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On June 15th, the Maastricht Graduate School of Law will host its first ever Young Researchers’ Day. During this day the master’s Honours students will defend their thesis and a number of the faculty’s PhD students will give a presentation about their research projects. The overall program has been divided into three parts, and will include the topics:

Panel 1. EU Law in an International Context
Panel 2. (Lack of) Harmonization within EU Law
Panel 3. Multinationals

Every presentation or defense will be followed by some extra time to start an interesting discussion and reflect on the provided information. After all the presentations have taken place, the formal part of the program will be concluded by a keynote speech by prof. mr. Cees Flinterman.

The Young Researchers’ Day provides young researchers the opportunity to get in touch with senior researchers and share experiences regarding their studies. We wish all the participants a very inspiring day!

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