Stay informed about all the (mandatory) events PREMIUM is hosting in 2018-2019,
from the Kick-off “Mix&Match”, to the Midterm Presentations, PREMIUM pop-up events and finally the festive PREMIUM Closing Event.

Dear PREMIUM students,

Over the course of the programme, PREMIUM organizes several central activities for all PREMIUM students, mentors, coaches and clients. All events contain educational and/or assessment elements  and offer opportunities for students, UM employees and clients to meet, connect and network. But it’s also always a lot of fun!

At the central events, attendance is mandatory for all students (Kick-Off, Midterms and Closing).

If you cannot attend a central event, please refer to the section of the student handbook on “Exceptional Circumstances” or contact the PREMIUM Central Management Team.

Warm regards,

PREMIUM Central Management Team

PREMIUM Events during Covid-19

Most of PREMIUM’s Central Events are hosted at external locations (except for the Kick-Off event that forms too much of a risk given the winter period, and the recent Christmas holidays). We have assured that the regulations set by the Dutch government concerning the Covid-19 situation, are followed, and that we can safeguard the health of our students, staff and clients the best way possible. However, we appeal to your good sense to maintain the 1.5 meter distance during the events, wash/disinfect your hands regularly.

If any of the below mentioned situations apply to you, we request that you stay home, take care of your health and inform PREMIUM Central Management.

  • You have been experiencing one or more of the following symptoms during the past 24 hours (coughing, colds or chills, raised temperature or fever, shortness of breath or loss of smell/taste).
  • You currently have a housemate with a fever and/or shortness of breath.
  • You have the new coronavirus and this was determined during the past 7 days via an official test.
  • You have a housemate family member with the new coronavirus and you have been in contact with him/her during the past 14 days, while he/she still was experiencing symptoms.
  • You are or need to be quarantined because you have had direct contact with someone who was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Please be aware, the Corona crisis can always throw us an unexpected curveball, which changes things again. Keep an eye on your student email for any changes in the programme or even location (offline/online), related to the Corona crisis.

PREMIUM Kick-Off 'Mix&Match'

This is where your PREMIUM journey officially takes off.

Jumping right in: The Mix & Match Event,
January 7th, 19:00 – 22:00 (Online)

After getting through the PREMIUM selection procedure, we want to officially welcome you to PREMIUM and kick-off the programme together with a bang!

PREMIUM is a highly valuable learning experience that will push you outside of your comfort zone and help you prepare for the fast-approaching, competitive job market. PREMIUM has a lot to offer, but it is entirely up to you to get the most out of it!

In true PREMIUM style, we are offering you a great chance to take charge of your PREMIUM experience and jump right in, feet first.

On Thursday, January 7th, the Mix & Match event will take place. At this event, we want to offer you the chance to find the best fit for you and your specific learning goals, yourselves.

Team formation: based on your true preferences

At the Mix & Match, all clients and other new PREMIUM students will be present and at the end of the evening, we trust you will all have a clear and definitive idea of your true project preferences.

At the end of the evening, we ask you to fill out a form to inform us of your project preferences. Additionally, clients will be asked to inform us of any team formation wishes they may have as well.

Afterwards, the PREMIUM Central Management Team will create the definitive PREMIUM project teams. Be sure to get to know and impress the client of the project of your choice to increase your chances of getting a coveted spot on that team!

How to rock the Mix & Match!

We have set up guidelines for getting the most out of your Mix & Match experience, which we will send you by email together with your official invitation to join the PREMIUM programme. We advise you to read through the guidelines carefully and prepare yourself for an evening of networking and getting to know the programme, the PREMIUM Central Management Team, the clients, the project mentors, and competence coaches, and of course your fellow PREMIUM students.

The stakes are high so choose wisely. Your PREMIUM-experience is in your very own hands. Be sure to make an informed decision about the project, client, and teammates you select as your preference.

In case you are prevented from attending the online Kick-Off, due to serious reasons, we will provide you with an opportunity to make a profound selection of project/client preferences.

PREMIUM Midterm Presentations

Congratulations, you’re halfway on your PREMIUM journey! Time to tell the world of your team’s progress.

Halfway there: The Midterm Presentations
March 17th & March 18th; 19:00 – 21:45 hrs.

Each PREMIUM student project team will have to present their project and progress by means of 5-minute pitch based on their Tumblr page, during the PREMIUM Midterm Presentations event.

Pitch & Tumblr

A pitch is a quick and well-designed speech designed to sell a product, idea or yourself, in a very short time frame. It is designed as an answer to one essential question: why is your team spending their time on this project? Or in your future career: why are you spending the time to apply for this job and why should you be considered as a candidate?

