For Whom?

The MaRBLe/PEERS-scholarschip is intended for

  1. Current MaRBLe/PEERS-students
  2. Former MarBLe/PEERS-students who are studying a master at Maastricht University

For what?

Students participating in MaRBLe/PEERS can apply for a scholarship for an in depth preparation for a research career. Activities that are eligible are:

  1. internships at research institutes (at home or abroad);
  2. attending training courses focused on specific research skills;
  3. transferring a research paper into an article (for publication in a (peer reviewed) journal);
  4. attending a convention or conference.

At the request of the student and the supervisor, an alternative activity can also be submitted, if explained clearly in the application.
All activities have to be devoted to their MaRBLe/PEERS study.


Each scholarship has a maximum of € 750.


The application for the grant consists of three parts:

Part 1. Explanation of the nature of the application

The application can have a different nature, depending on the discipline of the research and what is common in the discipline. Possibilities are:

  1. submitting a proposal for an internship at a (domestic or foreign) renowned research institute, with a specification of the institute;
  2. attending a training focused on specific research;
  3. submitting a proposal for conference participation, with a specification of the conference;
  4. writing a (semi) scientific article, with a specification of the journal, or the provision of a book based on the research contribution, with a specification of the book.

Depending on the discipline students have to be first author of the publication.

Part 2. Motivation

It’s important to give a short explanation of the learning objectives for the students. What does the student hope to learn from the application?

Part 3. Budget

Specify the budget in the following variables:

  1. number of hours of counselling (supervisor) at what rate;
  2. number of hours for the students (as a student-assistant writing his/her paper/article);
  3. registration, accommodation and transport costs at a convention or conference or visit an internship at home or abroad (estimate);
  4. material costs (think for example of lab-hours, printing costs, gift certificates for test persons).

The maximum size of the application (all parts included) is 1 A4 sheet.

Reviewing the application

All applications will be reviewed by the steering committee of MaRBLe/PEERS.

The following criteria will be used as a guideline.

Considering the contents of the proposal:

  1. The research question is clearly worked out
  2. The study contains innovative elements
  3. The research design is consistent with research question
  4. The research design is clearly worked out
  5. The results are clearly worked out
  6. The recommendations are clearly worked out

Considering the learning goals for the student

  1. The learning objectives of the student are clearly defined
  2. The nature of the application (training, education, article writing, conference participation) is consistent with the intended learning objectives


How to apply

Students can send the application to , the programme manager for MaRBLe/PEERS. She will discuss all applications with the steering board.

Students will receive an answer within two weeks.