Honours+ during Covid-19

Everything you need to know about how Honours+ adapts to the Covid-19 crisis.

Due to the measures surrounding Covid-19, Honours+ will look slightly different in the coming period than in previous years.

Some components of the programme will therefore also physically take place at EDLAB’s Tapijn X Building. Naturally, the welfare, health and safety of students and teachers as well as the quality of education will be safeguarded and all government guidelines will be followed. Directional signs in the Taijn X building indicates in what directions you may walk, and we ask everyone to keep in mind the 1.5 metres social distancing rule.

For the educational components that are organised on campus, such as certain events or workshops, we expect that students who are able to come to Maastricht will actually be present. Students who are unable to come to Maastricht due to international travel restrictions, health risks or physical symptoms will be provided with an alternative, if they inform H+ Central Management Team on time.

Please be aware, the Corona crisis can always throw us an unexpected curveball, which changes things again. Keep an eye on your student email for any changes in the programme related to the Corona crisis.

Please stay home if you experience (mild) Corona-like symptoms or if you live with anyone who has tested positive, and follow UM’s protocol regarding COVID-19 infections as of 1 June 2020.