PREMIUM Finishers website

On this page we celebrate the achievements of our PREMIUM students 2020-2021

Dear PREMIUM students,

Congratulations on the completion of your PREMIUM projects and journeys, and thank you all for another great year of PREMIUM. It was a year in which Covid-19 kept defining and changing our lives and the world around us. Such pandemics and situations are exemplary for the challenges of the future that require an interdisciplinary way of working, as is requested of your generation.

We want to thank you and applaud you for your flexibility, self management skills and creative problem solving. We hope all the valuable lessons you learned, the useful knowledge you gained, and all the skills you (further) developed, serve you well in all your future endeavors.

Kind regards,
PREMIUM Central Management Team

Honorable mentions

During the PREMIUM programme, students are required to attend a minimum of 6 workshops, aimed to further enhance their professional skill-set. However, we encourage students to attend more workshops if they want to go the famous “extra mile”.

This year, PREMIUM congratulates the following students for having attended the most workshops and Pop-Up events:

  1. Tosca van Hoorde (FHML) & Alec Johannen (FPN): 10 workshops and 4 Pop-Up events;
  2. Leon Schlick (FPN): 11 workshops and 1 Pop-Up event;
  3. Carina Momm (SBE): 9 workshops and 3 Pop-Up events;
  4. Jessica Schmidt (SBE): 10 workshops and 1 Pop-Up event.

PREMIUM team successes

The PREMIUM programme is yearly concluded with an official closing meeting between students and clients, during which each team presents their project outcomes to their client. Next to that, we usually celebrate the closing of the programme with a festive Closing event, aimed at community building, celebrating team successes and festively bringing PREMIUM to a close. Unfortunately, this event was cancelled due to Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t wish to highlight our students’ successes, and we do so by means of this page.

Below, you can find an overview of each team’s progress by means of their Tumblr page, an impression of their PREMIUM journey, and we announce and celebrate the teams that win the Tumblr awards.

The 2020-2021 PREMIUM project teams


Team Accenture

"Team TechTrack"

  • Klaudia Demiri, (SBE) International Business: Strategic Corporate Finance
  • Remo Theunissen, (SBE) International Business: Strategy and Innovation
  • Sasha Raj, (FHML) Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management
  • Nasya Desiria, (LAW) Globalisation and Law
  • Leon Schlick, (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Besmire Beca, (SBE) International Business: Strategy and Innovation
  • Mentor: HQ Chim (EDLAB)
  • Coach:  Dominique Meyers (UMIO)


Project Aim: Investigate how new technologies (like Artificial Intelligence) can help to reduce poverty in South Limburg.


Team Arcadis

"Team Argilles"

  • Bianca Moldovan, (FASoS) European Studies: International Relations
  • Jessica Dickes, (FPN) Neuropsychology
  • Henry Specht, (SBE) IB spec. Information Management and Business Intelligence
  • Lucas Valentin Trümpler, (SBE) International Business: Organisation
  • Diana Owuor,  (SBE) Public Policy & Human Development
  • Mentor: Laura Byrd (SSC)
  • Coaches: Michelle van Mulken (SSC) and Nicole van Deursen (INTERUM)

Project Aim: Dreaming and performing research go hand in hand, in this study towards the most desirable future you want to live in, and what challenges lie ahead.


Team Atos

"Team Summiteers"

  • Stefan Holzheuser, (SBE) Public Policy and Human Development
  • Simon Büschges, (FPN) Work & Organizational Psychology
  • Laura Meyer, (SBE) International Business
  • Paulina Penningh, (FPN) Fundamental Neuroscience
  • Maike Zimmermann, (SBE) International Business: Strategy and Innovation
  • Jessica Schmidt, (SBE) IB: Organisation – Management, Change, and Consultancy
  • Mentor: Bas van Diepen, SBE
  • Coach: Renee Speijcken (MGSoG)

Project Aim: Join this IT organization in their challenge to become net-zero carbon emission by 2035.



"Team Commit2 Commeet"

  • Anna Chliara, (LAW) Globalisation and Law:specialisation Human Rights
  • Marlene Lindauer, (SBE) Sustainability Science, Policy, and Society
  • Jasmijn Ouwendijk, (FHML) Global Health
  • Suzanne Virecoulon, (FASoS) Globalisation and Development Studies
  • Kim Lara Beerthuis, (SBE) IB: Organisation: Management, Change & Consultancy
  • Camila Valgas, (FASoS) Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Mentor: Jarrod Ormiston (SBE)
  • Coach: Agustin Parise (LAW)

Project Aim: Propose a plan on how to measure and define COMMEET’s social impact, and define the best strategy to help them get their message across.

