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Maastricht University encourages all staff involved in designing and delivering education to reflect on their skills and knowledge, and develop their teaching competences further.  To do so, there are various paths you can take.

New tutors
Staff without UTQ
Staff with UTQ

New tutors can find introductory training on Problem-Based Learning (PBL) within your faculties.

Teaching staff who have not yet obtained their University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) can request to follow this trajectory within their faculty.  Find out more here (on UMployee).

UM staff with a UTQ and a teaching load of greater than 10% are required to reflect upon their teaching competences and invest time in pursuing their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  More details for you are outlined below.

Continuing Professional Development for UTQ-qualified teaching staff

Relevant CPD activities for UM staff with a UTQ and a teaching load of greater than 10% are offered within your faculty, as well as at central level.  These are all designed to support the further development of knowledge and skills that can be applied directly in your educational role.

Planning your CPD

In deciding what types of CPD activities are right for you, you need to consider what your development goals are.  These should align with the three main UM teaching competencies outlined below.  These teaching competences are further expounded in this CPD framework document.


You should also reflect on the answers to these questions:


Your CPD progress and planning is something you should discuss and record with your line-manager during your HR appraisal and additional guidance is available from your faculty CPD coordinator.  In this CPD framework document we also provide more details about planning and reflecting on your CPD, with further advice and guidelines for teaching staff as well as managers.