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Upcoming Student-Meet: Preparing for exam week

Your first papers and exams are actually coming up and you really want to rock them – but really all that’s rocking so far is the soundtrack of your favourite TV show that you watch in procrastination?

A New York Times article on procrastination redefines procrastination as something we do not because we’re lazy or a lack of self-control, but rather due to our feelings towards a particular task. A lot of it comes down to us thinking we’re unable to do the task (well) or having bad emotions towards the task.

What on earth is a clear thesis statement? Why do all tutors say different things about what to study and how? A lot of procrastination, ineffective studying and stress before exams is caused by inefficient emotion management and us not knowing better. But what now?

EDLAB’s got your back and addresses your negative emotions: Join us for this Student-Meet and join in on a conversation with some senior students and experts on writing and studying. Letting you in on their best practices of how to start writing a paper or studying for exams and how learnt what does and doesn’t help them. Moreover – join us to connect with other students and maybe have some study groups or meet peers at other faculties. All of that with free Piano B pizza and drinks.

The event will last approx. one hour (18.00-19.00), with some time to chat, eat, and connect afterwards. Sign up below!


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