Education That Moves You

Education That Moves You aims to turn the classroom into a more dynamic space to improve the learning experiences of students during tutorials. At EDLAB we are interested to see how standing could be beneficial in creating a more active environment where discussions become more lively and inspiring. Although attention has been drawn to the health risks of sitting for years, the influence on learning should be explored more. In collaboration with a Taskforce Learning Space and Professor Evolving Academic Education Hans Savelberg we are measuring the effectiveness of innovative furniture and experimental whiteboards. We are also building an advisory board of tutors focusing on this project. So far we have implemented ten standing tutorials a week at University College Maastricht and the Maastricht Science Programme.

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You see that the discussion remains lively. Students feel free to come up to the whiteboard to make notes.

The local news portal L1 discusses Education That Moves You in an episode of the series 'Avondgasten'

Less fatigue, tension, confusion, and depression, and more vigor, energy, focus and happiness

Got a meeting.. Take a walk! By getting out of your box, you will start thinking out of the box.


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