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Interdisciplinary UM: A conference on fair and just practices in art and heritage

With innovation at the core of EDLAB’s vision, we are always pondering how to improve education. Fortunately, we are not alone in this. Upcoming week, on the 9th of March, the ministry of Education, Culture and Science will organise the conference The Future of Higher Education, highlighting key topics in the developments of higher education.

Over the past couple of years much has changed in education. The university landscape has broadened with the emergence of new programmes, welcoming many more students. Simultaneously economic and political problems have arisen, putting an emphasis on the importance of higher education’s role in preparing engaged citizens.

The conference, taking place in Amsterdam, will bring together best practices and industry experts in innovation and education to discuss these issues. Challenges in higher education will be discussed from a European perspective, formulating recommendations for the European Commission.  The conference will introduce international keynote speakers and host a round table session, as well as six panel discussions. A wide range of topics will be covered, ranging from teaching techniques to digital and technological opportunities, as well as the general place and role of the university.  

Want to find out more about this inspiring day and register? Visit the conference’s website here.

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