PREMIUM Finishers website

On this page we celebrate the achievements of our PREMIUM students 2021-2022

Dear PREMIUM students,

Congratulations on the completion of your PREMIUM projects and journeys, and thank you all for another great year of PREMIUM. It was a year in which we were very happy to be able to meet our students back on campus, a year that allowed for new and genuine connections, but also a year that required from each of us to find again some balance in life and the possibilities that all of a sudden are available again.

We want to thank you and applaud you for your flexibility, self management skills and creative problem solving. We hope all the valuable lessons you learned, the useful knowledge you gained, and all the skills you (further) developed, serve you well in all your future endeavors.

Kind regards,
PREMIUM Central Management Team

Honorable mentions

During the PREMIUM programme, students are required to attend a minimum of 6 workshops, aimed to further enhance their professional skill-set. However, we encourage students to attend more workshops if they want to go the famous “extra mile”.

Congratulations to the students that took a chance and decided to go the “extra mile” fully by participating in the most workshops and Pop-Up events.

On the podium, the big winner of this year: Puck Slaats (FHML) who attended a total of 12 workshops and 4 Pop-Up Events.

We also congratulate Laura Wallossek (FPN) who attended a total 10 workshops and 3 Pop-Up Events and Julia Greis (FPN), attending 10 workshops and 3 Pop-Up Events. Well done everyone, for choosing to fully commit to enhancing your set of skills and developing new ones!

PREMIUM team successes

The PREMIUM programme is yearly concluded with an official closing meeting between students and clients, during which each team presents their project outcomes to their client. Next to that, we celebrate the closing of the programme with a festive Closing event, aimed at community building, celebrating team successes and festively bringing PREMIUM to a close. By means of this page, we want to further highlight our students’ achievements.

Below, you can find an overview of each team’s progress by means of their Tumblr page, an impression of their PREMIUM journey, and we announce and celebrate the teams that win the Tumblr awards.

The 2020-2021 PREMIUM project teams


Team Accenture

"Team Umami"

  • Jeroen Kopczinski (FHML) Healthcare, Policy, Innovation & Management
  • Adele Tanhuanpää (LAW) LLM International and European Tax Law
  • Ilyas Benmouna (SBE) Fiscal Economics
  • Francesca Battipaglia (FSE) Data Science for Decision Making
  • Evrydiki Kolokoudia (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology


Project Aim: Help this innovative AI and software development company in defining a growth strategy for a digital innovation hub.


Team Atos

"Team Digi-Verse Consulting"

  • Rocio Ballesta Orta (FASoS) European Studies: Global Policy and Governance Challenges
  • Tanja Grieshaber (SBE) International Business: Strategic Marketing
  • Yushan Cui (LAW) European Law
  • Stella Shukla (SBE) International Business: Strategy & Innovation
  • Sebastian Kokol (SBE) IB: Organisation – Management, Change & Consultancy

Project Aim: Join this IT organization in their challenge to define the topic of Digital Sovereignty.


Team Capgemini

"Team UniCon"

  • Talea Grootenhuis (SBE) Public Policy and Human Development
  • Charlotte Clerx (SBE) IB: Strategy and Innovation
  • Johann Ferreira (LAW) Globalisation and Law
  • Benjamin Huxoll (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Justus-Jonas Erker (FSE) Artificial Intelligence


Project Aim: Help the biggest European Consultancy firm diving deeper into topic such as diversity & inclusion and organisational transformation, and see how it can affect their business potential.


Team Ecovadis

"Team EcoLadies"

  • Isabel Thoma (FASoS) Globalisation and Development Studies
  • Irina Hristova (LAW) Globalisation and Law
  • Ruby Sanders (SBE) Strategic Marketing & Organisation: Man., Change &Consultancy
  • Marina Fontoura (SBE) Sustainability Science, Policy & Society
  • Stephanie Kehm (SBE) Sustainability Science, Policy and Society


Project Aim: Help the world’s largest provider of business sustainability ratings, in carrying out market research and define a proposal on how to best seize the opportunity the German and European Supply Chain Due Diligence Act might hold.


