PREMIUM Ambassadors

Hi and welcome to our page! We are the PREMIUM ambassadors: alumni PREMIUM students dedicated to help you figure out everything PREMIUM has to offer! Having been PREMIUM students ourselves last year, we know exactly what PREMIUM entails and what questions you might be struggling with. We would like to share our experiences with you, get you as excited about the programme as we are, and encourage you to apply to become a PREMIUM student yourself.

Information Sessions

Join the Ambassadors for interactive information sessions about PREMIUM!

On several dates in November, the PREMIUM Ambassador team will host interactive information sessions to inform you about what it means to be a PREMIUM student.

As our ambassadors speak from personal experience, attending these sessions gives you an exclusive sneak peek of what it’s like to be a PREMIUM student.

There will also be plenty of time to ask any questions you might have with regards to PREMIUM.


Meet the PREMIUM Ambassadors

Fleur van Groenendael

PREMIUM Ambassador, Online Promo Coordinator

Project: Eromesmarko & UM Library

Hi guys! I am Fleur van Groenendael, 22 years old, and from the Netherlands. I am following a double track IB master with the specialisations Supply Chain Management and Information Management & Business Intelligence. I wanted to learn more about myself, to challenge myself during my masters, and to gain some experience, and that is why I decided to apply to PREMIUM. I have enjoyed every part of my PREMIUM journey and I can’t wait to share more about this lovely programme with you!

Angelica Dumaya

PREMIUM Ambassador, Internal Contact Person

Project: ITEM

Hi! My name is Angelica. My family is from the Philippines, but I’ve grown up mostly in the Netherlands. In addition to my LLM in Globalisation and Law, I thought pursuing the PREMIUM programme would be a great way for me to gain experience working with clients. But I realized that the PREMIUM programme has so much more to offer than just that, so I truly hope you consider applying!

Karolina Eschen

PREMIUM Ambassador, Social Media Coordinator

Project: Atos

Hey there! I’m Karolina, a 23-year-old from Germany. I pursued my Bachelor’s in Psychology at UM and continued with a Master’s in Work and Organisational Psychology. Joining PREMIUM was the best decision I made! PREMIUM offered me the chance to collaborate with a diverse interdisciplinary team on a complex project, while also ensuring we had enjoyable activities that contributed to my personal growth. Now, I’m very excited to share all the incredible moments and insights with you on Instagram and Facebook.

Linh Lam

PREMIUM Ambassador, Secretary

Project: Marres

Hello, my name is Linh and I’m from The Netherlands. When I applied for PREMIUM, I was studying Mental Health at FPN. I also have a BSc in Psychology and a MSc in Neuropsychology. The PREMIUM programme was challenging in a fun way and I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

Jenna van Roovert

PREMIUM Ambassador, Lecture Talks Coordinator

Project: ITEM

Hi! My name is Jenna van Roovert. I am 26 years old, and I am from the Netherlands. I have a bachelor’s in biomedical sciences and medicine. I love travelling and go to a different city in North America every summer to work at an international summer camp! While following the master Biomedical Sciences, I knew I wasn’t happy with the direction that I was going in. PREMIUM gave me the perfect opportunity to talk to students in different master programs, while also letting me try out new career paths. I have found the path I want to take in my career and will start the master in Global Health in the current academic year.

Irene Oeo Morin

PREMIUM Ambassador, Offline Promotion Coordinator

Project: MUMC+

Hi! My name is Irene, and I am from Spain. I will soon finish my master’s in Neuropsychology at FPN. I also have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and another master’s in mental health psychology. I came to the Netherlands to challenge myself and build my future here. The PREMIUM experience was something I really enjoyed; I discover a lot about my abilities and capacities. One thing about myself is that I love live music and spending time in nature.

On our PREMIUM experience:


“Me and my team have conducted research for the Inner City Library of UM. The goal was to gather the student opinion about the ideal library of 2030 so that the library team, together with furniture company Eromesmarko, can incorporate these opinions during the remodeling of the ICL in 2030. It has been a wonderful experience to give something back to the university where I have been studying and to help the future students of UM. My team consisted of people with very different backgrounds and personalities, which made the teamwork challenging at times. However, that really provided us with the opportunity to learn from each other and to grow as individuals.”


“I didn’t have a lot of work experience, so I decided to apply for PREMIUM and it was such an amazing experience! It was my first time working in an interdisciplinary team. We learned about each other’s strengths and were able to support each other during the challenging periods. We worked on a project for Marres, a contemporary art institute. For this project, we wanted to gain insight in how professionals use their senses in their field of expertise. We interviewed eight professionals, analyzed the interviews, and even created a microsite! While we were working on this project, I learned a lot about my own strengths and gained more self-confidence along the way.”


“My team and I worked on a project for ITEM. We wrote an impact assessment on international public transportation. This is very different from what I am used to doing, and that is exactly why I liked it! It gave me the opportunity to try completely different things and learn from my peers from different disciplines. We got a lot of good opportunities, like attending a symposium with different stakeholder, conducting interviews with important people (for example, from the Dutch government), and connecting with PhD students from Germany. Even after PREMIUM has ended, ITEM keeps in touch and provides us with many opportunities, such as publishing our work and attending an event in Brussels.”


