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Do you care about education? Do you enjoy studying at Maastricht University? Are you interested in innovating the education at UM? Then join EDLAB’s Student-Meets and leave your mark at Maastricht University.

A Student-Meet is an informal and a low-key gathering open for all students of UM faculties. EDLAB is interested in bringing students from all different academic years together to share experiences and chat about education at UM. EDLAB organizes five Student-Meets per academic year. Every event focuses on a different theme, all with the aim of innovating education. There are no-strings attached when visiting a Student-Meet (you are thus very welcome, yet not obliged, to visit all five meetings and there is no mandatory preparation before the event).

Volume 3 | Learning from Failures = CANCELLED = 

Due to recent developments concerning COVID-19, the Student-Meet on March 25 is cancelled. We will hopefully organize this event at a later date this academic year. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.


Do you dare to fail?

Learning is a desired objective in any university environment. However, in order to learn, is it not essential to be able to fail?
Here at EDLAB, we think the answer to that question is yes. Therefore, our next Student-Meet will focus on the topic of failure. More specifically, on the issue: How can we learn from failing?

In order to answer this, we will look at the optimal environment for learning; is this also a safe space for failing? What are the consequences of not being able to fail? Additionally, we will pay special attention to the beauty of failing. Does a moment of failure help us move away from a fixed mindset and perhaps even stimulate growth?

Laura Smeets, PhD student at SBE, will be present during the event. Smeets is an expert in the field of assisting students’ employability in higher education. She specifically researches the importance of making mistakes in a work environment.

The event is open to students from all UM faculties. In order to join, please register via the link below.
Free pizza and refreshments will be served!

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EDLAB student board

At EDLAB, we focus on continuously improving and innovating education at Maastricht University. In doing this, we take into account the needs, desires and ambitions of students and teaching staff of Maastricht University.

By creating a student advisory board, we want to gain better insight in the student perspective on education innovation at UM. We want to hear and understand what UM students feel and think about studying and education at Maastricht University. Participating in this board allows students to reflect on education innovation of our unique PBL system.

The student board is composed of students from all six UM faculties and meets every 8 weeks at EDLAB.


Coordinator Innovation

Walter Jansen


Project Coordinator Innovation

Stella Wasenitz