Pitching is a tool organizations use more and more as part of their recruitment and selection procedures. Even your motivational letter can be perceived as a personal pitch. All the more reasons we feel it is important to provide you with some practical pitching experience in PREMIUM.

During the PREMIUM Midterm Presentation, we therefore request that you do a 5-minute pitch about your project progress and outcome thus far/up to the moment of the midterm presentations. Your team’s Tumblr page needs to be used as a basis for doing this and as a source of information for your slides. We will provide you with support by means of elective workshops in “Presentation skills” and “Storytelling”.

Tip, Top, Q&A

After you have pitched your project progress, other teams are requested to give you positive feedback, a possible point for improvement and ask an in-depth question concerning your project. You will be invited to do the same for the other teams.

This way each team will not just practice the art of pitching, but will also practice giving and receiving constructive feedback. Providing a platform for students to recognize each other is a great way to encourage a positive atmosphere within the PREMIUM programme, all while fostering collaboration and teamwork. Furthermore, the content of the projects will be highlighted through the in-depth questions.

Programme of the evening

Each team has 5 minutes to pitch their project and use the content of their Tumblr page in their slides. After each pitch, time is scheduled for one team to give positive feedback, after which a second team will provide a point of improvement in a constructive manner, after which a third and final team will be invited to ask an in-depth question concerning the project.

The total time for each team comes out of approximately 15 minutes. Teams will present in rounds of 4-5 consecutive presentations, with a 30-minute break in between the rounds, in which drinks and snacks will be provided. At the end of the evening, we will have an informal get together to exchange experiences and socially interact.

Two Midterm Presentation evening will be organized, as there are too many teams to plan all in one evening. A schedule will be drawn up for each team when to do their presentation, and to give feedback or ask questions to which other teams.
You are only required to attend the evening your team is scheduled to deliver their pitch, although you are more than welcome to join the other evening too.

Please note that since these Midterm Presentations Sessions are part of the PREMIUM central events, attendance is mandatory for all students and a necessary requirement to successfully complete the programme.

Keep an eye on your email account and the PREMIUM facebook page for more information concerning this event. Also, check your online student handbook section “Central Events” for the assessment criteria.

PREMIUM Closing Event

Congratulations, you have hopefully succesfully completed PREMIUM! You will receive your certificate during our festive PREMIUM Closing Seminar.

PREMIUM Closing Event “Bridging the Gap between Study and Career”
Thusday May 27th.
(Location: Online)

You have reached the finish of your PREMIUM journey! What remains is a final and festive send-off into your bright futures with your brand new PREMIUM certificates at hand!

The PREMIUM Closing Event is an event with a fun and interactive plenary session, a valuable final masterclass, the official certificate ceremony, and a networking mixer.

The overall theme of the Closing Event is “Bridging the Gap between Study and Career”, to give you one last boost towards a bright professional future and close your PREMIUM experience with a blast!

PREMIUM Tumblr Awards

During the PREMIUM Closing Event, we host an award ceremony for the best Tumblr page in certain, pre-defined, categories. Such as;

  • “most memorable message”,
  • “best use of creative skills”,
  • “best teamwork”

PREMIUM Central Management will select 3 nominees per category, after which these will be put forward to a jury who will select the final winners in each category.

Also, you can have a say in which team wins the “audience award”. During the PREMIUM Closing Seminar, you are requested to vote for the team YOU believe has the best Tumblr page.

Keep an eye on your email account and the PREMIUM facebook page for more information concerning this event and the video voting. Also, check your student online handbook section “Central Events”.

Please note that since this Closing Event is a part of the PREMIUM central events, attendance is mandatory for all students and a necessary requirement to successfully complete the programme.


PREMIUM Mystery Pop-Up Events

A powerful combination of the expected and unexpected, the PREMIUM Mystery Pop-Up Events will expand your horizon even further and have you further connect with the PREMIUM community.

PREMIUM will be launching a series of specially designed Mystery Pop-Up events. Allowing you to further connect as a community, but also allowing you to pick up extra skills that you otherwise wouldn’t be offered anywhere at UM.

  • Out of the box workshops or other events aimed at providing you with even more professional skills;
  • Organized at external locations, by external trainers;
  • Exclusively for members of the PREMIUM community (limited number, first come first serve);
  • Free of charge;
  • A chance to connect with other PREMIUM students;
  • A lot of fun!

Make sure to keep an eye on your student email, because you never know when an invitation to these events might arrive, and seats are limited.



Please contact PREMIUM Central Management Team if you have any questions concerning the PREMIUM Central Events.

PREMIUM Coordinator

Fabienne Crombach


PREMIUM Junior Coordinator

Dominique Tellier

PREMIUM Administration

Marie-Lou Mestrini