Honours+ Challenges

We proudly present this year’s selection of Honours+ Challenges!

In Honours+ 2023-2024, we have a variety of multiple exciting challenges to offer!

In Honours+, you’ll work throughout the course of 6 months on a group challenge with a multidisciplinary team, under the guidance of a Supervisor. The challenges you will be working on are based upon and linked to the Dutch National Research Agenda, and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The definitive research question that your team will be working on depends on the team’s interpretation of the challenge and your plan for tackling it. Honours+ Challenges may imply doing either applied research or theoretical research.

With a theoretical research focus, your aim with the Challenge is to contribute to the advancement in scientific knowledge for the complete understanding of a topic or certain phenomenon. It is completely theoretical, and focuses on basic principles and testing theories. These Challenges are aligned towards collecting information that has universal applicability. Therefore, it aims to adding new knowledge to the already existing knowledge.

With an applied research focus, your Challenge is directed towards providing a solution to specific problems or an attempt to solve these problems. The research is not done for its own sake, but with the specific aim of solving the problem. It is research that can be applied to real-life situations. It studies a particular set of circumstances, so as to relate the results to its corresponding circumstances.

Please let us know your preferences.

Check your student email for an invitation to browse all the Challenges. We invite you to inform us about your Challenge preferences. Your student team will be formed, based on these preferences, keeping an eye on the multidisciplinary character of the team.