PREMIUM Covid-19 updates

Stay updated on how the current Covid-19 situation affects PREMIUM.

14.01.2022: Education allowed on campus again

Fortunately, the Dutch government announced that education on campus is possible again as of today. How this is translated to your PREMIUM experience, is described in the email below.

PREMIUM Workshops:
As of 01.02.2022, all PREMIUM workshops will take place on campus again, at TAPIJN X building. Students are required however to wear a facemask at all times, also when seated.

There are some exceptions, and the specific sessions that are still schedule to take place online are marked as such in the overview on the website:

To be specific:

  • Discover your competences à all sessions will take place online this year;
  • Teamwork & Functioning optimally à the session of 01.02.22 will take place online.


Team meetings/Client meetings/Coach meetings:

Even though all UM’s education will be online for the duration of period 3, team meetings can take place already on campus, if students are present in Maastricht and prefer it. We will leave the way you organize your teamwork to your own judgement. Feel free to decide yourself in agreement with your Coach, Mentor and/or, if you rather meet online or on campus or at the client’s office.

In case you wish to book a room at EDLAB, please send us an email via

EDLAB’s TAPX building is open weekdays only:

  • Monday: 08.30-18.00 hrs
  • Tuesday: 08.30-18.00 hrs
  • Wednesday: 08.30-20.00 hrs
  • Thursday: 08.30-18.00 hrs
  • Friday: 08.30-18.00 hrs


Team building assignment

The deadline of your teambuilding assignment is 04.02.2022. In case you manage to meet up in person before that time, you may opt to do this assignment in person. Otherwise, we encourage you to request the assignment online via Doing the assignment online will be equally fun and meaningful, rest assured.

If you are on campus: follow the basic rules!

By now you can recite them in your sleep, but we’ll repeat them one more time:

  • In case of symptoms, stay at home and get tested at the Municipal Public Health Service (GGD). Even if you have been vaccinated.
  • If you test positive, stay at home. Even if you have been vaccinated.
  • Face masks are mandatory if you’re moving around our buildings.
  • 5 meters is a safe distance to keep from one another (education is exempted from the mandatory 1.5 meter-distance rule).
  • Don’t shake hands and wash them often and thoroughly.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
  • Indoors, provide fresh air and ventilate.
  • Read more on the website of the Dutch government:…/basic-rules-for-everyone.

Self-test, self-test, self-test

When you come to campus, we ask you to take a self-test twice a week. You can still order the self-tests free of charge via On campus, free self-tests can be taken from the containers found at every building’s reception. In case of a positive self-test, make an appointment with the Municipal Public Health Service and do not come to campus.

20.12.2021: The Netherlands in lockdown

On the brink of everyone’s Christmas holidays, the Netherlands is in lockdown and we feel we need to update you a bit further on the effects of the current lockdown situation on the PREMIUM programme.

We had hoped that new Covid regulations would no longer affect education, but unfortunately, the situation is the way it is, and we will of course do our best to guarantee our students and staff the best experience possible this year.

Fortunately, our programme is a rather flexible one; we can switch back and forth to offline and online depending on new restrictions and relaxations of Covid regulations

The Dutch Government will review the Covid situation again on January 3rd and see if education might open up again as of January 10th.  Still, we would like to inform you all already now before Christmas, how we will proceed in the first few weeks of January since we understand that everyone would need to get themselves organized.

We will mention in bullet points the different aspects of the PREMIUM programme that will look different in the upcoming weeks, than what we initially planned when sending you the PREMIUM handbook.

PREMIUM workshops:

Since several faculties have decided/may yet decide to offer their education online during period 3, we may not expect our students to be all in Maastricht yet. Therefore, the first PREMIUM mandatory workshops are scheduled (partly) online at least for the duration of period 3.
Fortunately, our trainers are very experienced in providing online education and have adapted their workshops during the past two years to ensure interactive and inspiring sessions, even when hosted in an online environment.

  • Discover your competencies by SSC: all sessions will take place online;
  • Introduction to Project-Based Working, by Rene Hartman: the sessions on 14.01.22 and 17.01.22 will take place online. We will review the situation again mid-January.
  • Teamwork and Functioning Optimally, by Susanne Maris: the sessions on 17.01.22. 31.01.22 and 01.02.22 will take place online. We will review the situation again mid-January.

All the other scheduled workshops take place after 01.02.2022, and we will review their scheduling as the new year progresses.

PREMIUM Teambuilding Assignment:

As soon as we will announce the PREMIUM teams (around January 8th), each team may schedule a date to do a teambuilding assignment. You can either do this online or offline. The deadline for completing the Teambuilding assignment is February 4th.

Should your team plan to do this assignment during lockdown, it would mean that you would have to do it online. Don’t worry, doing this assignment online is equally fun and valuable as doing it offline.

Team meetings/coach meetings/client meetings:

All UM’s buildings will be closed during lockdown. For the duration of the lockdown, all meetings as a team or with your coach and client, can only take place online.

As soon as education no longer falls under lockdown regulations, teams may meet up again either at EDLAB or another UM building, or online, depending on everyone’s preferences and possibilities. If that is the case, you will receive an email from PREMIUM as well.

