PREMIUM Finishers website

On this page we celebrate the achievements of our PREMIUM students 2022-2023

Dear PREMIUM students,

Congratulations on the completion of your PREMIUM projects and journeys, and thank you all for another great year of PREMIUM. It was a year in which we were very happy to be able to meet our students back on campus, a year that allowed for new and genuine connections, but also a year that required from each of us to find again some balance in life and the possibilities that all of a sudden are available again.

We want to thank you and applaud you for your flexibility, self management skills and creative problem solving. We hope all the valuable lessons you learned, the useful knowledge you gained, and all the skills you (further) developed, serve you well in all your future endeavors.

Kind regards,
PREMIUM Central Management Team

Honorable mentions

During the PREMIUM programme, students are required to attend a minimum of 6 workshops, aimed to further enhance their professional skill-set. However, we encourage students to attend more workshops if they want to go the famous “extra mile”.

Congratulations to the students that took a chance and decided to go the “extra mile” fully by participating in the most workshops and thus becoming our brightest cookies.

On the podium, the big winners of this year: Elina Savga (FHML) and Spriha Joshi (FSE)

Well done, for choosing to fully commit to enhancing your set of skills and developing new ones!

PREMIUM team successes

The PREMIUM programme is yearly concluded with an official closing meeting between students and clients, during which each team presents their project outcomes to their client. Next to that, we celebrate the closing of the programme with a festive Closing event, aimed at community building, celebrating team successes and festively bringing PREMIUM to a close. By means of this page, we want to further highlight our students’ achievements.

Below, you can find an overview of each team’s outcome by means of a poster they had to present to the PREMIUM community during the Closing Event.

The 2022-2023 PREMIUM project teams


Project Aim: Define guidelines of regenerative sustainability that guarantee regenerating relationships that allow for socioeconomic and ecological systems to continuously evolve.

Team Arcadis

  • Stephanie Kandathiparambil (FASoS), Media Studies, Digital Cultures
  • Alexandros Apostolou (SBE), Sustainability Science, Policy and Society
  • Nikola Szirota (FASoS), Cultures of Science, Technology and Arts
  • Erik Meyer (FHML), Biomedical Sciences
  • Eda Gözel (LAW), Forensics, Criminology and Law



Project Aim: Research the opportunities of applied AI and other Megatrends in an industry cloud for the aviation sector for this global leader in digital transformation.

Team Atos

  • Rebecca Savona (FPN), Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Daniel Röder (FSE), Artificial Intelligence
  • Karolina Eschen (FPN), Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Nada Naguib Mostafa (FASoS), Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Nico Heidkrüger (SBE), International Business – Strategy & Innovation



Investigate the implications of shifting to Software as a Service (SAAS) for a company focused on the role of a value-added reseller (VAR).


  • Vlada Druta (LAW), Forensics, Criminology and Law
  • Jakub Bialowas (SBE), Financial Economics
  • Mojdeh Venus (SBE), Strategic Marketing
  • Nicole Schanzmeyer (FASoS), Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Nitya Nair (FASoS), Media Studies: Digital Cultures



Project Aim: Investigate what are the challenges for IT companies in terms of recruiting and retaining talent, dealing with the influences of digitalization and demographics.


  • Monique Kragenings (LAW), International and European Tax Law
  • Thao Thi Pham (SBE), Business Intelligence and Smart Service
  • Spriha Joshi (FSE), Data Science for Decision Making
  • Louis Beete (FPN), Work and Organisational Psychology
  • Hannariin Lamp (FASoS), Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Nico Schwarz (FASoS), European Studies on Society, Science and Technology





  • Winona Kamphausen (FASoS), Research Master European Studies
  • Andi Demo (FASoS), European Studies
  • Shagun Thakur (FPN), Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Fergus Efe O’Donoghue (SBE), Sustainability Science, Policy and Society
  • Sarah Hafez (FHML), Medicine



Project Aim: Help this fellowship dedicated to SDG’s to set up a global networking policy to further support and empower local communities.

Davinci Consulting

Project Aim: Help this consultancy firm to solve the accessibility of the housing market in the Netherlands.

Team Davinci Consulting

  • Christian Das (SBE), International Business: Entrepreneurship & Business Development
  • Wai Keung Liu (FHML), Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management
  • Chung Do (SBE), Business Intelligence and Smart Services
  • Sefa Sezgin (FASoS), European Studies for Science, Society & Technology



Team DHL

  • Sabrina Tosi (LAW), International Laws
  • Luisa Mahler (SBE), Business Intelligence and Smart Services
  • Gianluca Nicu (FASoS), European Studies on Society, Science and Technology
  • Laura Kottmann Recabarren (LAW), Globalization & Law
  • Alexander Nehls (SBE), IB: Strategic Corporate Finance


Project Aim: Uncover a way to optimize DHL’s approach within the customs domain, considering legislation, digitization, globalisation and analytics.

