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UM MOOC: Introducing the world to Problem-Based Learning

On Monday 5 October, Maastricht University started with its very first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) during which it introduces people from all over the world to our Problem-Based Learning (PBL) system. Maastricht University has been continuously working on innovating its PBL system and is now ready to show the world the knowledge that it has gained over 40 years of applying and improving this method. Problem-Based Learning is an educational model that encourages students to work together in small groups, and focuses on critical thinking. This student-centered approach teaches students to collaborate effectively and develop problem-solving skills, which students can benefit from in any phase of their future careers.

The newly developed MOOC course of the UM teaches everyone that participates what the basics are of PBL, by actually practicing PBL in a MOOC set-up. The course will last for eight weeks, and all the participants will study relevant PBL problems combined with examples from many different domains. All people involved will be divided into small online groups, in which they will discuss what they have learned and how this knowledge could be applied to their own educational setting. Professors, teachers and PBL researchers of Maastricht University will be the facilitators and will guide you during your first PBL experience.

Every participant will start with a basics course on PBL and will continue with a module of your choice. During this experimental online course on PBL the university will gather feedback from the participants and try to innovate and improve the PBL model to see whether it could be applied in a worldwide setting.

If you want to get to know people from all over the world, work with them on interesting topics in small online groups, and experience PBL on a global level, sign up and join this new experience!

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