“Participating in the PREMIUM programme was an amazing opportunity for me. Not only was I able to learn from other students coming from different academic backgrounds, but I was also able to learn how to work with clients and take advantage of the many workshops that PREMIUM provides. The PREMIUM programme really creates a supportive environment where you can grow along with other like-minded people and can lean on your mentor and coach when you need help with your project. One other aspect that I enjoyed was the coaching aspect. My coach helped me figure out ways to improve and gave me great advice to help me reach my PREMIUM goals.”


“During PREMIUM, my team worked in collaboration with the hospital of Maastricht. We collaborated with the lung department to think and study the feasibility of implementing a monitoring app for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. We conducted interviews with patients and maintained weekly contact with the hospital. I loved the way we worked together, and in the end, both the client and we were very happy with the final outcome. It was such an interdisciplinary experience, wherein we could learn a lot about other disciplines.”


“As a member of the Atos team, our mission was to explore the potential of the metaverse in the aviation industry. After extensive research, we focused on enhancing the training of air traffic controllers using metaverse technologies. Our journey took us through numerous interviews with aviation and development experts, and we even had the privilege of visiting the Eurocontrol headquarters in Brussels and the Maastricht Upper Area control centre. The most rewarding moment was during our final presentation when we successfully convinced Atos to invest further in our project. Working on this project provided me with invaluable experiences. It exposed me to a professional work environment, improved my communication skills, boosted my confidence in a business setting, and expanded my professional network. Moreover, the festive events hosted by PREMIUM allowed us not only to present our findings but also to learn from and celebrate the accomplishments of other teams – an aspect I truly enjoyed.”

The Workshops

PREMIUM includes a series of insightful and practical workshops and masterclasses. The workshops and masterclasses are hosted by experts from the field and by participating in them you will gain very useful skills that will not only benefit you during PREMIUM, but will also give you an advantage in your future career. There is always a lot of room for questions, ensuring you really get the most out of the workshops and masterclasses!


“Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the workshops. Every workshop was a moment to reflect on my academic as well as my personal life. All the workshops thought me at least one, most of the time more, things that I have adapted into my life and that I am currently still using. The workshops where I learned less where great moments to appreciate and reflect on the skills and knowledge that I already possess.”


“I always looked forward to attending the workshops! Besides learning and practicing new skills, the workshops were also a great place to talk with other PREMIUM students. I enjoyed hearing about their studies, their projects, and some of their favorite workshops. The snacks they provided at the workshops were also delicious.”


“I loved following the PREMIUM workshops, as it gave me the opportunity to grow in my professional development, while also meeting lots of new people and making new friends!”


“I really liked the variety of workshops that were provided. If I had the time, I would have wanted to go to all of them because they seem so interesting and useful. At each workshop I either learned new skills or was able to reflect and improve upon the ones I already had. The workshops are also well organized, the speakers chosen were engaging and food was always provided.”


“I really enjoyed the opportunity PREMIUM gave us to attend to diverse workshops. This is an excellent opportunity that allows reflecting not only on the PREMIUM project itself but also on your general academic career and personal development. The workshops also helped me discover where I want to direct myself professionally and how to manage my abilities and improve relevant skills.”


“The PREMIUM workshops were a truly enriching experience, offering a diverse range of topics and presenters that were well-thought-out and engaging. These sessions not only enhanced my academic and personal skills but also provided valuable opportunities to connect with fellow PREMIUM students.”

Competence Coaching

As part of the PREMIUM programme, each project team gets its own coach with whom they will have several individual sessions to discuss their personal progress. Additionally, several group session aim not only at personal progress, but also at the progress the team has made so far. Coaching gives the team an opportunity to discuss any problems encountered. PREMIUM optimizes the way in which you visualize your personal progress.


“Me and my coach got along very well, and therefore our conversations have been very insightful. We found out that we have pretty similar personalities, so it was helpful to talk with him about his experiences and challenges with interdisciplinary teamwork.”


“Coaching was personalized, based on what you wanted to work on. Part of the reason I applied for PREMIUM was so that I would get outside my comfort zone. I am quite introverted by nature and was worried about working in a team. The coach and my team helped me realize that it is alright to be myself and that I can be proud of my own strengths.”


“The coaching during PREMIUM really exceeded my expectations. I really felt that my coach was there for me and helped me develop learning goals that really helped in both my professional as my personal development.”


“For me, coaching was the most unique part of my PREMIUM experience. I was able to talk comfortably with my coach on the problems I encountered in reaching my goals. My coach seemed genuinely interested and invested in helping me work on my skills and I still use some of the advice she gave me today.”


“My coach was exceptional. I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity; not only did she empower me, but she also helped me build a valuable academic network. With her, I talked about some of my insecurities in the academic world and how to gain confidence and plan my professional pathway.”


“My coaching experience at PREMIUM was truly invaluable. Having my own coach meant having personalized support and guidance throughout the programme. The individual sessions allowed me to discuss my personal progress, while the group sessions focused on both personal and team development.”

The Commitment

PREMIUM is an intensive extracurricular programme, requiring a serious commitment and superb time management skills from all participants. To get an idea of just how busy the week of a PREMIUM student might be, take a look at our “week in the life of a PREMIUM student” below!


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