PREMIUM Finishers website

On this page we celebrate the achievements of our PREMIUM students 2019-2020

Dear PREMIUM students,

Congratulations on the completion of your PREMIUM projects and journeys, and thank you all for another great year of PREMIUM. It was a year in which Covid-19 defined and changed our lives and the world around us. Such pandemics and situations are exemplary for the challenges of the future that require an interdisciplinary way of working, as is requested of your generation.

We want to thank you and applaud you for your flexibility, self management skills and creative problem solving. We hope all the valuable lessons you learned, the useful knowledge you gained, and all the skills you (further) developed, serve you well in all your future endeavors.

Kind regards,
PREMIUM Central Management Team

PREMIUM celebrating of team successes

The PREMIUM programme is yearly concluded with an official closing meeting between students and clients, during which each team presents their project outcomes to their client. Next to that, we usually celebrate the closing of the programme with a festive Closing event, aimed at community building, celebrating team successes and festively bringing PREMIUM to a close. Unfortunately, this event was cancelled due to Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t wish to highlight our students’ successes, and we do so by means of this page.

Below, you can find an overview of each team’s progress by means of their Tumblr page, an impression of their PREMIUM journey, and we announce and celebrate the teams that win the Tumblr awards.

The 2019-2020 PREMIUM project teams


Team Accenture

"The A-team"

  • Eleni Argyriou, FPN Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Naomi-Tida Essers, SBE International Business: Organisation Management Change & Consultancy
  • Nina Juschka, SBE Learning and Development in Organisations
  • Rebecca van Nijnanten, SBE International Business: Strategic Marketing & Organisation
  • Ana Isabel Quineche Valdéz, FASoS European Studies
  • Mentor: Mark Graus, SBE
  • Coaches:  Mark Kawakami, LAW, and Anke Oenema, FHML

Project Aim: Devise a plan on how Accenture can transition to an agile way of working, and have everybody on board.


Team Arcadis

"Team Arcadis PREMIUM"

  • Alexander Gieseking, FASoS European Studies
  • Jeroen Hendrikx, SBE International Business: Organisation Management Change & Consultancy
  • Sabine Kemper FHML, Health Policy & Innovation Management
  • Dora Vrhoci, FASoS Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology
  • Jack van den Berg, FASoS European Studies
  • Mentor: Susan Stead, SBE
  • Coaches:  Mindel van de Laar, MGSoG, and Laura Smeets, SBE

Project Aim: Investigate the relationship between bio-science, high-tech disruptive technologies and human beings in the Society 5.0 (human-centered society) and potential implications on our ‘humanity’.


Team Atos

"Team All-Stars,"

  • Rajesh Bhalwankar, FPN Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Florian Debrauwer, FSE-DKE Data Science for Decision Making
  • Florian Hüffer, SBE International Business: Organisation Management Change & Consultancy
  • Almila Inan, LAW Globalization and Law, Corporate and Commercial Track
  • Mentor: Bas van Diepen, SBE
  • Coach: Michelle van Mulken, SSC, and Nicole van Deursen, InterUM


Project Aim: Join this IT organization in their challenge to integrate better their consulting propositions into the broader offerings of the organization, to create better projects for their clients to serve them from strategy to operations.

BASF Vegetable Seeds

Team BASF Vegetable Seeds

"Team PREMIUM Seeds"

  • Marko Baboci, SBE-MGSOG Public Policy and Human Development
  • Christina Benjamin, SBE-MGSOG Sustainability Science Policies and Society
  • Amaia Ochandorena Saa, FHML Biomedical Sciences
  • Nithin Ramu, SBE Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets
  • Vanessa Ruan, FHML Global Health
  • Mentor: Stef Kremers, FHML
  • Coach: Jonathan van Tilburg, FHML, and Dasa Kokole, FHML

Project Aim: Help one of the world’s leading vegetable seed company make healthy eating more enjoyable and deliver sustainable consumer-oriented vegetable solutions.



"Team Magic Mix"

  • Ravi Kumar, SBE-MGSOG Public Policy and Human Development
  • Pablo de Mingo Monge, FASoS European Studies
  • Noëlie Sail, LAW International & European Tax Law
  • Patrick, Veugen FASoS Arts, Literature and Society
  • Mathias Weidinger, SBE-MGSOG Economic & Financial Research/Public Policy & Human Development
  • Mentor: Renee Speijcken, SBE-MGSOG
  • Coach: Oscar van de Wijngaard, EDLAB

Project Aim: Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of “Magic Mix” housing policy in promoting inclusivity and diversity in Maastricht communities.



