EDLAB & External Parties

EDLAB is the Maastricht University institute for education innovation and promotes an optimal learning experience for students of Maastricht University, by advancing the field of teaching and learning for both students and staff.
Because of its central position at UM, EDLAB can serve the UM community of learners and educators by fostering a culture of exchange and collaboration between educators, students, faculties and other (external) stakeholders. To this end we initiate and coordinate events and projects on educational development. EDLAB furthermore offers a physical meeting place and facilitates co-creation and collaboration in education innovation.

Being an institute that evolves around building bridges and being a hub for knowledge on education, we aim to include external parties and stakeholders as well. Whether that is teaching staff from other educational institutes, organizations that offer projects to the EDLAB honours students, external training companies, or invest in a community of practices with other “EDLABs” in the Euregion.

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