Programme Level

When it comes to the entire educational programme, the principles of alignment are essentially the same as for those on course level, but the vocabulary changes to: final qualifications (FQs) or programme ILOs, curriculum of educational activities and assessment programme (also often called assessment plan) as illustrated on the right.


Next to the adaptation of the concepts used, the alignment project at programme level is a much more complex one because of the need to ensure coherence and progressive build-up of the envisioned competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) from the start of programme to the stage of graduation (completion of the final work). In other words, next to the adaptation of the composing units (course level) constructive alignment needs to take place also for the entire whole (programme level).


When you are responsible for programme design, take the longitudinal development of ILOs should be taken into account. There is more complexity and development possible with ILOs that are addressed in multiple courses. Similarly, a test can assess multiple ILOs. The figure below shows the effect of the longitudinal integration of ILOs/teaching and learning activities (TLAs)/ Assessment in a curriculum.