"Team The Four COMMEETeers"

  • Friederike Bärtling, LAW International Laws
  • Axelle Gaillard, SBE International Business Organisation: Management, change and consultancy
  • Anna Marino, FASoS European Studies
  • Katja Wachter, SBE-MGSOG Sustainability Science, Policy and Society
  • Mentor: Jarrod Ormiston, SBE
  • Coach: Dominique Meyers, SBE

Project Aim: Propose a plan on how to implement the organizational structure of a Cooperative into the work of a charity organization.

CUBE Design Museum

Team CUBE Design Museum

"Team Four Cubes"

  • Anna Bashuk, FASoS Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Andrea Lutgardo Davalos, SBE Human Decision Science
  • Chantal van Oirschot, SBE Development and Learning in Organisations
  • Karolin Schaper, FPN Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Mentor: Julie de Ronde, EDLAB
  • Coach: Birsen Erdogan, LAW, and Kontessa Legaki, SBE
Project Aim: Help a Design Museum to explore and develop its role as “connector” in the region of Limburg.



"Team Live to Travel"

  • Maria Diederich, SBE Business Intelligence and Smart Services
  • Anna Ivanova, FASoS Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Lorenzo Palladini, SBE Business Research
  • Bansi Popat, SBE-MGSOG Public Policy and Human Development
  • Mentor: Maureen Steijvers, SSC
  • Coach: Adina Petre and Yvette Froeling, SSC

Project Aim:Research different aspects of travelling and the decision making processes involved, and help this booking software organisation devise a strategy on how to increase the online visibility and online bookings of their clients.

Farma ter Verantwoording-UAEM

Team Farma ter Verantwoording-UAEM

  • Olivia Daniel, LAW Globalization and Law
  • Iris Franken, FHML Biomedical Sciences
  • Dani van der Kamp, FPN Health and Social Psychology
  • Eleni Lianidou, LAW Globalization and Law
  • Luciana Stanica, FHML Governance and Leadership in European Public Health
  • Mentor: Ben Janssen, FHML
  • Coach: Agustine Parise, LAW, and HQ Chim, SBE


Project Aim: Investigate why a specific medicine has become so expensive and how Farma ter Verantwoording can use the analysis in a societal debate and create awareness about (un)fair pricing

iLab Dutch National Police Force

Team iLab Dutch National Police Force

"Team iLab KOPS"

  • Carmen Chiaradia, SBE International Business: Strategy & innovation
  • Nicholas Höhns, FASoS European Studies
  • Evelien Korsten, FHML Biomedical Sciences
  • Michelle Schoenmakers, FHML Biomedical Sciences
  • Clara Vautrin, LAW European Law
  • Mentor: Anna Sagana, FPN
  • Coach: Marit Veenstra, FS, and Peter Römgens, FPN


Project Aim: Evaluate the learning effect of a face recognition app, and provide guidelines on how to approve this learning effect


Team ING

"Team ConsultING"

  • Franziska, Faust FPN Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Eva Folger, FHML Health Policy & Innovation Management
  • Ruqin Hu, FASoS Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Evie Kakkava, FPN Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Eduardo Sanchez Gonzalez FSE-DKE Artifical Intelligence
  • Mentor: Susanne Maris
  • Coach: Renee Speijcken, MGSoG

Project Aim: Investigate the eco-systems that surround ING’s clients in healthcare, elderly care and social housing, to further map out how these eco-systems drive innovations that can benefit and empower ING’s clients.

Institute of Data Science

Team Institute of Data Science

  • Dimitra Alexopoulou, FPN Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Mia van der Burgt, FASoS Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Lorena González Ruiz, FASoS Art, Literature and Society
  • Luh Putu Ratih Kumala Dewi, SBE-MGSOG Public Policy and Human Development
  • Mentor: Sally Wyatt, FASoS
  • Coach: Irina Pokhilenko, FHML, and Joedith Lopez Cuello, FPN


Project Aim: Design a plan to measure the impact of the “Women in Data Science Conference” and a way to foster the further growth of a diverse and interdisciplinary Data Science Community @UM.

