Looking Back: UM Teacher Reflection and Recharge Week
EDLAB grants for education innovation available!

We are pleased to announce the first teach-meet of the new academic year, a special research edition, taking place on Tuesday 19th of October from 15:30-17:00.

The teach-meet is organized by the Taskforce Learning & Innovation (TFLI) in collaboration with EDLAB. This special edition will focus on evidence-based research on education and will take place at EDLAB (Tapijn Building X) in the newly refurbished Serre. We have invited several speakers from various faculties to talk about their research related to the Learning & Innovation themes. Moreover, we will discuss how to embed small- and moderate scale educational research into our education at UM during a fishbowl activity.

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15:30 – 15:35 Welcome

15:35 – 16:10 Invited speakers on evidence-based research on education

16:10 – 16:40 Fish-bowl discussion

16:40 – 16:50 Harvesting

16:50 – 17:30 Closing and Networking

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