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Have you already been to the characteristic Tapijnkazerne area in Maastricht? And did you know that this is where the EDLAB offices are located?

The former Tapijnkazerne is located next to the inner city park, and holds a number of monumental buildings that were in need of some remodeling for a very long time. In this area you can now find the EDLAB offices, a restaurant, faculty buildings, and even a large number of learning spaces available to all students of Maastricht University. However, even though this area hasn’t been open to the public for a very long period (September 2014), it will soon be subjected to many more changes. During the upcoming years until the year 2020, the entire area will be remodeled as the Tapijnkazerne is to be transformed into a very green area which will consist of the older monumental buildings combined with many new elements.

LIAG architects from The Hague won the competition for redesigning the Tapijnkazerne area, and have recently presented their plan to the university community and citizens of Maastricht. The area will retain its open character, and will be set up in an English landscape style which will hold a lot of greenery. Next to that, the area will be connected to the city center and the Jekerdal area via tunnels and bridges which makes it safer for cyclists and pedestrians to reach other areas of Maastricht. On top of that, the current brasserie will be torn down and a new catering facility will be put in place which will be accessible for everyone that visits the new area.

In March of this year the plan will again be presented, but this time to Maastricht University students in order to talk about their ideas and receive new feedback on the remodeling of the Tapijn area. And all in all, at the end of this year, the final design needs to be finalized to start the rebuilding. The official owners, the municipality, the Province, and the University, are all very excited about these new plans for the old Tapijnkazerne and are looking forward to seeing their long-term visions for this area come to life during the upcoming years.

If you haven’t seen the Tapijnkazerne yet, come visit the area during the upcoming months before all the remodeling will start off.

For more information on the Tapijnkazerne project, click here.
(The information on the website of the municipality is unfortunately only in Dutch)

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