Marres, House for Contemporary Culture


"Team the Sense"

  • Talisha van Beek, FHML Medicine
  • Claire Gilliot, LAW International Laws
  • Romy Kümpfel, FHML Global Health
  • Lily Niemi, FASoS Art, Literature and Society
  • Mentor: Ike Kamphof, FASoS
  • Coach: Lijsbeth Bruens

Project Aim: Explore how art/senses experiences can be turned into words, and assist in the creation of a sensory vocabulary and a narrative for these experiences.

Limburg Police in collaboration with the association for safe entrepreneurship Limburg

Team Limburg Police in collaboration with the association for safe entrepreneurship Limburg

"Team Art Police"

  • Oliver Bossert, SBE Business Intelligence and Smart Services
  • Ellen Cantraine, LAW European Law and Market Integration
  • Georgina Hadjifrangiskou, LAW Forensics, Criminology and Law
  • Vinciane Jones, FASoS Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education
  • Margaux Nonclercq, SBE International Business: Strategy and Innovation
  • Mentor: Inge Römgens & Christopher Rausch, UCM
  • Coach: Ortrun Merkle UNU-MERIT

Project Aim: Contribute to starting up a dialogue about the financing of art and the money-laundering issue related to this development.

Felix Schwake GmbH

Team Felix Schwake GmbH

"Team Pretiosus"

  • Alexandra Kuznetsova, FASoS European Studies
  • Jose Francisco Martinez Raya, FASoS European Studies
  • Laura Plum, FASoS Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Julian Reuther, SBE International Business; Strategy & Innovation
  • Kathleen Weinberg, SBE International Business spec. Supply Chain Management
  • Mentor: Sabine Nievelstein, SBE
  • Coach: Liesbeth Kruisifikx, SSC

Project Aim: Develop and implement a communication strategy for a luxury interior design brand that represents an underdeveloped online market of luxury brands.



"Team SILVRmind2020"

  • Supraja Nataraja Subramanian, LAW LLM. Forensics, Criminology and Law
  • Lianne Wolsink, FPN RM Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience: Neuropsychology
  • Ilaria Zanolla, FHML Biomedical Sciences
  • Mentor: Max Colombi, FPN
  • Coach: Jos Adam, FHML
Project Aim: Develop a strategy for creative funding of cutting-edge research in trauma therapy via E-health.

Stichting Mens achter de Patient

Team Stichting Mens achter de Patient

"Team hUMane Premium"

  • Anne Funcke, FASoS Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Vilma Jokinen, FPN Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Emma Morren, SBE-MGSOG Sustainability, Science & Policy
  • Sophie Schmidt, FPN Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Jascha de Nooijer, FHML
  • Anette Schaafsma, FHML

Project Aim: Help this foundation to create a platform together where patients can connect with each other and/or students in a safe environment.

Team Focus

Team Team Focus

"Team PREMIUM Team Focus"

  • Sami Abdelal, FPN Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Leona Kalkbrenner, FPN Health & Social Psychology
  • Joshua Sempf, FPN Neuropsychology
  • Courtney Wheeler, FPN Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Mentor: Alicia Walkowiak, FPN
  • Coach: Juanita Vernooy

Project Aim: Build an evidence-based tool that can create awareness about behaviour, communication and cooperation

United World College


"Team UniWoCo"

  • Christiane Dahm, FPN Health and Social Psychology
  • Hannah Foster, FASoS Politics and Society
  • Maria Alejandra Salinas Gomez, SBE-MGSOG Public Policy and Human Development
  • Srishti Telang, LAW Globalization and Law: International Trade and Investment Law
  • Mentor: Hang Nguyen, FHML
  • Coach: Mindel van de Laar, MGSoG, and Yoka Cerfontaine, FHML


Project Aim: Help UWC to better understand its impact on the local community in Maastricht and the region.

UM Language Centre

Team UM Language Centre

"Team ULC Consulting"

  • Francesco Bolzonella, SBE Learning & Development in Organizations
  • Daniel Fischer, SBE International Business: Controlling & Accountancy
  • Merel Visser, FHML Medicine
  • Inna Zabanova, FASoS Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Mentor: Natasja Reslow, BU
  • Coach: Marc Dolman, BU, and Marc Vooijs, MAASTRO


Project Aim: Investigate the issue of drop-out rate among participants of a language course and develop a strategy to better serve our target group and deal with this high drop-out rate.