Honours+ Central & Informal Events

Stay informed about all the mandatory central events and optional informal events Honours+ is hosting in 2020-2021.

Dear Honours+ students,

Over the course of the programme, Honours+ organizes several central formal and informal activities for all Honours+ students, Supervisors and faculty coordinators. All events contain educational and/or assessment elements  and offer opportunities for students, UM employees and others to meet, connect and network. But it’s also always a lot of fun!

At the central events (Kick-Off, Midterm Peer Discussions, Intervision Evenings, and Closing), attendance is mandatory for all students.
If you cannot attend a central event, please refer to the section of the student handbook “Exceptional Circumstance” or contact the Honours+ Central Management Team.

Warm regards,

Honours+ Central Management Team

Central (Mandatory) Events

Informal (Optional) Community Events

Honours+ Kick-Off

This is where your Honours+ journey officially takes off.

Jumping right in: The Honours+ Kick-Off

Thursday, October 29th
18:00-22:00 (Location: Via Zoom, and via “team rooms” at TAPX)

We want to officially welcome you to Honours+ and kick-off the programme together with a bang! Students will get an opportunity to first meet and get to know each other.
Additionally, there will be an inspiring webinar on interdisciplinary teamwork and how to lift your group work from multi-disciplinary to interdisciplinary.

Lastly, we have organized an enjoyable group activity to facilitate the formation of excellent team dynamics within your team right off the bat. We hope to inspire you to go into the Honours+ experience with an enthusiastic approach and a good foundation for pleasant and effective teamwork.

Since we cannot guarantee all our Honours+ students being on campus yet in October, this event will be hosted online.
As a team however, you may opt to meet (partly) at Tapijn X during this event, and check into the Zoom session as a team. If you and your Supervisor would like to use this opportunity, please send a message to honoursplus@maastrichtuniversity.nl. We will then reserve a room for your team alone, and even order some festive catering for you to enjoy during the event.

Please refer to the Honours+ website, Facebook page, and your student email accounts to stay informed about the Honours+ Kick-Off event. Your attendance is mandatory.

Mark your calendars!  The Honours+ Kick-off event will take place on Thursday October 29th, via Zoom.

Programme of the evening:

Honours+ Midterm Peer Discussion Evenings

This is where you get the chance to exchange knowledge with teams working on the same Challenge, and see each other’s progress.

HONOURS+ Midterm Peer Discussion Evenings

Wednesday February 24th or Thursday February 25th.
17:30-22:00 hrs. (Location: online via Remo)

Halfway during the Honours+ programme, all students are required to attend one of the Midterm Peer Discussion Evenings (a schedule will be drawn up for when, which team needs to be present).

During these sessions, students will be grouped with fellow honours students from other teams that are working on the same challenge, and they will be explaining the status quo of their research, the progress they are making, but most of all be able to get input from fellow students on issues or problems that are facing. These problems can be related to the content of their research, or related to the process of working in an interdisciplinary team.

The main objectives of these Midterm Peer Discussion Sessions are:

  • To create a system of peer support among students and strengthen solidarity;
  • To give students the opportunity to share results, problems, questions or concerns with their peers;
  • To develop the skills and insights of looking for solutions;
  • To help other students become more effective and autonomous;

The setup of these sessions is based on intervision techniques. This will help students in developing awareness in their capability to learn from experience.  It also breaks down the idea that one can only learn from an expert, somebody who ‘knows’, and by means of this session, students will develop a number of important learning skills, such as active listening, empathy and questioning skills, creative thinking and innovative problem solving, synthesizing skills, teamwork and solidarity.

It is also an ideal way to get new insights and pick the bright minds of your fellow honours students, and even Supervisors, to lift your own research to the next level. We will give you the tools, but it’s up to you to use them to your best advantage.

Please refer to the Honours+ website, Facebook page, and your student email accounts to stay informed about the Midterm Peer Discussion Evenings. Your attendance is mandatory.

Mark your calendars!  The Honours+ Midterm Peer Discussion Evenings will take place on Wednesday 24.02.2021 and Thursday 25.02.2021 online.

