UM Leadership Academy

Explore the various possibilities of creating a new leadership culture and leaders with a future-proof mindset and attitude, as such creating more impact in order to establish this new culture at your university.

The Project

The Project

What if you were a future leader of the UM? How would you behave, what kind of role model would you want to be?
Do you feel eager to shape UM’s leadership culture?

Are you triggered by topics such as appreciative leadership and organisational development; and you would you like to learn respective skills and competences that will strengthen your CV?

Then this project is just for you!

Many developments require the UM to be a better place for people to work and grow, not only for students but also for employees; the world around us is changing fast, it is complex and employees face more and more tasks and responsibilities. UM’s leaders play a key role in this change process. To better equip our leaders to do so, the UM Leadership Academy (LA) has been established. LA offers all UM leaders the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills through formal learning interventions.

Another important step taken Dutch universities is the introduction of Recognition & Reward, which should enable employees to beneficially engage their talents in a development-oriented environment. However, offering training opportunities to leaders and introducing an R&R project are not enough. We need a new leadership culture and leaders with a future proof mindset and attitude. The Leadership Academy wants to explore the possibilities of creating more impact in order to establish this new culture.

Are you eager to look into these questions:

  1. Option 1:
    How do you see leadership at UM now and what should it look like in future?
    What are the different roles and tasks of leaders at UM?
    What does the ideal leader at UM look like? Design a persona.
    What preconditions are needed for good leadership at UM?
  2. Option 2:
    What is learning leadership?
    What does learning leadership look like at UM?
    What is needed for good learning leadership at UM?
    What is needed to increase learning leadership among our leaders?

We would love to work with you: you are the leaders of the future. This project is impactful and at the core of our work: the results will be presented to the UM Board for further decision-making.


In this project, the focus is on “discovering something new”

The Client

The Client

The UM Leadership Academy is part of Human Resources and is located within the UM Staff Career Centre.

We offer all UM leaders the opportunity to further develop themselves in their leadership role. We develop and facilitate learning interventions for starting to experienced, formal and informal leaders. For instance master classes, workshops, leadership programmes, coaching, e-learning, reflection pods.

In addition to our learning and development offer for leaders, we also focus on personal leadership, which is the ability to lead and give yourself direction, and is the foundation for all UM employees.

The variety of programmes, trainings and masterclasses equip you for the tasks you face, and support you in the challenges you encounter. Leadership development at all career levels is vital since we have ambitious goals as a university, sustainable employability is key to this.

Underlying all learning activities of the leadership academy is UM’s vision of leadership.

Co-Creator Client

This client might join the team for brainstorm sessions, meetings and preparatory sessions. The co-creator client is more actively involved in/during the project execution.