Uncover a way to ensure that digitalization, data and (advanced) analytics are not just buzz-words but are carried proudly throughout the entire organization of DHL.

The Project

The Project

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more recently Generative AI and Large Language Models (e.g., ChatGPT4), using data for day-to-day decision making has become ever more prominent. Data driven decision making however should not be a buzzword, but a complementing factor that would help anyone in the organization to be confident in leveraging data to make better decisions. For this to gain widespread acceptance from all levels and all generations we are currently looking at how to uplift our organization to become truly data driven, considering that data driven decision making can look very different for different parts (e.g., Finance, Operations, Customer Service) and levels (e.g., Individual Contributors, First Line Managers, Executive Teams) of the organisation in a variety of ways (training, tools, etc.).

A possible outcome of this project could be a cultural change program that looks at tackling these issues from a variety of metrics. For example, not just looking at a specific training catered to uplift knowledge within the organisation but also making sure people have the right tools and support network (community). Herein, taking into consideration that DHL is both decentralized in its country offices but also globalized via a variety of overarching regional or global program programs and is therefore more than the sum of its parts combined.
Additionally, we do not expect the entire organization to develop the next ChatGPT4, but rather have them become confident in e.g., working on data quality, being open to adopt change, deriving value from dashboards and reports, and delivering the message to their peers, direct reports, and managers in a confident manner.

Want to get a sneak-peak inside of the most international company in the world? A global leader in the logistics industry?

Within the Digital Office we are working daily to connect our world-renown logistics industry with cutting edge new technology. Together with you, we would like to uncover a way to ensure that digitalization, data and (advanced) analytics are not just buzz-words but are carried proudly throughout the entire organization. Herein we would benefit from a cross-disciplinary viewpoint considering for example psychology, digitization, globalisation, and analytics. Having worked on various (data-driven) solutions currently and in the past, the team in Maastricht is keen to discover new potential.


In this project, the focus is on “discovering something new”

The Client

The Client

Founded in 1969, DHL Express quickly rose to prominence and to this day it remains the most international company in the world, as well as the global market leader in Express Logistics. Founded over 20 years ago, our Shared Service Center in Maastricht has been pivotal to the success of our organization. Originally rooted in finance, our Center has since expanded into other fields to assist our local, regional, and global colleagues in areas varying from project management and pricing, all the way to advanced analytics. Herein, over 550 employees aim to ensure a great service quality and top bottom-line results, all in line with our company slogan: Excellence, simply delivered.

Formal Client

This client provides guidance and supports the team with feedback, but it not actively involved in project execution.