PREMIUM Finishers website

On this page we celebrate the achievements of our 13th cohort of PREMIUM students, academic year 2023-2024

Dear PREMIUM students,

Congratulations on the completion of your PREMIUM projects and journeys, and thank you all for another great year of PREMIUM. We hope all the valuable lessons you learned, the useful knowledge you gained, and all the skills you (further) developed, serve you well in all your future endeavors.

Kind regards,
PREMIUM Central Management Team

The PREMIUM programme is yearly concluded with an official closing meeting between students and clients, during which each team presents their project outcomes to their client. Next to that, we celebrate the closing of the programme with a festive Closing event, aimed at community building, celebrating team successes and festively bringing PREMIUM to a close. By means of this page, we want to further highlight our students’ achievements.

Below, you can find an overview of each team’s outcome by means of a video pitch they had to present to the PREMIUM community during the Closing Event.

The 2023-2024 PREMIUM project teams


Project Aim: Help FinTechs by building a community that is eager to engage, to network, and to implement solutions based on the aixigo technology.

Team aixigo

  • Samantha Cijntje (FASoS) Media Studies; Digital Cultures
  • Madalena Nunes Revés (SBE) IB: Strategic Marketing
  • Jakob Lecki (SBE) Financial Economics
  • Cedric Pots (SBE/LAW) Econometrics & Operations research/LLM Corporate & Commercial Law
  • Kimberly Hellen (FPN) Health & Social Psychology


Project Aim: Investigate how different areas in Maastricht currently perform in terms of health, and explore best practices from around the world to see how they can be implemented in Maastricht to develop Maastricht into a blue zone.

Team Arcadis

  • Mohammad Fayazi (FSE) Data Science for Decision Making
  • Irena Xhari (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Emma D’Hooghe (SBE) IB: Strategic Marketing
  • Sara Shaikh (SBE) IB: Supply Chain Management
  • Mika Rohlfing (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Suhad Elbadawi (FHML) Epidemiology


Project Aim: Investigate the potential for hybrid digital trainings for college dropouts and define potential career paths, thus creating a win-win-win situation for the individual, the society and the companies that are searching for talents.


  • Julia Forjan (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Nina Kurth (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Marco Kroener (FPN) Health & Social Psychology
  • Pauline Maréchal (SBE) IB: Organisation: Management, Change & Consultancy
  • Ishaan Chitnis (SBE) Public Policy & Human Development


Project aim: Create a welcoming space, develop sustainable neighborhoods and relationship-building, with specific attention for involving youth activism with a focus on climate action.


  • Shuddha Das (SBE) Public Policy & Human Development
  • Sara Bartoli (FASoS) European studies: Global policy and governance challenges
  • Isabelle Matthies (FPN) Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Emily Wang (FHML) Epidemiology
  • Anna Nisenboym (FHML) Medicine
  • Federica Castellana (FHML) Governance & Leadership in European Public Health

Davinci Conclusion

Project Aim: Test the feasibility of a concept that allows artificial Intelligence to let your (virtual) home communicate with you about sustainability, maintenance, environment and mortgages/finances.

Team Davinci

  • Shraddha Jhingan (FSE) Data Science for Decision Making
  • Việt Anh Pham (SBE) Sustainability Science, Policy & Society
  • Aliya Scholten (SBE) IB: Strategy & Innovation; Strategic Corporate Finance
  • Michael McDonald (LAW) European Law School
  • Elene Esiava (SBE) IB: Marketing-Finance



Project Aim: uncover a way to ensure that digitalization, data and (advanced) analytics are not just buzz-words but are carried proudly throughout the entire organization of DHL.

Team DHL

  • Arthur Dessenius (SBE) IB: Strategy & Innovation
  • Aysenur Arslan (FSE) Data Science for Decision Making
  • Lisanne Willems (LAW) Globalisation & Law
  • Leonie Hilß (FPN) Neuropsychology
  • Ekaterina Shubina (SBE) IB: Organisation: Management, Change & Consultancy


Project Aim: Investigate the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, and help Ecoact to develop an approach to the legislation that allows them to be leading in the market.

Team Ecoact

  • Pauline Küper (SBE) IB: Strategy & Innovation
  • Maria Spanó (LAW) European Law School
  • Alberto Mantovan (FASoS) European Studies: European Public Policy, Institutions & Governance
  • Martin Krzizok (FASoS) European Studies on Science, Society and Technology
  • Engy Elshahawy (SBE) Public Policy & Human Development




Project Aim: Create a more structural and efficient plan for ‘FASHIONCLASH Community Building’ and design an activity program that will contribute to a positive impact to everyone involved in and around FASHIONCLASH.

Team Fashionclash

  • Océane Mélon (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Tide Dunkel (SBE) IB: Organisation: Management, Change & Consultancy
  • Lilla Somogyvári (FPN) Legal Psychology
  • Eleonora Berluti (FASoS) Arts & Culture – Art and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education


Project Aim: Conduct research on what the impact is on border regions, of the current German legislative/policy proposal for Cannabis legalization.


  • Margaux Furlan (LAW) International Laws
  • Lorenzo Neri (LAW) Forensics, Criminology and Law
  • Nadja Kulesza (FPN) Drug development & Neurohealth
  • Naud Wetzels (SBE) IB: Organisation: Management, Change & Consultancy
  • Anne van Heeckeren (SBE) Public Policy & Human Development


Project Aim: Gain insight in how people use their body as source of knowledge, and how this differs between professional contexts and the way we use our bodies in leisure spaces (museums, fairs, nature).