D&I Office Maastricht University

Team D&I Office

"Team Project RELIT"

  • Teresa Weber, (LAW) Globalisation and Law
  • Eef Jutten, (FPN) Health & Social Psychology
  • Lina Hillner, (FPN) Legal Psychology
  • Ilona Islam, (SBE) Sustainability Science, Policy and Society
  • Rhys Shurey, (FASoS) Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Mentor: Sabine Nievelstein (SBE)
  • Coach: Adina Petre (Insights)

Project Aim: Investigate the topic of racism at UM and help the D&I office to gain consensus on what racism means within the UM community, in order to better tackle and prevent it.

Farma ter Verantwoording-UAEM

Team Farma ter Verantwoording-UAEM


  • Roberto Costanza, (LAW) International and European Tax Law
  • Luisa Franzen, (FPN) RM Cognitive and Clinical Psychology – Psychopathology
  • Céline Kleckner, (FPN) RM Psychopathology
  • Elias Albeirakdar, (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Benedetta Gioli, (FASoS) European Studies: Public Policy and Administration
  • Mentor: Ben Janssen (FHML)
  • Coach: Jonathan van Tilburg (FHML)


Project Aim: Investigate why a specific medicine has become so expensive and how Farma ter Verantwoording can use the analysis in a societal debate and create awareness about (un)fair pricing


Team FBBasic

"Team Back to Basics"

  • Weronika Zurawska, (LAW) Sustainability Science, Policy and Society; International and European Tax Law
  • Lea Willers, (SBE) Financial Economics
  • Matteo Romano, (SBE) Strategic Corporate Finance (IB)
  • Karl Leonard Rusche, (SBE) Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  • Daniel Kaestner, (FSE) Data Science for Decision Making
  • Joscha Sisnowski, (SBE) Public Policy and Human Development
  • Mentor: Katja Wachter (EXT)
  • Coaches: Dasa Kokole (FHML) and Perry Heymann (BU)

Project Aim: Investigate the development of potential business models around circular economy data.

Freshfel Europe

Team Freshfel Europe

"Freshfel Europe Premium Team 2021"

  • Judith Visser, (FHML) Health Education and Promotion
  • Klara Kokalj, (LAW) European Law School
  • Emma Gervasi, (SBE) Sustainability Science, Policy and Society
  • Paula Herek, (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Federico Narducci, (FASoS) European Studies: Public Policy and Administration
  • Silvia Rodriguez Muruzabal, (FASoS) European Public Affairs
  • Mentor: Hang Nguyen (MAASTRO)
  • Coach: Juanita Vernooij (FHML)

Project Aim: Go on a creative journey to design an effective awareness campaign to promote fresh produce consumption.

iLab Dutch National Police Force

Team iLab Dutch National Police Force

"Team iLab PREMIUM"

  • Iris Brinkhuis, (FPN) Legal Psychology
  • Leonie Jozwiak, (LAW) Forensics, Criminology and Law
  • Vincent Fassin, (SBE) IB: Entrepreneurship & Business Development
  • Romy van Voorst, (FPN) Drug Development and Neurohealth
  • Mentor: Maureen Steijvers (SSC)
  • Coach: Jos Adam (FHML)


Project Aim: Evaluate the learning effect of a blended learning platform for the police force.


Team ING & MUMC+

"Team E-Health Warriors"

  • Mika van Helden, (SBE) IB: Strategic Corporate Finance & Marketing-Finance
  • Clara Bleileven, (SBE) IB: Strategy & Innovation
  • Daniel Weigel, (FHML) Medicine
  • Maureen Witjes, (FHML) Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management
  • Anna Bergauer, (FPN) European Public Affairs
  • Danila Vavilov, (LAW) European Law and Market Integration
  • Mentor: Susanne Maris (EXT)
  • Coach: Mindel vd Laar (MGSoG)


Project Aim: Investigate the eco-systems that surround ING’s clients in healthcare and elderly care to further map out how these eco-systems drive innovations that can benefit and empower the institutes operating in this eco-system.



  • Norberto Zamora, (FASoS) European Public Affairs
  • Monika Mikolajska, (LAW) International & European Tax Law
  • Sebastian Meyer, (SBE) Public Policy & Human Development
  • Ane Corrales Rodriguez, (LAW) European Union Law & Market Integration
  • Justus Langer, (FASoS) European Studies: International Relations
  • Mentor: Oscar vd Wijngaard (EDLAB)
  • Coach: Dominique Waterval (FHML)


Project Aim: Help this Society of City and Regional Planners to build a strategy on citizen engagement.


Team Key2Advance

"Team Next Generation Key Holders"

  • Christiane Schanz, (SBE) IB Strategy & Innovation
  • Franzisca Fastje, (FPN) Work & Organizational Psychology
  • Nicola Münstermann, (SBE) Learning & Development
  • Dieuwertje van Dijk, (SBE) Learning & Development
  • Chimène Baidjoe, (FHML) Healthcare Policy, Innovation & Management
  • Jannis Heuer, (FPN) RM Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience
  • Mentor: Alicia Walkowiak (FPN)
  • Coach: Bibi Linssen(SSC)



Project Aim: Investigate what makes the leadership of the future, to help design a Next Generation Leadership Academy.

