Tutor Training 360 Degrees

Based on positive experiences with virtual-reality glasses and 360 degrees videos of an in-home care setting in the BA Health Sciences, Nynke de Jong and other FHML colleagues will now apply this technique to the PBL tutor training. As both content experts and process coaches our tutors are required to activate, stimulate, and challenge our students while overseeing the overall progress of the tutorial group and individual students. The 360 videos provide a safe environment to practice and learn, allowing tutors to zoom in on their specific roles, analyse critical incidents in the classroom and observe the classroom from multiple perspectives.

This project will last for 12 months in different stages. FHML is in charge of the project and works in close collaboration with EDLAB Advisory Board.

Stage 1: Development of a realistic PBL case, including scripts for tutors and students

Stage 2: Performing pilot test with the PBL case; writing an evaluation report and adjusting the PBL case and script

Stage 3: Recording and editing videos from three different perspectives: the whole class, the tutor perspective and the student perspective

Stage 4: An overview of trainings at the faculties, in which the 360 degrees training can be embedded

Stage 5: Supplying 15 VR-glasses per faculty

Stage 6: Training PBL experts at all faculties to use the education material

Stage 7: Evaluation report about the use of the education materials at all faculties

A trainer will use the educational package of his/her own free will within for example the mandatory Tutor- / PBL-Training, the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) programs and coaching tracks. No extra capacity (staff) is needed to use the educational material. Trainers of different faculties can consult the EDLAB Advisory Board for information about PBL trainings with VR-glasses.

The project period is planned for September 2020 – August 2021.