Escape the ordinary: Unleashing the potential of digital classrooms

(How) can technology enhance education at UM? Join our interactive event to experience it for yourself! 

Our event is open to all teaching staff and students!

Date: Wednesday 19 April 2023
Start Time: 13:30
End Time: 16:30
Location: EDLAB, St Hubertuslaan 12, Tapijnkazerne 23, Building X

Our event will showcase examples of educational initiatives in which either teachers or students have made use of digital technologies. Can students create a video or a podcast instead of attending a lecture or writing a paper? Or why not set up an escape room where students can apply the knowledge acquired in class, or have students create Wikipedia pages to demonstrate comprehension and practise their writing skills?

Where applicable, teaching staff will present practices in collaboration with one or more students. The presentations will be interactive and offer the opportunity for hands-on experiences.

We look forward to an inspiring event for both students and teaching staff to unleash the potential of technology-enhanced education at UM!

Preliminary programme

13.00    Welcome (coffee/tea/water)
13.30    Opening
13:45    Presentation Pitches

  • Skills for skills
    Why not ask students to create video clips to show their knowledge and skills?
    by Dimitris Kapsokalyvas (FHML) & Ilse Sistermans (UL)
  • Old books, new skills and Wikipedia
    Can students use Wikipedia to improve their research literacy skills? Yes, of course! We’ll show you how!

    by Odin Essers (UL), Roy Erkens (FSE) & Melissa Prinz (UL)
  • Podcast your learning!
    by Jermain Kaminski (SBE)
  • Escaping Logic or Logical Escaping?
    Teacher and students, let me show you how a live escape room can boost the integration of PBL in your education!
    Lena  Gromotka, (EDLAB and former FPN student)
  • Time to get the best out of Canvas!
    Are you sure you use Canvas to its fullest potential? Discover all its tools for teaching and learning!
    by Matthias Gögelein, Iveta Dzivite, Munshya Mupela (students/UL)
  • Use VR to enhance student engagement!

    Students can now receive real-time feedback on their presentation skills! How? With VR!
    Want to experience it for yourself?
    by Noah Moonen (DEXLab, SBE)

14:15    Parallel sessions round 1
15:00   Break (coffee/tea/water/snacks)
15:15    Parallel sessions round 2
16:00   Plenary discussion and wrap-up with drinks
16:30   End


Escape the ordinary: Unleashing the potential of digital classrooms