Team EKwadraat

"Team EKwadraat & Us"

  • Quang Phong (SBE) Business Intelligence and Smart Services
  • Nicola Grande (SBE) Public Policy and Human Development
  • Jordan McDonald (SBE) IB: Sustainable Finance
  • Mariam Gobianidze (FHML) Governance and Leadership in European Public Health
  • Quincy Aitatus (SBE) IB Entrepreneurship & Business Development + Strategic Corporate Finance


Project Aim: Help this consultancy firm to design a framework for decentralised regional and local energy hubs, in a bid to transfer from fossil to sustainable energy.



"Team Strategy into Action Consulting"

  • Katherina Petersen (FASoS) European Studies on Society, Science and Technology
  • Britt Lahcen (SBE) IB Strategy & Innovation
  • Patrick Fuchs (SBE) IB: Strategic Corporate Finance
  • Antoine Miot (SBE) Strategic Corporate Finance
  • Christina Jovanov (LAW) Globalization & Law: International trade and investment law

Project Aim: Help this market leader in global energy and services to ensure optimal brand image and creating new business solutions at a higher level in the value chain.

Farma ter Verantwoording-UAEM

Team Farma ter Verantwoording-UAEM

"Team Just Vax

  • Meike Grillmaier (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Jarn Theunissen (FHML) Medicine
  • Clara Hoffmann (FHML) Health Policy, Innovation & Management
  • Jewel Dela Cruz (LAW) Forensics, Criminology, and Law
  • Conrad Nunnenmacher (SBE) Public Policy and Human Development
  • Lena Krause (FASoS) RM European Studies
  • Manar Daoud (FHML) Global Health


Project Aim: Analyze the highly topical case of inequitable Covid-19 vaccine distribution in order to monitor the practices of pharmaceutical companies in their marketing and development of Covid-19 vaccines according to their human rights responsibilities.

Foodtech Brainport

Team Foodtech Brainport

"Team Food Warriors"

  • Matthijs Bestebreurtje (FHML) Healthcare, Policy, Innovation and Management
  • Megan Borg (FSE) Biobased Materials
  • Shashank Subramanya (FSE) Data Science for Decision Making
  • Chirel Vroemen (FHML) Health Food Innovation Management
  • Anh Nguyen (SBE) Business Intelligence and Smart Services


Project Aim: Investigate how this food processing factory can create more value for their community and realize new business models for valorizing side streams that prevent food waste.


Team Happy2learn

"Team PREMIUM x Happy2learn"

  • Sofie Schuller (FHML) Work, Health & Career
  • Morris Ameyaw Yiadom (LAW) International and European Tax Law
  • Deidree Tjokrosetio (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Laura Winkens (FPN) Legal Psychology



Project Aim: Help this social startup in developing an interactive guide to help students and young professionals find relevant information to career happiness.



"Team Cryptonite"

  • Daniella Pauly Jensen (FASoS) Cultures of Arts, Science, and Technology
  • Leonardo Daniele (SBE) IB: Entrepreneurship & Business Development
  • Christos Kaparakis (FSE) Data Science for Decision Making
  • Ekaterina Bogdanova (FASoS) Cultures of Arts, Science, and Technology


Project Aim: Help this International trade association in Blockchain applications, to discover any differences between how they market their value proposition to what members actually take away (or lack) when joining the association.



  • Ieva Aliukonyte (FHML) Biomedical sciences
  • Jayanshi Tripathi (SBE) IB Strategic Corporate Finance
  • Roeland Pol (LAW) Dutch Law – Commercial and company law
  • Megan Verbeek (SBE) Human Decision Science & International Business


Project Aim: Help this Dutch sustainable jewelry designer to develop a growth strategy and to take her label to the next level.



"Team PREMIUM Ite(a)m"

  • Eleni Kamari (LAW) European Law and Market Integration
  • Kishan Mohansingh (SBE) Public Policy & Human Development
  • Puck Slaats (FHML) Global Health & Governance and Leadership in European Public Health
  • Valentin Rajon Bernard (FASoS) European Studies: International Relations
  • Gabor Gyenes (FHML) Epidemiology

Project Aim: Conduct an impact assessment on the topic of cross-border effects of the Dutch policy framework on reducing nitrogen emissions.