Honours+ Student Intervision Evenings

Get final input and support from your peers to gain new energy and insights to keep momentum.

HONOURS+ Student Intervision Evenings

Wednesday April 21st or Thursday April 22nd.
(Online, via REMO)

3 Weeks before the deadline of handing in your final report, students are required to attend one of the Student Intervision Evenings (a schedule will be drawn up for when, which team needs to be present).

This session is aimed at providing you with a) some final input from your fellow students on problems your team is facing related to the challenge, b) to facilitate a plenary team meeting with the finish in sight, and c) give you a chance to come together as an honours community.

Usually around this team, students feel pressure building up towards the closing of Honours+. Constructive team meetings are crucial at this point, but tunnel vision might also be luring. Picking the brains of fellow honours students can provide you with last-minute ideas and energy to keep momentum going. As a team, you are able to check your progress and rely on the system of peer support by your fellow honours students.

It is also a centrally facilitated opportunity to come together as a team with all members present and work on the team challenge. Lastly, we organize an informal event right afterwards to allow you to take a breather and recharge.

Please refer to the Honours+ website, Facebook page, and your student email accounts to stay informed about the Midterm Peer Discussion Evenings. Your attendance is mandatory.

Mark your calendars!  The Honours+ Student Intervision Evenings will take place on
Wednesday 21.04.2021 and Thursday 22.04.2021 online via REMO.

Honours+ Closing Event

HONOURS+ Closing Event (Canceled due to Covid-19)
Alternative: H+ Finishers’ website

The Honours+ programme is concluded with a festive Closing Event, focused on bringing the Honours+ experience to a close together.

During the Closing Event, each student team will pitch their findings with regards to the team Challenge to the other Honours+ students, and a jury. The best presentation within every Challenge topic will win a team prize. We challenge you to impress your peers and UM’s academic staff!

Additionally, all teams will display their findings via a poster exhibition, which allows students to see the outcome of other Challenge topics, and provide room for discussion. The jury will take the poster into consideration as well.

Inform the H+ community and us, what potential solution you found (applied research Challenges) or what new and value-adding knowledge to the already existing knowledge on this topic your team uncovered (theoretical research Challenges).

Please refer to the Honours+ website, Facebook, and your student email accounts to stay informed about the Honours+ Closing Event. Your attendance is mandatory.

Mark your calendars! The Honours+ closing event will take place on Wednesday May 12th (unless Covid-19 regulations require adaptations to the setup).


Programme of the evening:

Informal Community Events

Feel like meeting up with fellow honours students outside your own faculty? Then join us during these optional informal events.

Besides the formal central events, we also host a variety of fun and informal community events, where you can meet and connect with fellow honours students in an informal setting. These events are aimed at building bridges across faculty borders and aspire to create a community of honours students.

Some events are already scheduled, but you never know if we might just as well surprise you with a pop-up event.


To sign up for the community events, use the buttons below. There, you will find the link to the community events registration page. There is a minimum of 5 sign-ups per activity in order for the activity to take place.

Attending these events is optional, voluntarily and free of charge. However, once you sign up for such an event, we count on your presence an expect you to actually attend these events. Not showing up, or cancelling later than 24 hours in advance, without a valid and documented reason, will affect the activity for your fellow students and leads to extra costs for the organisation. You will, in that case, be faced with a no-show fee of € 25.

Please note that once you are signed up, it is not possible to cancel your registration yourself. If you must cancel your registration, please email honoursplus@maastrichtuniversity.nl with your request. Registration or cancellation of a registration is allowed up to 24 hours in advance of the community event date.

Please refer to the Honours+ website, Facebook, and your student email accounts to stay informed about the informal community events.


Game Night: January 12th, 18:00 hrs



Pubquiz: March 2nd, online, 19:30 hrs

Register here


Movie Night: March 11th, online, 18:00 hrs



Online Yoga session: March 22nd, 16:00 hrs

Register here


Online Mysterty Game: April 16th, 16:00 hrs



Please contact Honours+ Central Management Team if you have any questions concerning the Honours+ Central Events.


Fabienne Crombach


Junior Coordinator

Dominique Tellier



Marie-Lou Mestrini