PREMIUM Terms and Conditions

PREMIUM is a selective Honours programme. In return for the privilege of being admitted to the programme we expect our excellent selected students to behave according to a certain code of conduct throughout the programme.

Our expectations of admitted students:

  1. Time management. All students should spend at least 250 hours on the programme. The programme has been carefully designed to require at least this amount of time. 150 hours should be spent on project execution. The remaining 100 hours should be spent on workshops, competence coaching, and central events.
    Students are expected to be aware of the challenging workload and to manage their time accordingly, balancing PREMIUM with the standard curriculum of their study programme, other extracurricular activities, sports, leisure, and free time.
  2. All students should put in an equal and appropriate amount of effort.
    Students should be reliable teamplayers, as evident in:

    1. Honouring his/her commitment to the team, mentor, and client;
    2. Putting in effort to reach all agreed goals;
    3. Behaving in a manner compliant with the team charter objectives;
    4. Attending group meetings;
    5. Being on time;
    6. Completing assigned tasks on time;
    7. Communicating clearly and timely (at times of conflict);
    8. Giving and receiving feedback to/from the team, mentor, and/or coach in a productive manner.
  3. Professional behaviour. PREMIUM introduces students to the professional as opposed to the academic work environment. All students should take note to:
    1. Behave in a professional manner towards all parties involved in PREMIUM (teammates, mentor, coach, the Central Management Team and above all the client);
    2. Communicate professionally, clearly, and politely with all parties involved in PREMIUM at all times.
  4. Get the most out of coaching. Competence coaching is a valuable and fundamental component of the PREMIUM programme and all students should go into their coaching trajectory with high motivation. All students should prepare for their meeting with the coach, follow the coach’s instructions, and produce a useful personal development plan.
  5. Deadlines and assessment criteria. All students should adequately complete every single mandatory programme element before the set deadline for that element. All students should fulfil the attendance requirement for workshops.
  6. Be proactive. If a situation arises which disables any student from living up to PREMIUM’s standard, he/she should contact the Central Management Team promptly.
  7. Be open to learning. PREMIUM is a safe learning environment, which means that we stimulate and expect our students to grow as a person and professional by all aspects of the programme. To safeguard this safe environment, there is no guaranteed result of outcome for the participating clients. In theory, a project outcome can not be satisfactory for the client, but if the students have shown a satisfactory learning experience, it can still be a successful PREMIUM journey. However, this also includes that we expect students to be as much open to learning as they can, and appreciate the access the clients provide to this learning experience. Intellectual property of all projects lie with the respective client.

The student will receive a certificate, issued by Maastricht University and signed by the Rector Magnificus and PREMIUM programme leader, upon successful completion of all of PREMIUM’s mandatory programme elements. Additionally, a certificate can and will only be issued if no major violations to the above stated code of conduct took place.