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Selection and Registration

I obtained a Bachelor degree in a (non-EU) country where a different schooling and grading system is used. My transcripts are not directly comparable to EU credits. What can I send instead?

This is no problem at all. A lot of UM master’s students are international. We need an official certified copy of your BA transcript (just like we would if you had a Dutch diploma) with an explanation of the transcript and the grading system used in your country. You can use this transcript and the information on the grading system, together with your CV and motivation letter. If you are already in the final stage of your master’s, you may use the grades you have obtained so far (see next question).

I am in the final stage of my Master studies and wonder whether I could apply with the grade transcript of my Master studies.

Yes, you can apply with the grade transcript of your Master studies.

How many intakes for PREMIUM are there annually?

One per academic year. PREMIUM is quite literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t let it pass you by!

I am afraid of the PREMIUM workload. Do you think it is really possible to participate besides the normal curriculum?

We are glad you are carefully considering whether you have enough time to apply for PREMIUM, as participating is a serious commitment. It is true that the programme requires extra investment of the participants. However, the programme has been specifically designed to be combined with the regular master’s curriculum. Students in previous years of PREMIUM have proven this sufficiently. If you’re still not sure, please ask the PREMIUM ambassadors how they experienced combining PREMIUM with their normal curriculum.

I am a student of a two-year Research Master. Would it make more sense for me to apply now, during my first year, or wait one more year and try to be enrolled next year?

That depends on your own schedule. It is important to make sure PREMIUM will not delay your study in any case. Similarly, it is important to make sure you don’t let down your teammates. It all comes down to your own preference, but in practice you can do it in either year.

Is it possible to delay my UM master’s graduation to participate in PREMIUM?

No, participating in PREMIUM is not a valid reason for delaying your graduation. Additionally, UM would require you to pay tuition for the extra amount of time you are enrolled in your master’s programme. Therefore it is not wise to postpone graduating for PREMIUM. That being said, you may apply for PREMIUM if you have extra time due to your graduating being postponed by some other reason. After your graduation you can stay registered until 31 August to wrap up PREMIUM or other educational activities.

I am planning to go abroad for studies towards the end of the PREMIUM assignment. Would it be possible for me to miss the last week?

In order for you to complete all mandatory programme elements of PREMIUM and obtain your official certificate, you must attend all PREMIUM central events.
One of these events is the Closing Event. Only if you cannot attend a mandatory central event or otherwise fulfil your attendance requirement due to a legitimate, serious reason, can we allow a student to substitute for their absence.
Also, PREMIUM includes a very important groupwork assignment.
We expect every selected to student to be a reliable team player and available for all programme elements. Being away during the last week may only be possible in good consideration with the rest of your team, mentor, client, coach and PREMIUM Central Management Team.

I am doing an internship outside of Maastricht but I still would like to join PREMIUM. Are there a lot of contact hours? Can I still join PREMIUM?

While it is possible, we advise against it if you are going to be away from Maastricht for the most part of the week. Scheduling meetings with your team, mentor, coach, and client if you are not in Maastricht most of the time will require tremendous flexibility from all parties involved, thus complicating things.
However, if you are able to divide your time flexibly yourself, you might be able to combine your internship and PREMIUM.
Please take note that PREMIUM is a serious commitment and that we expect all selected students to be realiable team players.
Additionally, in order for you to succesfully complete PREMIUM you have to attend mandatory workshops and central events. While workshops are offered regularly at varying times and dates, the central events are not. You must be able to schedule your time around these mandatory programme elements as well.

I am a student in medicine and have to do my internships (co-schappen) in the hospital. Therefore, I am not too flexible in my time. Can I still participate in PREMIUM?

It is possible to participate in PREMIUM in addition to your medical internships. The scheduling of the meetings with your coach, the client and your colleague students is based on your own schedule. The only elements in the programme that will be fixed on a specific date are the the workshops and the activities offered by career services. All workshops and masterclasses are scheduled regularly and at varying dates and times. This will give students enough possibilities to match it with their own schedule. For more detailed information, please contact the FHML coordinator of PREMIUM.

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