Digital Future UM

Team Digital Future UM

  • Leonie Klüver (FASoS), Research Master European Studies
  • Felix Bui (FASoS), Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Anastasia Karatza (FHML), Biomedical Sciences
  • Natalie Benou (LAW), Forensics, Criminology, and Law
  • Dorian Müller (SBE), Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets


Project Aim: Help your very own university to ensure they make pro-actively the best use of digital technologies in the future, instead of reacting to (extreme) circumstances.


Team Ecoact

  • Jonathan Ambrogi (SBE), Public Policy and Human Development
  • Tiffany Pierrel (LAW), Globalization & Law
  • Michelle Sommerfeldt (FASoS), European Studies for Science, Society & Technology
  • Huong Pham (SBE), IB: Supply Chain Management




Project Aim: Set up an approach to help this sustainability consulting company to improve its own sustainability regulation services and as such best support their clients.


Project Aim: Help this market leader in global energy and services to explore the social and psychological factors which play a role at their customers’ sustainability and innovation decisions.


  • Elisa Santarsiero (FHML), Biomedical Sciences
  • Rachel Delsart (SBE), Organisation: Management, Change and Consultancy
  • Antonio Avanzini (FPN), Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Lotte Philippen (FHML), Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management



Eromesmarko & UM Library

Team Eromesmarko & UM Library

  • Tsvetelina Ivanova (LAW), European Law School: Public Law and Governance
  • Isabel Bougie (FHML), Biomedical Sciences
  • Adria Cioabla (FPN), Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
  • Fleur van Groenendael (SBE), IB Supply Chain Management & Information Management & Business Intelligence
  • Rachel Chin Kwie Joe (FHML), Biomedical Sciences


Project Aim: Help this designer and the UM Library in designing new concepts of a futureproof library and learning spaces at UM.


Project Aim: Develop an alternative method to organize the selection process of Fashionclash participants in a decentralized and inclusive manner.

Team Fashionclash

  • Anna Fomina (FHML), Global Health
  • Yasmina Abi Raad (FPN), Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Daniel Rivera Rodriguez (FASoS), Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education
  • Orla Barr (FASoS), Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Sofia Sgriccia (FPN), Work & Organisational Psychology




  • Behnam Lot (FASoS), European Public Policy, Institutions & Governance
  • Guy Dumoulin (SBE), International Business
  • Angelica Dumaya (LAW), Globalisation & Law
  • Ylka Kolken (FPN), RM Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
  • Jenna van Roovert (FHML), Biomedical Sciences


Project Aim: Conduct an impact assessment on how cross-border public transportation is affected by national legislation or policies and what can be done to improve it.


Project Aim: Explore to what extent sensory knowledge is used in fields of work, and how knowledge of sense and training in senses can be beneficial to the way we work.

Team Marres

  • Shani de Wit (FASoS), Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Lisa Kalisvaart (FHML), Biomedical Sciences
  • Thuy Linh Thi Lam (FPN), Mental Health
  • Sophie Watermeier (FPN), Health & Social Psychology
  • Hala Khlif (FHML), Epidemiology




Team MUMC+

  • Irene Oeo Morin (FPN), Neuropsychology
  • Isabella Klarenbeek (FHML), Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management
  • Michele Dell’Aquila (FHML), Medicine
  • Joé Peters (FHML), Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management
  • Alaa Aljbawi (FPN), RM Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience-Drug Development & Neurohealth



Project Aim: Test the feasibility and explore the cost-effectiveness of digital solutions for people with the chronic respiratory disease COPD.

Politie Limburg

Team Politie Limburg

  • Viktoria Vanova (LAW), Forensics, Criminology and Law
  • Jan Hülsewiesche (FPN), RM Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences: Drug Development and Neuro Health
  • Abhimanyu Anand (FSE), Data Science for Decision Making
  • Julius Sigl (FHML), Medicine
  • Nienke de Groot (FPN), Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Christine Dekker (FHML), Epidemiology



Project Aim: Help the Limburg Police in learning about how other (international) law enforcement bodies are handling issues related to care and safety and how we can make police work more efficient.

Stichting Wigwam

Team Stichting Wigwam

  • Eleni Papadopoulou (FHML), Biomedical Sciences
  • Emrullah Güzey (LAW), Globalization & Law
  • Elina Șavga (FHML), Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management
  • Kylie Kmita (FHML), Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management
  • Henriette Graul (FPN), Health & Social Psychology



Project Aim: Help this foundation to design a framework for volunteer recruitment and binding, taking into account a growth strategy and future developments of the labor/volunteer market.