Team Key2advance

"Team KeyTreat"

  • Laura Wallossek (FPN) Developmental Psychology
  • Lieke Dortmans (FHML) Health Education and Promotion
  • Aisling Moylan (FASoS) Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Anna Villarica (FASoS) Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Elena Pöhlmann (SBE) IB: Entrepreneurship and Business Development & Organisation: Management, Change & Consultancy
  • Mukesh Vashisht (LAW) Globalisation and Law

Project Aim: Investigate how retreats focusing on “Self” can be used for different audiences and how it may be constructed into a viable business plan.


"Team Frame-Work"

  • Maya Callens (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Ana Stokman ten Brinck (FPN) Health and Social Psychology
  • Frederic Freitag (SBE) Public Policy and Human Development
  • Elisabeth Nagel (SBE) IB Organisation: Management, Change and Consultancy
  • Andrei Mititelu (SBE) IB: Sustainable Finance


Project Aim: Help this strategy firm to develop a holistic guide for new entrepreneurs.


Team Marres

"Team Sense Lab"

  • Annemieke Verbaan (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Mahrukh Akhtar (FHML) Medicine and Clinical Research
  • Chloe Pronovost-Morgan (FPN) Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, specialisation in Psychopathology
  • Ameena Ali (FASoS) Media Studies: Digital Cultures
  • Caroline Da Silva (SBE) Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets
  • Lea Marie Krapp (FPN) Work and Organisational Psychology


Project Aim: Explore to what extent sensory knowledge is used in fields of work, and how knowledge of sense and training in senses can be beneficial to the way we work.

Politie Limburg

Team Politie Limburg

"Team PREMIUM Operation Limburg"

  • Thomas Fodor (FHML) Medicine
  • Anna Schützenhofer (FPN) Forensic Psychology
  • Julia Greis (FPN) Legal Psychology
  • Alexandra Yazbeck (LAW) Forensic Psychology, Criminology and Law
  • Famke Quist (FASoS) European Studies on Society, Science and Technology
  • Elinor Edem (LAW) Forensic Psychology, Criminology and Law


Project Aim: Help the Limburg Police in creating a sustainable cross-border strategy in tackling the problem of drug waste dumping in nature.

Porta Mosana

Team Porta Mosana

"Team Global Students Initiative"

  • Agata Jagusiewicz (FHML) Governance and Leadership in European Public Health
  • Jenni Zirener (FHML) Health Education and Promotion
  • Isabell Schmidt (FPN) Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience, specialisation: Neuropsychology
  • Lana Hagedoorn (FHML) Arts-Klinisch Onderzoeker
  • Zuzana Hellerova (FASoS) European Public Affairs


Project Aim: Develop a set of hands-on workshops oriented towards Global Citizenship Education for a bi-lingual secondary school in Maastricht.


Team Stedin

"Team ChangelS"

  • Kayleigh Oosterveld (FHML) Global Health
  • Domiziana Giliberto (FPN) Neuropsychology
  • Lena Hering (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Ege Yalcin (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Anasuya Malgie (LAW) International Laws

Project Aim: Help this change-office of a grid provider to create a tool, measure or intervention that they can apply in their change portfolio to help their workforce adapt to change in the workplace.

SSC Refugees

Team SSC Refugees


  • Saja Abusulttan (FHML) Global Health
  • Anaïs Kraïem Ben Rached (FASOS) European Studies, Global Challenges
  • Diane-Estelle Ngatchou-Djomo (SBE) Public Policy and Human Development
  • Lucia Arroyo Carriedo (FASOS) European Studies: Global Policy and Governance Challenges
  • Rabab Nezam El-Din (FHML) Epidemiology
  • Wiktoria Nadolna (SBE) Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets


Project Aim: Help this department of the SSC to develop a plan for UM’s Executive Board that will help students who become refugees during their studies.


Team Trends4fi

"Team Art and Finance UM"

  • Linus Pohl (FASoS) European Public Affairs
  • Marie-Christin Manke (LAW) Forensics, Criminology and Law
  • Maria Kvarving (FPN) Legal Psychology
  • Paul Toll (SBE) Public Policy and Human Development
  • Pia-Zoe Hahne (FASoS) Cultures of Art, Science and Technology



Project Aim: Research the dynamics of donating artworks and art collections by charitable cultural organizations, and money laundering and tax evasion risks that come into play.