Marres, House for Contemporary Culture

Team Marres House for Contemporary Culture

"Team Senser 2021"

  • Imke van der Loo, (SBE) Human Decision Science
  • Mark Versbach, (FASoS) Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Edvards Kuks, (FASoS) European Studies on Society, Science and Technology
  • Henriette ‘tKint de Roodenbeeke, (FASoS) Arts & Heritage: Management, Cultural Policy & Education
  • Dingjun Lou, (SBE) Public policy and human development
  • Mentor: Ike Kamphof (FASoS)
  • Coach: Lijsbeth Bruens (EXT)


Project Aim: Explore in which ways sensory mapping contributes to the overall experience of exhibitions.

Politie Limburg

Team Politie Limburg

"Team Police Comets"

  • Hasan Can Akcam, (LAW) Forensics, Criminology & Law
  • Annemarie der Kinderen, (FHML) Human Movement Science
  • Tim Dings, (FHML) Medicine
  • Hannah Wiemer, (SBE) International Business
  • Caroline Kipar, (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Ina Maria Blasen, (SBE) IB: Organisation, Management, Change & Consultancy
  • Mentor: Robin Hoffmann (LAW)
  • Coaches: Annechien Deelman (MUNDO), Birsen Erdogan (LAW)

Project Aim: Help the Limburg Police to tackle their internal communication issues when it comes to tackling subversive crime.

Porta Mosana

Team Porta Mosana

"Team Gate to the World"

  • Cherida Müller, (SBE) IB: Organization: Management, Change & Consultancy
  • Eleni Balaska, (FASoS) Digital Cultures
  • Rocio Marques Reca, (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Léa Schumacker, (LAW) International Laws
  • Haoran Xi, (FPN) RM Psychopathology
  • Mentor: Arie vd Lugt (FPN)
  • Coach: Irina Pokhilenko (FHML)


Project Aim: Develop a set of hands-on workshops oriented towards Global Citizenship Education for a bi-lingual secondary school in Maastricht.

Provincie Limburg

Team Provincie Limburg

  • Alessa Haller, (SBE) Public Policy & Human Development
  • Louise Longton, (SBE) Sustainability Science, Policy & Society
  • Paul Mahlert, (SBE) IB: Managerial Decision-Making & Control
  • Sabina Gjylsheni, (FASoS) European Studies: Public Policy & Administration
  • Tatiana Topa, (LAW) European Law School
  • Jeanne Christiansen-Gozzer, (FASoS) European Studies
  • Mentor: Renee Speijcken (MGSoG)
  • Coach: Adina Petre (EXT)

Project Aim:Help the regional government to determine the effectiveness and impact of a subsidy programme for rural development.

Rode Kruis (Dutch Red Cross)

Team Red Cross (Rode Kruis)

"Team PREMIUM x Rode Kruis"

  • Giorgia Conigli, (FASoS) European Studies: Global Challenges
  • Kyra Stein, (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Max Jauch, (SBE) IB: Supply Chain Management
  • Tosca van Hoorde, (FHML) Epidemiology
  • Mentor: Anna Sagana (FPN)
  • Coach: Blanche Schroen (FHML)


Project Aim: Help the Dutch Red Cross classify humanitarian basic needs in the Netherlands, and devise a framework on how to prioritize these needs objectively.

Studio Europa & YUFE

Team Studio Europa & YUFE

"Team YOUropa"

  • Sarolta Ujvary, (FASoS) European Studies: Public Policy & Administration
  • Laura van der Hage, (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Constantine Dokas, (FASoS) Politics & Society
  • Clara Défachel, (FASoS) Arts & Heritage: Policy, Management and Education
  • Mariam Sène, (SBE) Public Policy and Human Development
  • Mentor: Yverna Hu-a-ng (SBE)
  • Coaches: Joedith Lopez Coello (FPN), HQ Chim (EDLAB)

Project Aim: Advise on the synergies, complimentary nature and collaboration opportunities between the Studio Europa and YUFE.

Team Focus

Team Focus

"Team Peak Potential"

  • Iris Ine van Geel, (FHML) Medicine/Governance & Leadership European Public Health
  • Alec Johannen, (FPN) Health & Social Psychology
  • Melina Schöning, (SBE) IB: Organisation, Management, Change & Consultancy
  • Carina Momm, (SBE) IB: Organisation, Management, Change & Consultancy
  • Nina Hassler, (FHML) Health Education & Promotion
  • Bryan Simons, (LAW) Forensics, Criminology & Law
  • Mentor: Arie vd Lugt (FPN)
  • Coach: Annette Schaafsma (FHML)


Project Aim: Build an evidence-based tool that can create awareness about behaviour, communication and cooperation.