EDLAB for UM Students

EDLAB aims to promote the quality of education through various communities of practice and by bringing together students and staff from all faculties to discuss and address trends and issues regarding education at Maastricht University. We have developed the EDLAB Student Advisory Board (ESAB) to represent the student voice and host a range of Student-Meet sessions throughout the year.

Besides this, Maastricht University has developed a range of excellence programmes for ambitious, motivated, high-performing students. At EDLAB we further develop, implement, and centrally coordinate these programmes. More specifically, we aim to facilitate a challenging, (interdisciplinary) learning environment in which students of demonstrated quality are offered extracurricular opportunities. Accordingly, they are provided with a chance to develop their talents, increase their knowledge, strengthen their resume, and prepare for the job market.

We’re always looking to improve our support for the UM community. If you have ideas that you would like to share with us or would like to get involved with our work at EDLAB, check out the information below or get in touch via the form below.

MaRBLe Honours Programme

MaRBLe brings multidisciplinary scientific research to talented and motivated 3rd year bachelor students.

PREMIUM Honours Programme

PREMIUM is Maastricht University’s Honours programme for high-performingmotivated master’s students.

HONOURS+ Honours Programme

Honours+ is part of the faculty Honours programmes for 2nd year bachelor students.

EDLAB Student Advisory Board (ESAB)

Student Advisory Board

ESAB gives input on EDLAB projects and reflects on developments in the educational landscape.

Student-Meet Sessions

The Student-Meet sessions are events to support you in your time at UM and make connections outside your faculty.

Innovation Projects

You want to read more about EDLAB’s projects? Check out our project page and find toolkits for better in-class feedback or how to improve your study skills.

Stay in touch - or share your innovative ideas with EDLAB!

At EDLAB, we would love to hear about your creative ideas for the improvement of UM education. We aim to work with and for everyone involved with UM education and always love to hear how we can be of best service to you. Do you feel like students are lacking a skill that the university does not pay enough attention to? You have an idea for a new project or Student-Meet? Tell us what’s on your mind!