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Three Comenius grants for education innovation at UM

Three UM colleagues have received a Comenius grant to carry out exciting projects. Congratulations to Roberta di Palma (SBE), Jenny Schell (UCM) and Judith Sieben (FHML). See the project summaries below.

Roberta di Palma – Teacher fellow grant of €50.000
Practice Makes Perfect: Flexible Higher Education Through Technology-Enhanced Personalized Student Feedback

The project aims to integrate automated feedback tools in higher education to provide a more flexible problem-based learning educational experience for both teachers and students. The goal is to integrate and test automated feedback tools for written and oral assignments that students can access at any time to improve non-content-based skills, which are often overlooked in most educational settings. This project’s output will be a step-by-step comprehensive teaching plan and implementation guide on how to effectively use these two innovative technological tools, which can be extended and adapted to many universities as an ‘open resource’ for delivering technology-enhanced feedback.

Jenny Schell – Teacher fellow grant of €50.000
For a Better Future: Tackling Violence

Violence happens everywhere – at work, in schools, on the streets, and at home. In our constantly evolving society, it has become one of the gravest issues to tackle. However, violence prevention education is scarce. The goals of this innovative educational module are to equip students across all disciplines with knowledge about the causes of violence, and tools to prevent violence before it occurs. By understanding violence from a transdisciplinary perspective, students will gain the competence of working together with classmates and staff outside of their study discipline and will identify preventions through examining the problem with societal stakeholders.

Judith Sieben – Senior fellow grant of €100.000
Moving beyond one-size-fits-all: Peer-support to (co)regulate individual learning pathways

Helping each other create and execute individual learning pathways is what this project is about. Individual learning pathways are a type of flexible education, in which students determine their own route towards a learning outcome. However, students cannot do this all by themselves; they need support. In the Bachelor of Medicine (Maastricht University) the power of coregulation (jointly directing learning) is used to let students, in learning teams and assisted by a coach, help each other with their individual learning paths. Output will be training programs for coaches and students, a toolbox with coregulation activities, and a design guideline.

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