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The Educational Stance: Changing Sitting Habits

Last week the VU Amsterdam announced it had opened an innovative installation in their university building to encourage students and employees to stand more. More people are becoming aware of the disastrous effects our daily sitting habits are having on our health and wellbeing. Standing is a great alternative for a more dynamic lifestyle. This was also recognised by architects RAAAF and artist Barbara Visser, who designed the VU’s futuristic installation as part of their ‘the End of Sitting’ project.

A more active position affects our body and brain in positive ways, not only making you more healthy but also making you work more actively. Less sitting affects your metabolism and moving around more can offer inspiring insights that can make your think in new ways. No wonder universities are so invested in making you stand up.

Just like health organisations, academic institutions are now promoting a more standing life. So just like the VU we at EDLAB have been making Maastricht University more dynamic and healthy with Education That Moves You. By introducing standing tutorials throughout the university, classes are becoming more active and dynamic. This benefits discussions in the best way possible, which is especially useful in UM’s problem-based-learning environment.

Take a stance too and enjoy a more active educational experience!

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