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Student Advisory Board


What is the EDLAB student board?

At EDLAB, we focus on continuously improving and innovating education at Maastricht University. In doing this, we take into account the needs, desires and ambitions of students and teaching staff of Maastricht University.

By creating a student advisory board, we want to gain better insight in the student perspective on education innovation at UM. We want to hear and understand what you, as a student, feel and think about studying and education at Maastricht University. Therefore, participating in this board allows you to reflect on education innovation of our unique PBL system.

What do we ask of students?

Your input and reflection on current and future innovation projects and activities!

Of course, we also ask some of your time. The advisory board meeting will be organized every two months at EDLAB and lasts about two hours.

In addition, we ask your participation in our annual Euregional Student Platform (ESP) event (impression ESP-event 2018 https://stijnjanssen.wixsite.com/euregiostudentforum). The next edition will be organized in the spring of 2019; an inspirational day organized to connect students from the Euregion, exchange knowledge and practices and discuss the future of higher education.

We would like to compensate you for a year’s work with an Albert Heijn voucher worth €100.

Who are we looking for?

Students that have an understanding of the needs and desires of their peers when it comes to studying and education at Maastricht University. Being part of EDLAB’s student board means that you will be our eyes and ears among the student community.

To make sure all faculties are represented in the student advisory board, we are ideally looking for one or two (second- or third-year students per faculty.

How to apply?

Are you interested in sharing your thoughts and opinions, and joining our student board? Apply before November 21 by sending your resume and a short motivation to Julie de Ronde – julie.deronde@maastrichtuniversity.nl

For more information, or questions, also do not hesitate to contact Julie.


Coordinator Innovation

Walter Jansen


Coordinator Innovation

Julie de Ronde