We hope you can all be mindful of the fact that PREMIUM clients need to work from home during lockdowns, and might therefore not always be able to be as flexible as they would like to be, especially when schools are also still closed for lockdown.

Most probably, many of this year’s teams might have their first team meeting online, and therefore it is important that you try to build a bond of trust with each other right off the bat. That is even more important when working remotely. Our coaches and mentors will receive training in how to guide students in this process, but we also wish to give you some general things to pay extra attention to.

“When your team is separated by time and distance, meet this challenge with communication, trust and technology. To ensure your team stays connected by purpose and technology, create a clear vision and understanding of team goals; why team members were chosen to be on the team; correct use of technology; and team member’s ability to use this technology. Create a level of comfort within the team and build consistency by creating team norms, rituals, and operating agreements. These are the rules and codes of conduct the team members agree to comply with and operate under. Team norms and agreements reduce conflicts in the team and make it easier for members to hold each other accountable.”

  • Norms: norms relate to how team members conduct themselves. (included in PREMIUM team charter and kick-off meeting checklist);
  • Rituals: rituals create the team culture and make us feel more connected to one another. They create a comfort zone and provide consistency and a common bond. Examples are: beginning each meeting with a relationship-building game, or entrance music, ending meetings on a high-note, celebrating birthdays, ending all team-related email with the team name, slogan or motto etc.
  • Operating agreements: these are similar to norms but more structured and work-specific. Agreeing and adhering to the team’s operating agreements creates consistency and trust. Some examples are explicit agreements on the structure of meetings, length and agenda, how do we ensure everyone is informed, how do we hold each other accountable for tasks, how do we acknowledge each other’s work. (included in PREMIUM team charter and kick-off meeting checklist);
    Scannell, M., Abrams, M., & Mulvihill, M. (2011). Big Book of Virtual Teambuilding Games: Quick, Effective Activities to Build Communication, Trust and Collaboration from Anywhere! McGraw-Hill Education.

PREMIUM events:

Fortunately, we already had our first event, the Kick-Off planned online. The next central event is scheduled Mid-March and we will review the situation in February to see if this can take place on-site, or has to be online as well.

So, even though the first few weeks of PREMIUM might look slightly different than we had hoped, we go into 2022 with high expectations and a big load of trust in our brand new cohort of PREMIUM students, coaches, and mentors. Let’s start the new year as a new community, there to support each other, be tolerant and mindful towards each other, and you may count on PREMIUM Central Management’s support where you might need it. We are just one virtual click, email or telephone call away.

01.12.2021: Covid-19 and its effect on PREMIUM

Check this page whenever the Dutch government announces new Covid measures

Due to the measures surrounding Covid-19, PREMIUM may look slightly different in the coming period.

At the time of writing this handbook, most components of the programme, such as workshops and certain central events (excl. Kick-Off) are planned to take physically place at EDLAB’s Tapijn X building or at external venues, while others might be organized in an online setting, depending on the preferences of the participants (such as team meetings, client meetings and/or meetings with the Coach).

As long as the Dutch government allows education to take place on campus, PREMIUM’s workshops take place on site. Team meetings, coaching meetings, and meetings with clients, can be organized depending on everyone’s preferences. It might be that the government issues further restrictions, in which case you will be updated via your student email and this part of the website.

It is very important that you do a health check before coming to an onsite event, workshop or team meeting. You can do this by following the steps in this flow chart. Stay home if that is the advice you get from the flow chart, and contact Central Management.

More information can be found on

Safety at UM venues
Naturally, the welfare, health and safety of students and staff, as well as the quality of education will be safeguarded and all government guidelines will be followed. When coming to the UM buildings, we urge you to observe all security measures as stated in UM’s safety protocol. Our Tapijn building X is equipped in accordance with the UM safety protocol. This means, among other things, that we take extra hygiene measures in and around the buildings.

Rules and safety at external venues
We kindly ask all our students and staff to be mindful and understanding of the fact that the PREMIUM programme is an extra-curricular programme. It is therefore often not possible for us to reserve UM venues for our events, because faculties need all available space now for education, but also due to the group size of our community. Most of the events in the PREMIUM programme are therefore organized at external venues.

We opt for on-site events where possible, because we have noticed how an entirely online year affected the community, student wellbeing, motivation, overall creativity and engagement, and we now wish to provide you with the best experience possible where we can. We hope that you appreciate the fact that we can bring our community back together, even though it will tie us to certain regulations and measures for the time being.

To be specific; even though the PREMIUM events have an educational component, we will need to comply with the rules that apply to the external venue where the event is hosted, which may include access via the Digital COVID Certificate, when the venue is also at that moment accessible to other guests.

Of course, students who are unable to attend these events at external venues that require a Digital COVID Certificate, will be provided with an alternative, if they inform PREMIUM Central Management Team on time.

More information about the Digital COVID Certificate and free Covid testing can be found here:

Please be aware, the Corona crisis can always throw us an unexpected curveball, which changes things again. Keep an eye on your UM email for any (last-minute) changes in the programme related to the Corona crisis, and the practical implications that might bring to your PREMIUM experience. Rest assured, we will do our utmost to guarantee an honours worthy experience.