Create a welcoming space, develop sustainable neighborhoods and relationship-building, with specific attention for involving youth activism with a focus on climate action.

The Project

The Project


Have you always wanted to leave your footprint in a most positive way? Are you a supporter of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Do you dream of contributing to the promotion of the SDGs and make a splendid start of your professional career? Do you wish to work together with (young) people at both sides of the ocean? If so, you have found a perfect chance to do what you were looking for.

The COMMEET Fellowship is a young organisation promoting the UN SDGs. The Fellowship consists of some 50 experts (in various fields) from across the world. The SDGs can only be achieved if they are taken up at the grassroot level, and not just promoted by governments and international organisations. People in the communities themselves are essential to realise the SDGs.
For a successful campaign towards this Community Empowerment COMMEET needs to learn how it can facilitate groups of (young) people that want to work together with people from other countries, in this case the USA. This is your chance to provide us with an example of how we can achieve a successful co-operation with like-minded people in the USA.

To strengthen our international co-operation we need your help!

To boost our global network and communicate our goals and strategy, COMMEET has developed a project proposal Incoming Stories (On the power of climate storytelling) together with Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network (GPSEN) in Oregon, USA. The project’s objectives are to create a welcoming space, develop sustainable neighbourhoods and relationship-building, with specific attention for involving youth activism with a focus on climate action. The method we want to test is storytelling in the regions of Greater Portland and South Limburg.

As outcomes we envisage a practical working plan co-created by students from both Greater Portland and South Limburg, a third space for testing the working plan, and the documentation of these outcomes in the COMMEET Experience Centre.

COMMEET needs answers to questions like:

  • how can we reach out effectively to young people in both South Limburg and Portland?
  • what sort of tools should we apply for this to be successful (platforms, apps, etc.)?
  • how can COMMEET convince potential youth groups to cooperate?


In this project, the focus is on “creating something new”

The Client

The Client

The COMMEET Fellowship is an international organisation, established to support and promote the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. COMMEET’s mission is to do so by empowering local communities to take the responsibility for their future into their own hands: Community Empowerment. This can be enhanced by enabling communities to start projects and improvement activities to achieve one or more SDGs. To this aim COMMEET develops Toolkits, to enable communities to tackle issues they may be facing by themselves. Moreover, COMMEET provides databases with Good Practices that can inspire and invite to learn from. Finally, COMMEET can also help find coaches to guide local processes, and find financial assistance.

Co-Creator Client

This client might join the team for brainstorm session, meetings and preparatory sessions. The co-creator client is more actively involved in/during the project execution.