coaches, mentors, clients and trainers.  Interview with Loubelle Butalid, […]