EDLAB's Excellence for (Teaching) Staff

Within EDLAB’s Excellence programmes, our UM teaching and support staff plays a crucial role. It is only thanks to the energy, dedication and passion for working with our students, that we are able to continuously offer a high-quality learning experience to our students.

Therefore, the EDLAB community of honours or excellence staff is one that we cherish, but also one that we continuously want to expand. There are many ways in which you can work with our students, on both a Bachelor and Master level, pending on your own availability, expertise and interests.

We are looking for scientific or teaching staff for a large variety of roles, but also support staff is most welcome, to for example guide our students as coaches on their path of personal development.
We will offer you a compensation of hours, and free trainings on current and relevant topics that come into play when working with our students.

Take a look at our diverse programmes and offerings and hopefully we may welcome you soon as a new member of our community.