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Our Sitting Habits in Numbers: The Dutch Sit Too Much

At EDLAB we have been paying attention to the consequences of your sitting behaviour a lot with our Education That Moves You project. Now the RIVM -National Institute for Public Health and the Environment – had mapped out the facts on Dutch sitting habits.

As it turns out, the Dutch spend on average 8,7 hours a day sitting. Youth between 12 and 20 years old top the list, with an average daily sitting time of 10,4 hours. These hours add up during work, studying, traveling and free time. These high amount of hours are a danger to our health and keep us from making our lives more dynamic.

News-outlet NOS spoke to VUmc-researcher Mai Chin A Paw about these results:

The most important thing is that you stand up every once in a while, to avoid that your body goes into its rest position. So, take the stairs instead of the elevator, put the printer and bin further away from your chair.

 Find out more about the RIVM’s research and the tips of the NOS here and here.

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