How standing could beat exercise
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Although we might not realize it we usually sit for more than 8 hours a day. Increasingly light in being shed on the consequences of this habit, showing that long sitting hours come with serious health risks. As a response, standing desks are starting to be incorporated into work and education environments. New research has shown that standing workstations do not only decrease health risks but also positively affect your emotional well-being.

Prolonged sedentary time has long been associated with lowered mood and signs of depression. Much of this has to do with the restrictions a sitting task has, not offering the variety of positions needed for a comfortable lifestyle. New research from Queensland University has highlighted that standing more during work hours positively affects one’s psychological well-being.

Standing workstations can be used to accomplish a more active and dynamic environment that is not only good for you physical health but will also make you more happy and active. This could positively affect the quality of the work you are doing. At EDLAB our Education That Moves You project aims to bring these benefits to our students and staff, encouraging standing tutorials throughout Maastricht Univesity. Learn more about Education That Moves You here.

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