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Honours+ is centrally coordinated by the Honours+ Central Management Team.
Additionally, each faculty is represented by a faculty Coordinator. Contact the Central Management Team for questions about deadlines, workshops, events, and other programme information. Contact your faculty’s Coordinator for more general questions about participating or if you would like to propose an assignment or be a Supervisor.

Honours+ Central Management Team


Fabienne Crombach


Junior Coordinator

Ivanna Vinnicsuk



Marie-Lou Mestrini


Honours+ Faculty Coordinators

Coordinator LAW

Nicole Kornet

+31 433884811

Coordinator SBE

Stefan Straetmans


Coordinator FPN

Michael Capalbo


Coordinator FASoS

Nico Randeraad


Coordinator FHS-DKE

Ellen Narinx


Coordinator FHS-DKE

Rico Möckel