Team Marres

  • Saloni Meghnani (FASoS) Media Studies; Digital Cultures
  • Kai Stoyanova (FPN) Health & Social Psychology
  • Divine Lecis (FHML) Medicine
  • Angelica D’Sa (FHML) Health Education & Promotion
  • Hsueh-Pei Fang (SBE) IB: Organisation: Management, Change & Consultancy



Project Aim: Help Metrisquare to establish itself as a dependable psychodiagnostics partner in Germany, delivering precision, professionalism, and practical progress.

Team Metrisquare

  • Anna Zaske (FHML) Medicine
  • Ali Al-Saeedi (FSE) Data Science for Decision Making
  • Maeve O’Keeffe (FPN) Health & Social Psychology
  • Sarah Sophie Kaupert (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Alicia Weinz (FPN) Forensic Psychology


Project Aim: Investigate how the orchestra can create meaningful links between works from the classical music canon and pressing societal issues, such as the climate crisis, artificial intelligence or social coherence through developing innovative online content for new audiences.

Team PhilZuid

  • Moritz Kaiser (FASoS) RM European Studies
  • Logan Riffey (FPN) Neuropsychology
  • Konstantina Bermperi (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Sena Nur Arduc (FHML) Biomedical Sciences

Politie Limburg

Project Aim: Together with the Police, dive into the world of illegal drugs use among young people and see if the demand for drugs can be reduced in order to prevent further illegal drug waste dumping in the region.

Team Politie Limburg

  • Samuele Tonelli (FPN) RM Drug Development & Neurohealth
  • Cora Schütt (FHML) Health Education & Promotion
  • Julian Crespo Garcia (FPN) Legal Psychology
  • Saara Hammar (LAW) European Law School
  • Rebecca Hansen (FPN) Health & Social Psychology
  • Evelyne Vande Lanoitte (FHML) Health Education & Promotion


Porta Mosana

Project Aim: Create an AI tool-kit related to the SDG’s that will be used at this local high school, and contribute as such to the global quest for 21st century education.

Team Porta Mosana

  • Jeannine Jaggi (FHML) Health Education & Promotion
  • Nabila Isham (FHML) Occupational Health and Sustainable Work
  • Marios Dimitriou (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Irma Ligda (FPN) Health & Social Psychology
  • Minh Pham (SBE) Business Intelligence and Smart Service



Project Aim: Investigate the concept of reciprocity, and generate ideas how a sustainable concept for living and learning based on reciprocity can be applied in practice.

Team Sam&Zo

  • Milou Dirks (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Emma Urlings (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Mélanie Hermans (FHML) Health Education & Promotion
  • Neele Schüller (FPN) Neuropsychology


Sparke & Keane

Project Aim: Assist this consultancy firm to set priorities in client propositions and marketability of a potential CSRD expertise centre.

Team Sparke & Keane

  • Yannick Tenzer (SBE) IB: Strategy & Innovation
  • Callie Sullivan (SBE) IB: Strategy & Innovation
  • Alina Timosenco (SBE) Sustainability Science, Policy & Society
  • Blagovesta Hadjieva (LAW) Globalisation & Law: Corporate & Commercial Law
  • Sara Bongartz (FPN) Work & Organisational Psychology


Studio Europa

Project Aim: Study diverse channels and techniques of communication in order to assess what strategies are most optimal to reach young voters and encourage and mobilize them to vote.

Team Studio Europa

  • Rebecca Bulaman (FHML) Medicine
  • Paul Stefan Joksch (SBE) Sustainability Science, Policy & Society
  • Ema Stecova (LAW) European Law School
  • Anna Medvedova (LAW) European Law School
  • Michele D’Orazio (FASoS) European Studies – Global Policy and Governance Challenges


Project Aim: Develop a marketing campaign for one of the existing products of this growing medical device company, which should include a basis in market research and clinical user feedback.

Team Technomed

  • Paula Dewenter (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Nicholas Hartley (FPN) Neuropsychology
  • Julian Kappesz (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Christine Paulus (FPN) RM Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience; Neuropsychology
  • Daan Janssen (FHML) Medicine
  • Beatrice Dușmăneanu (SBE) IB: Strategy & Innovation

UM Leadership Academy

Project Aim: Explore the various possibilities of creating a new leadership culture and leaders with a future-proof mindset and attitude, as such creating more impact in order to establish this new culture at your university.

Team UM Leadership Academy

  • Liza Bolt (LAW) European Law School
  • Jan Derksen (FPN) Health & Social Psychology
  • Tim Froitzheim (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Imke Lamers (SBE) Organisation: Management, Change & Consultancy


Project Aim: Explore and develop strategies to support nurses in dealing with aggression, violence, and inappropriate behaviour; fostering a safer environment for all.

Team Zuyderland

  • Kim Beumers (FHML) Biomedical Sciences
  • Natalia Meijssen (FHML) Epidemiology
  • Eva de Groeve (FHML) Medicine
  • Robin Whitworth (FHML) Medicine
  • Camila Ugaz Heudebert (LAW) Forensics, Criminology and Law
  • Gizem Güçlüeller (FPN) Neuropsychology