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EDLAB is hereby excited to announce the second “UM Teacher Reflection and Recharge Week” on 10-14 January 2022!

“New year, new you”? Or “old habits die hard”? Whatever the case, looking at your educational practice from a different perspective may be inspirational to your teaching or support you in dealing with challenging situations or your workload. This UM Teacher Reflection and Recharge Week is all about changing perspectives.

What insights can peers, former students and experts teach you to support your continuing professional development and teaching practice? Check out the complete week overview, our activities or discover more about the trainers and speakers to find the activities that can help you by changing your perspective below.

We are planning to offer various online and on-campus activities and these are free of charge for our UM teaching staff.

See you soon at EDLAB or online!

Let’s teach together!

See you soon @EDLAB!

Week Overview

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Activities and Registration

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Trainers and Speakers

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Let’s teach together!

EDLAB would like to thank everyone who helped us to create this second edition of the UM Reflection and Recharge week.

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