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Nowadays it has become more and more important for students to build an interesting curriculum and commit to doing extracurricular activities in order to stand out from the crowd. Simply said, just doing your studies is not enough to get you a job after graduation. Today, employers are looking for the student that has completed extra curricular activities, has gone abroad and has useful work experience. These are the students that come across as highly motivated, and self-aware of what they are capable of doing. In order for a person to stand out when applying for a job, it is very important to start thinking about this process at an early stage. What do you want future employers to think about you after your first meeting? And how do you want to come across via your application letter and/or via any other type of medium that you use while applying for a position.

The process of standing out already starts at the moment you send in your application letter and future employers become aware of your interest for their company. There are many options that you can consider when starting the application process, and this article will cover a few unique ways to make you stand out from a crowd.

Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn)
Start with following the people of the company that you would like to work for, and take a closer look at what they are interested in and which kind of posts they place on their social media accounts. This shows you what their interests are, and this could potentially help you to start conversations with your future employers. Via LinkedIn you could even get in touch with people currently working at the company of your interest, and by contacting them via a 1st degree contact of your own, they could become willing to help you with getting a job interview. Overall, it is very important to stay professional via all sources of social media that you use, and consistently promote yourself and your interests in order to get the attention of someone that might be able to help you by landing your dream job.

YouTube has become very important and by looking at the number of influencers online today, it is clear that you can reach many people with an interesting video. These videos can also be used for your application process, and its even for free. When making a video about yourself and your interest you can make it as unique as you want to, and chose whether you want to focus on the company that you are interested in or promote yourself as the perfect candidate for the job. The various options for the content of such a video makes YouTube a very interesting medium in order for you to be able to promote yourself in a very personalized way and attract the employer’s attention.

These are two useful ways in which you could stand out from the crowd when applying for a job, but of course there are many more ways possible for promoting yourself and making yourself known among future employers. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you stay true to who you are as a person, and focus on presenting this in a way that represents you the best.

Good luck everyone with standing out!

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